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My thoughts on the con are that it was extremely lacking and falsely advertised as an "anime" convention.

Some high points:
Being insulted by the head of security.

The ridiculous amount of badges they had for sale.

Charging $5 for programs.

Waiting 2 1/2 hours in registration line.

Missing panels because of waiting in line, and panels being replaced by other events without notice.

Major lack of things to do.

I did have fun meeting some interesting and nice people this con, and getting to hang out with friends. Was able to find the occasional bits of randomness I love so much when I'm at cons. Overall though the con wasn't worth the trip or the troubles. Highly unlikely I'll be attending Anime Matsuri 2 if it comes back.

Tahiti, here's the two pics I took of you:
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Originally Posted by rabidfanboy View Post
Remind me the next time I see you to give you my first born.
Or cupcakes =D!
It was great seeing you again, and I can't wait to hang out at A-kon!

Btw, what happened with the head of security?
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I...words. Honestly, me and my gang only went on Saturday and even that we only stayed for...maybe an hour. My biggest concern was water avalibility and SIGNS OH GOD-I don't know what is up with the convention center but restrooms were hard to find, so water fountains were hard to find. Once I got to the dealers room I realised there were some water around, I had to walk all across both rooms to find cups, then a full tank of water. Sweating in rib knit + theatre makeup dripping everywhere from sweat + huge room of body heat = not fun :| However, now that I think about it I should have brought some water myself buuutt still man :|

I really did not have any fun. And whoever pointed to my cosplay and yelled 'IT'S NOT ANIME!' all upset and insulted-that made my day, I lol'd. Heroes is cool too, man XD
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Cool Kid Mitch
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Oh Anime Matsuri. Time for my ranting:

I arrived at the con around 11:30 on Friday afternoon because I had full body make up to do for my Inner Hollow Ichigo costume, and I didn't get water base make up (XD) so I had a lot of work to get done. After waiting in the reg line for two and half hours watching the transformers trailer on loop...-.-, i seriously doubt I am going to see that movie. Seriously, did anyone notice how much Transformers was slipped in under the table during the con? Not only was there the the trailer and the poster, Peter Cullun at the end of the awards breakfast started talking about it and all the Emcee's brought it up saying how EVERYONE HAS to go see it. Personally, I think it was all a ploy for the movie. But thats my opinion

Organization (Or lack there of):
I heard many rumors about the cosplay contest from Jenni Bunny that the guy that was running it had only received the title 3 hours before hand and its hard to organize an ENTIRE cosplay contest in that amount of time. Not only were the Judges not seated before the contest even started but the Emcee was grabbed out of a group of volunteers to do it. I would have GLADLY stepped down from doing my cosplay to actually Emcee the thing. I have a lot of charisma and I am a theater kid so running something that would have made things a lot easier. Personally the only cosplay contests I have liked have been RUN BY COSPLAYERS! It was just disorganized

Badges and Panels:
Am I paying 120 dollars for a SUPER BADGE?! Hell no, if anyone did I would love to know what the benefits were, because If i did not get carried around with slaves throwing rose petals, I would have not been please with my 120 dollar badge. And the Panels were hard to find. Apparently on Sunday there was an armor panel that I REALLY wanted to go to but I couldn't because...I COULDN'T FIND IT >.<, also, Space Invader, I heard that your panel room was taken over. I had no clue you were having a panel and I totally would have been there. There was a lack of communication between the con staff and con go-ers, a lot of the staff had no clue were things were or what was going on. Not only that but on friday one of the OTHER reasons I got there early was to go to the two cosplay panels, but I couldn't because I was in the reg line the whole time -.-

Fantastic. It was a little over the top but as I was told, its better to have TOO MUCH security then too little. My friend, however, Lady Marion (Faye), was almost kicked out of the con for pulling out her camera during the Fizz concert, we got their near the end had no clue cameras were not aloud because the sign outside the door said "No food, drinks, or littering" nothing about cameras. The head of security grabbed her by the shoulder and told her he wanted to "Take a walk" with her, she told him she was 21 and perfectly able to have an adult conversation. A little ridic but better then kids climbing n the stage with Fizz.

This is getting too long, I had a good time with the people I was with and all of the GREAT people I met during the con, yall are all awesome and I cant wait to see yall again ^.^
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Cool Kid Mitch
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p.s. Cosplay Red-Light, Green-Light....if you missed out it was SO! MUCH! FUN! I am thinking it needs to become like a texas con tradition XD
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Even thru tomorrow is the due date for several homeworks, I still have to say this is the worse con I have ever attended, all the reasons are stated above by you guys I met in the con, so its not necessary for me to say much. just to point out Me and my G/F were dressed as Isaak and Dietrich from Trinityblood, as its kinda heavy to wear we put our badges in the pocket, and simply remained so after changing. Without an notice this security guy yelled us to stop and proof we both have badges. my g/f got yelled again"the badge is meant to be weared!" when she drew out hers. After realized I simply forgot it in my Isaak's pocket, I received"Go get it or get out!" as return and got a hostile stare before pulling out his vision. Who do this security think he is? Law Enforcement? Cop? We paid to enjoy the convention, not to experience military style discipiline or being treated like an thief.

