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Unread 11-29-2010, 11:21 PM   #5941
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Nymph: Thanks for the info! That'll probably be what I use then when I get the money to ship it.

Beni: I really don't want to be a hassle. I'll ask my boyfriend for some for Christmas, and if he can't get it I'll ask my grandma to see if there's any where she lives. It's not like I need it for a specific project right now. If I absolutely can't get any of my friends or family members to send me some, I'll save up some money to send you. I'll probably only ask the fabric you used for your skirt though. I don't know if I can afford 15 a yard and shipping. But that's a worst case scenario.

On a side note, I'm a walking disaster this week. In the past 48 hours I've burnt my entire pinky, gotten minor food poisoning, pinched a nerve in my neck, and bitten a cut in my cheek.
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Unread 11-30-2010, 10:20 AM   #5942
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Originally Posted by Benihime78 View Post
Cookie- Wonderful! In that case, I know just the pattern:
It has straps and everything. It looks like I might be having a sewing party over the winter break if you want to come and work on it then.
@Ben: Awsome, that looks like and easy pattern for me. ^^ Oooh a sewing party, you can count me in.
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Unread 11-30-2010, 11:56 AM   #5943
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Hey so my friend shared this link on facebook and I HAD to share it. Some old guy remade the short Geri's game but as a live action! You have to check it out! (it's Pixar and Pixar and Disney goes hand in hand and TECHNICALLY he's cosplaying so it counts...right? xD)

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Sooo... 8 pages later....

I saw Tangled with my mom on Thanksgiving. ADORABLE! Rapunzel is definitely on my to-do list. But probably about 2 years out. Too much to make!! I love a good challenge though, and I stared at the costume details through the whole movie. Can't do it until I own the DVD though. I HAVE to watch things compulsively while I make them! I DID find the perfect sheer lace though-- 5 yards for 50 cents! Yay bargain annex at Sewing Studio. Too bad there was only one bundle though. It probably won't be enough for the whole costume. bodice and sleeves for sure though. I have an idea for the wig that'll make it WAY lighter (like 15 lbs instead of 50!)
And Mark is SO going to be Flynn. He'll do any costume where he doesn't need to shave. He even trimmed himself into a goat this week! Hilarious! Going to try real leather for him though. Must save up!

We're going to go play at Magic Kingdom tomorrow for my son's birthday. Can't believe he's already 4!!!!! Snow White and dopey will be running around. Many pics to come, I'm sure!
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the one the only, Risu
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Wow I don't even know how to respond to more than half of what has been posted XD

Sweeney: You are as unlucky as I XD Burnt my hand while baking on Thanksgiving, Got hurt and went to ER on Black Friday and I just got the ok I can go back to work, but with a lot of set-backs XD, and I just found more bruises XD
I hope you are recovering well from the poisoning! I hate it when it happens. :P Put a warm towel on your neck and stop biting your cheek lol xoxo

Ruhi: Watched it, loved it! Wanna meet the old man now XD that is a really good find!

Nessa: Yay for loving Tangled! and good luck on the leather! that sounds like a challenge for sure!
Happy Birthday to your son!! he is so adorable!!
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Found a tutorial for Rapunzel's braid! My hair only shoulder-lengthish, but SOOO tempted to get my extensions out and try this!
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@ Nessa~ Disney Birthdays are the best birthdays!

@Risu ~ Yeah. Coolest old dude ever!

So...I've got my zipper sewn in and most of the skirt sewn on. I'm having trouble getting the front pointed piece centered. =< It's most aggravating. I have it repinned but idk if it looks centered or not.

What do you guys think? =/

I'm thinking of calling out of work tomorrow because I did something to my left foot. The area around my Achillis tendon has been getting progressively painful over the last few days. I've been trying to stay off it but with a job that you have to be on your feet 100% of the time for it's hard to do. =/ So if I do call out I'm probably going to try to finish this dress.
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Unread 11-30-2010, 06:32 PM   #5948
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Risu, Meg- I saw these awesome giant hamster balls that people can go into. They're made for walking on water, but it might be a good idea for each of you to get one to stay safe?
(sorry if that came across as mean. IMO it would be cool to be in one)

Meg- That's fine. If none of that works out, I can see about getting the fabric with a coupon for you.

Nessa- Have lots of fun! Now really is one of the best times to go since its not deathly humid/hot/crowded. I wish I could go to Disney for my birthday!

Moon- The pictures of that woman's hair in that braid makes me want to kick myself for getting a mid-back haircut.

Sasha- Sweet video!
And on your Belle, I don't really see anything wrong with it. I hope your foot feels better- have you tried taking any medications or soaking it?

When I came home from class today, I found a package outside my door. The fabric for Jill and I's mermaid tails got here fast! Jill's is a coral color and mind is a golden-orange color. It was really hard to figure out what color Adella's tail is(changes in every other picture), so I hope this works.....

