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Unread 04-24-2007, 10:31 AM   #1
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Talking Ok, glue stick didnt wrok..i got wax now...need help again XD

I got dental Wax now..and, I can't find antyhing on the forums to help with this XD. So, if you still want to help me, please, tell me waht to do, or give me an idea. If it DOES come to it, i'll break down, and buy all the wax stuff you can get JUST FOR COSPLAY.

If you don't know ewhat to do with the wax I have now, then can you give me links to where to get the eyebrow wax?
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First, here is eyebrow wax (aka eyebrow plastic):
http://www.fxwarehouse.info/Merchant...tegor y_Code=

I'd love to hear more about your tests with the gluestick, in what way did it not work?

Dentalwax is basically a softened and refined beeswax. It's a little thick to be used for covering eyebrows, but there's no particular reason it wouldn't work. I've never actually gotten true eyebrow plastic before, so for all I know, it could be just as thick. Regardless, the instructions for both are pretty much the same.

Spirit Gum (I like the synthetic clear, low oder stuff)
KY Jelly
Face Powder
Liquid Latex - (either untinted or fleshtoned) Ammonia free is ideal, but harder to get.
Professional makeup - AA Makeup, Moist Cake Makeup (Kryolan Aquacolor), PAX, RMGP, Creme Makeup, Greasepaint are my reccomendations in order of quality.

KY Jelly - (This is a water based lubricant that dries fairly clean so it's good to help smoothing the wax onto your face)
cottonball cotton
sealing spray (especially reccomended if using the moist cake makeup)
Castor Oil - (Really only needed if using creme makeup or regular greasepaint)


coat the eyebrow and a little bit beyond delicately in spirit gum. This helps the wax grip to the face, and protects the eyebrow makeing cleanup easier.

Flatten out a mound of eyebrow wax into the general shape of the eyebrow. You want it thick enough that it doesn't tear, but thin enough that you don't look like you have a wierdo caveman skull after applying it.

You want the wax to be heated up to at least body temperature (putting it in your pocket for awhile accomplishes this. So does kneading it with nice warm hands for awhile), though a little warmer than that may be preferable (use a double boiler, not a microwave to achieve this).

Push the wax form over your eyebrow. Smooth the edges with a finger dabbed in water, or better yet, KY Jelly . You have to be delicate in this step to get the perfect unnoticible edges.

Coat it VERY heavily in face powder. physically push it into the wax (without warping it too much). wipe of the eccess, but not too thuroughly. The powder serves as a barrier between the wax and the latex you are about to apply.

Apply one or two thin layers of liquid latex over the powdered wax and slightly beyond to the surrounding skin. You must apply this carefully, as you really don't want it in your eyes. The latex serves to contain the wax as it begins to melt, hide some of the deformations as your face moves, and further blend the edges nice and smooth. You can use a hairdryer to speed the drying time if you must.

if using creme makeup or greasepaint, rub in a thin coating of castor oil to protect the latex.

Apply makeup. You may need to stipple on other colors to get it to look natural. This is actually probably the most difficult part to get look right. Doing so is a general technique that is worthy of a tutorial in itself, but to be honest, I'm not yet talented enough to be worthy of writing it.

For PAX, Greasepaint, RMGP, or creme makeup, finish with another application of face powder. Rub off excess thuroughly, if it still looks powdery, you may want to dab it with a slightly damp paper towel. For the moist cake makeup, spray it with sealing spray. If extra paranoid, you can also use sealing spray over the other powdered makeups. AA makeup doesn't need anything further to set it.

If you find that the wax is slipping off the face too easily, after applying the spirit gum, apply some cotton fibers to the spirit-gum coated skin. You can then forcibly push the wax into the cotton, which is a much better way to go then forcing the wax into the eyebrow, as it makes cleanup pretty brutal.

When removing the makeup, be gentle and slow. Most of it should come off pretty easily, except eh spirit gum which should be washed off gently with soap and water, or with specialized makeup remover.

I think I'm going to improve the formatting of this reply and post it to my wiki as it's pretty good stuff. In writing it out, I'm wondering if silly putty would likewise work in place of the wax. It's skin safe, and PVC based, so you wouldn't need to powder it, and it molds much easier.

Please be sure to ask more questions if anything isn't clear or you need more help
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Unread 04-25-2007, 08:19 PM   #3
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Well, the glue didn't do anything for me. It made my eyebrows flat, but DARKER >.<. So, I havent tryed the wax yet, but I thank you very much for all the help.
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Unread 04-26-2007, 12:54 AM   #4
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i think i know your problem. glue sticks are clear in general. have u tried putting on foundation and powder to cover it up? i have a feeling dental wax is going to do the same thing if u dont add the foundation and powder over it. or.......into it.....
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I have FX wax - pretty much the same as eyebrow wax, but it's easier to apply. I brought it from a stage/dance store.
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Unread 04-26-2007, 10:08 AM   #6
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I did put fondation in it, and aqll that good stuff, but it made it just a little lighter...*sigh* Oh well, Gaara can have eyebrows -_-....
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