Anderson, if under any circumstance you see this, its not about you, you are always awesome as Anderson even thru without costume and blessed blades. I am just pissed off by your boss. Hope to see you again soon.

And to everybody who I met in this con: I can't thank you guys enough, its you made this con colourful. I'd rather drive back to dallas than stay at this freakin' con floor if there weren't you. You guys truly rocked, thanks.

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Pics are in my gallery now.

The Good
-the guests...I liked how they had a mix of musicians, voice actors, and cosplayers, something for everybody.
-Having taiko drummers and a calligraphy panel added variety. It also probably prevented my roommate (who kinda got dragged along) from getting bored too quickly.
-the dealer's rooms...Though it was confusing to have separate entrances and exits, I liked how it was in 2 rooms so that people wouldn't be packed in there like sardines. I also enjoyed the fact that they had people selling things I normally don't encounter at cons, like qipaos and leather goods (again, it made my roommate happy).

The Bad
-disorganization/lack of communication...I missed out on so many things because they didn't have it set up on time or no one was able to tell me where it was taking place. I had been so excited about the cosplay panels and contests. I couldn't find the place to register for the Runway Cosplay Contest, and no one could give me a consistent answer besides "I don't know." Someone said that registration ended so I gave up. When we got to the contest, they had just announced that they had gotten their last entry. I was really bummed about missing out on that.
-Making people pay for programs/maps.
-karaoke...I know some things are out of a person's control, but they should've tested the program beforehand. Not to mention, they told us to come back in 20 minutes and they still weren't set up when we returned an hour later.
-I had issues with how the band Q&A/autograph sessions were run. I know the people in charge of that were pressed for time and frustrated with the inappropriate questions that were asked, but I found them to be condescending to the fans that waited afterwards for autographs/photos. Not to mention it was confusing when they would change how we would line up.

The Overall Experience:
My friends and I made the best of what we had. We had a blast walking around, taking photos, chatting with fellow cosplayers, and meeting Fizz and Back-On. I'm glad I did things beforehand like get the badges on Thursday and print out a map from the website Saturday morning (after all the confusion on Friday). I missed out on a lot of things due to the disorganization or the strange scheduling (the cosplay contest and concert were too late in the evening for me to stick around for). Anime Matsuri had a lot of good ideas, and maybe they bit off more than they could chew. I know the majority of the staff (and guests) tried their hardest to make this a worthwhile experience. Hopefully, next year, they'll have better organization and larger signs.
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Almost everything I have to complain about has already been said... Save two small things.

1) My group volunteered for a specific event. We weren't even allowed to assist as a back-up. We would have been happy to step in at the con and do whatever we could to help, but because they didn't take us seriously from the begining we had no inclination to. Moral of the story, treat anyone who wants to help out like your best friend. I realise I'm a pig-headed, egotistical moron, but nobody likes being treated like a joke.
2) The security staff was extremely rude. I'm not talking A-kon style, "get-out-of-our-way-or-die" rude, I mean just generally condecending. Which, in my opinion, is worse. I openly displayed my badge when entering dealer rooms, panel rooms, or any other specifically convention areas. I'm sorry I didn't want Matsuri propaganda in my pictures, but wearing it all over the convention on a big red stringy was rediculous. For the sake of cosplayers, it would have been nice for them to supply inconspicuous clips as other conventions have done. Or allow me to tie it to my wrist. That would have worked too.
Additionally, I was cosplaying as Axel (KH2/COM) and the security had enough time to harrass me about my badge, but never checked the giant hula-hoops of death (aka chakrams). Somehow, I think their efforts were misplaced.

Beyond that, the lack of organization, annoying security, lack of schedules, or anything really all that interesting killed the convention for me. The general attitude seemed to be more about making money than supplying anime/game/Japanese-pop-culture fans with a truly fun experience. Still, an undoubtley bad experience was saved by friends who I hadn't seen in a while. And let us all remember what conventions like Kamikaze and Shiokaze taught us, first year cons can be decently organized and fun. It is possible and being a first year con is no excuse.
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Are any of you actually going to come back next year for it?
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Originally Posted by Space Invader View Post
*Disorganized. Seriously, me and the other cosplay guests didn't have a CLUE as to what was going on or what all we were really expected to do. Event and panel start times and such kept getting juggled around so that was even MORE confusing!
The convention offered to fly me down to run an event for them (I'd have to cover my own hotel room). I had booked the hotel room, but was never told flight information. I offered to run other events/panels for them too, but never heard back on that. The most recent e-mail I got from John was in mid-March. I finally told them that if I didn't hear back by the Tuesday before the con, I would be cancelling my hotel room. (I didn't hear back. I cancelled.)

I'm curious if, as a guest, you had similar communication issues.

