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Unread 04-11-2007, 02:45 PM   #1
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Rozalin - Disgaea 2 Bodice, Bows, Jewelery, Shoes, and Fabric help

I'm not asking for you guys to answer every single question; that's why I divided it up into sections. So, you can pick and choose what to read and answer with ease~ Thanks in advance. ^_^

Also, if this should be in the general costume help forum, please move it. Thank you.



Now, I don't want to use clear straps and I'm quite busty. I wanted to make a corset and attach it to the dress' bodice underneath. The corset would have to have cups, of course, but I can't seem to find a pattern for a corset of this type. Also, how would one go about attaching the corset to the inside of the dress, including into the back.


On the left, that's how I think it would need to fasten in the back normally. On the right is what it needs to fit under.

Now, the bow will give me more leeway to the thickness of the back strap, thankfully.


For the smaller bows, I got that covered. I plan on double layering the fabric to make them poof. It's the larger bows that are the problem. I was thinking about simply double layering the fabric and sewing wire into them, but I don't know how I would go about sewing the wire in and making it look good. Someone did suggest to me that I should add interfacing in between the doubled fabric to make it want to poof more. Could someone explain to me how to sew in the wire and make it look good (this is especially for the back bow and the lower one in the front)? Or suggest other options to me? I'll be using an imitation crepe satin kind of fabric... I think.


This honestly doesn't seem like the hardest part of the costume, to be honest. I'd planned on getting foam core, sculpting it to my liking, then coating it with resin. I'd sand and paint it of course. The gems, I was thinking about just sculpting those in with the metal part, but I don't think I could paint it and make it look like they're gems and not.... fake things. Someone suggested plastic ones used for ornament making....

I mainly wanted other options for making the jewelery and/or tips and tricks for working with foam core/resin for props.


I can't find anything that resembles her shoes. I was thinking about having them commissioned from a shoe maker/cobbler, but I can't find anyone that makes custom shoes aside from those who do custom fittings and repair.

I was thinking about cutting the base out from wood and sanding it, then putting some matte vynal/leather over that after I glue down the straps with like shoe glue (gluing down the vynal/leather of course).

Any tips for this.. or suggestions... Or even a "it won't work" type of thing?


I've browsed Yardage Town for fabrics already. I found a nice matte material that would work perfect for the main part of the dress. I was thinking about using an imitation satin crepe with some sheen for the bows. My question is should I do that or should I make the bows matte like the rest of the costume?

Any specific fabric recommendations?

Thank you all for your time and any suggestions are appreciated. ^_^

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Unread 04-12-2007, 02:20 AM   #2
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Update: I got a Corset from Victoria's Secret which I'll be sewing into the dress. Anti-gravitational boobie problem is now solved. lol

My b/f's mom knows how to work with acrylic, so she'll be making me jewelery out of acrylic.

I know what to do for the fabric now..... And for the shoes... I think until I can find some one to commission them from, I'll just get some similar sandle heels and spray paint 'em gold with vinyl spray paint.
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Unread 04-12-2007, 03:18 AM   #3
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Would high heels work? Never worn them myself.

There are some there that look like they could work for Rozalin. It would be a lot cheaper to modify something than have it commissioned.
If you're interested, try some bead stores for her jewelry. You'll find some crazy stuff at great prices in there. I found a huge one here in San Diego that I plan to go to for a future original costume.
I'm a U.S. Navy Sailor. I also make costumes sometimes. Probably more often, now that Uncle Sam pays me well.
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Unread 04-12-2007, 07:03 AM   #4
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I'm no help, but I plan on cosplaying as Rozalin eventually too (tho I think I'll make it look a little more Victorian rather than being completely accurate), so good luck and be sure to post pics of it when it's done. ^.^
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Unread 04-16-2007, 11:19 AM   #5
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@Razia - Thanks! I'll post pictures for sure. ^_^

@coyoterunner - Yeah, I'd changed my mind about making the shoes before even reading your reply. XD I'm thinking about just getting some basic sandal heel in white and then spray painting it gold with vinyl spray paint (<3 that stuff)

As for bead stores, the best place in San Diego, IMO, is The Black Bead down in Ocean Beach. <3 I live in San Diego, too. =P Where is the bead place you found? Might have more than just beads (Black Bead is good for beads, and beads only).

For the jewelery, I actually plan on making it from just resin. =D My b/f's mom has some experience in working with plastics (resin and acrylic), so I basically need to create a mold of some sort for the crown only, and I can use a dremmel to get the details down. I'm thinking about using an embroidery hoop to make the mold. For the rest of the jewelery, all I have to do is make the basic shape, then shape it with a dremmel tool.

I didn't realize until that I basically repeated what I said in my update post. lol

EDIT: I think I'll use these shoes until I can find someone to commission to make her shoes. ^_^ ... and can afford it. lol


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Sorry to bump but almost on the second page and I would like more input on this. Thanks. ^_^
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