Next Con: ?????

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(feel free to add- I love seeing other people's work).
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Unread 11-30-2010, 07:55 PM   #5949
Ooh, sparkles!
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Ruhi- It looks good, and you'll be moving around in it anyway. I think if it looks slightly off center to you it may be because of the way the fabric hangs.
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@Beni ~ I've tried everything I can think of short of going to a doctor (which with no insurance ISN'T happening unless it gets so unbearable I can't move). It's just weird cuz it's such an odd place to hurt =/ I feel like someone took a steel toe boot and kicked my Achilles tendon =< what's REALLLY weird...is I was wearing my heeled boots earlier and it didn't hurt at bad. ><

@Yai~ Yeah it might be the fabric hanging. I'm not sure. I'm going to resew it down and hopefully it works out lol
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Ruhi- Also no one is going to go "OMG IT'S POINTED SLIGHTLY TO THE RIGHT! HANG HER!" XD It looks good to me ^-^ I had the same problem with Punzie and gave up >>;

I'm sooo excited x3 Me and Rad_apple are planning on this epic Tangled photoshoot x3

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
I'm going to end up changing wigs through it (if I get enough money to buy a straight long wig) since We want to do the hair chopping scene. We're also planning on trying to get long extensions that match my shaggy brown wig so our Mother Gothel can cry on them and junk 8D

Oh, I hope you don't mind that I asked Kitty to be our Mother Gothel for this instead of you Jay D: I wanna do as much cosplayness with her before she leaves for half a year for boot camp X3 <3

Christine- I wish you can join in but there's like no more womanly characters except for the Queen << XD
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Unread 11-30-2010, 09:32 PM   #5952
oh modern man.
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Mooncactus- Is it weird that after seeing Tangled I went to school the next morning and did that same, exact braid during class? At least the girl in the video and I are both on the same track then. :P

I decided to spoil myself for my birthday and bought a wig just now for Rapunzel, eee~ I can't wait for it to arrive! But I'm so interested to find out what's inside the park character's wig because that cannot all be wefted...
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Unread 11-30-2010, 10:00 PM   #5953
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Gah, I'm so jealous of all of you guys conversing on how your costumes are coming along...it makes me wish I had the talent to be able to make my own. ^^; Or at least, time to learn. School and theatre are crazy right now, and probably won't let up since I'm going to double major in Theatre and Japanese when I go to college next year...I think there may be a few costuming classes required for Theatre majors, though, so at least I might learn something. ^^; XD

Anyway, I had such a cool idea the other day! Well, I think it's cool at least. XD I was thinking that when I get my Tiana cosplay and have the opportunity to wear it to a con (most likely Anime Boston 2011 XD), I could hand out those little squishy frog toys to people as a random act of thoughtfulness. ^^ Like, if someone takes my picture, or I really like their cosplay, I can say, "have a frog!" XD I can get 4 dozen of them online for 5 bucks, so that's a plus too. XD What do you guys think?
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After glow
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Beni-Oh man you have good friends! I'm jealous! And yay for new fabric!

Ruhi-Your Belle looks amazing!

Faraday-Which wig did you get? I wish I had you mad hair skills If I could do a Rappy braid I'd wear my hair like that everyday! And I agree--they have to have styrafoam in there or something....

Ugh--today was frustrating. I tried to use the sewing machine that my mom sent me but it was super bunchy no matter what I did with the tension--no bueno! It probably worked okay for maybe like 20 minutes out of the 4 hours I tried to sew today I just wish I had a working machine right now--I'm planning on taking it in to get fixed on Friday hopefully...super bummed though as this was my one day this week to sew. I need more time!
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Nessa: Have fun at Disney!

Risu: Yay clutziness! I hope you recover smoothly, and thanks!

Ruhi: It looks great so far, and good luck with the front piece. I'm not too experienced yet, so there's not much advice I could give. Sorry. And I think you should stay home, especially if you aren't going to see the doctor, but that's just my two cents.

Beni: That didn't come across as mean to me. I'm used to hearing it, and am a clutz admittedly. xD I've always wanted to get in one, actually, haha!! And you're so nice to offer to help me with getting that fabric.

Mermaid: Sounds like a fun, creative thing to do!

After Glow: Aww, I'm sorry about your sewing machine. I hope it works soon!

On a side note, my week just got a whole lot better. Tangled's first showing on the island is Friday and I actually get to go! I didn't think I'd get to because it's across the island and it doesn't show on this base until Monday, but mom told me she'd take me. EXCITEMENT!!

Also, I just learned that there's a smiley limit. xD
Working on: Rapunzel 1.0 from Tangled
Accomplished: Planning stages
Currently: Searching for fabric, making fabric paint stencils, practicing stitching on scraps

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