In a way, I'm glad I didn't go and managed to avoid all this.
However, I'm also sad that I missed the opportunity to do a full report on this con for AnimeCons.com.
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Rikku the Anbu Sand Ninja
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My constructive criticism, and coming from a guest's perspective like Space Invader's (who was an awesome roommate!)

I know a lot of the staff personally and I know they were working very hard to make everything work, but there was a lack of con-staffing experience. A lot of the guests got a bit of a bad rap from some of the con goers because of the disorganization (like judging and panels) when we were really uninformed like you were.

However, I hope you guys liked the Tomb Raider Zero performance - I had a great time doing it and am still honored to have been asked to participate. It was a great experience and I loved the idea to bring it to a con.

RavenSkies - the reason they moved people was because when they started loading people into the theater...row by row...it took so long that a lot of people outside waiting left...so they weren't able to fill the entire theater like they had planned. The show, as you saw - consisted of me running through the audience...which with everyone in the front seating area, would complicate and change the performance (cuz all the sound equipment was up there)...which is why they moved people.

This was a first-year con, and it has a lot of improving to do, but I think with con-goer input it can be improved and better next year.

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Cool Kid Mitch
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Originally Posted by HanakoWings View Post
Are any of you actually going to come back next year for it?
I highly doubt any one i know that went will.
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Originally Posted by Beansalad View Post

Organization (Or lack there of):
I heard many rumors about the cosplay contest from Jenni Bunny that the guy that was running it had only received the title 3 hours before hand and its hard to organize an ENTIRE cosplay contest in that amount of time. Not only were the Judges not seated before the contest even started but the Emcee was grabbed out of a group of volunteers to do it. I would have GLADLY stepped down from doing my cosplay to actually Emcee the thing. I have a lot of charisma and I am a theater kid so running something that would have made things a lot easier. Personally the only cosplay contests I have liked have been RUN BY COSPLAYERS! It was just disorganized
That rumor is true, as that guy was my boyfriend, Michael. Michael, Yaya, and this other girl sat down around 2:30 on Friday to figure out the timetables and rules. Unfortunately, the Anime Matsuri site was down, so they literally had to start from scratch. They also had no idea where their stage, sound, or MC was. I think Yaya had to leave around 4 pm. It was a miracle that these two volunteers managed to finish everything by around 8:15. Anime Matsuri owes a lot to these three in making the cosplay show exist in the first place. This was Michael's first time signing up to be a con volunteer. Not a fun first time indeed.

If anyone's not sure who he is, he was the one who raved on stage after the show was over. He does cosplay and has participated in several cosplay shows with my friends' group, JAC Productions. He signed up to be a volunteer, and was never trained to do a staff member job. Even he didn't know who the original cosplay director was, which shows how badly the show was set up. He was exhausted beyond belief after the show. He's actually friends with some of the PZ staff, and I can't believe that they used him like this. It disgusts me on how PZ still made a lot of money from this con and will continue to make money from their overpriced arcade.

On the lighter side:

Btw, on behalf of JAC Productions, we were very confused to find a full-page photo of us in our crack PoT cosplay in the program -_-;. Our friend, Shawn (the picture's photographer), asked us to write a little summary about us in their program's feature on Houston cosplayers, but we thought it was just going to be in a little corner of a pamphlet. For those of you that were forced to buy that overpriced program, perhaps my closet cosplay of the PoT grandma will amuse you =).

On the other hand, all the congoers I met were fantastic. Great talking to you, Beansalad!
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My view.

Firstly my thanks for those who had to "pick up the slack" from what is manifestly a poorly planned event. And Apologies to any of the Vol. Staff that I may have been brusk to.

All cons have first year teething problems.

This one MUCH more than most.

Maps & Schedules should at least be posted on a wall somewhere.

Food Service was priced way to high, but from what I have been told that is a function of the GRB center and the con had little to do with it.

Cosplay Problems in order of appearance.

No sigh on the table as to where to sign up for cosplay

people at table did not know for sure when it would take place

it did take place on FRIDAY, several very good cosplayers I know did not even get there in time to sign up.

when finely in the cosplay area, we were lined up to get our numbers nice and normal. while in line were asked for our CD if any.. normal only problem hrs earlier I was told NOT to bring them as we would not have custom music !

When at table to get number, I was not on the list, I had signed in, and informed the person at the table of such. he did add me. He did not seemed surprised that it had happened either.

No mike on stage, the MC offered me his but I declined.

The Good

Plenty of room

Once we where numbered things went pretty quick

the announcer acted like well an announcer not a MC/Comedian. I appreciated that quite a bit.

Good lighting for photos. from what a very good photog told me.

Quick judging.

Other Comments

The staff of the next CON in Houston had an ad-hoc cosplay on Sunday and it was fun it was like the sat runway but with out the music so you could speak.

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OMG! i've been looking through your galleries and I know like half of you! XD.

Anyways, I also heard teh Shiokaze con was coming back. One of my friends is friends with the guy who is going to be in charge of it all. i do hope it comes back. It was a good convention, although, the dealers room had everything over priced, but it was a first year convention.
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