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Solo Skit

I want to start getting into skits, but unfortunately most of my friends either don't cosplay the same series as I do or they don't want to compete.

This November I'd like to do a skit as Erza Scarlet, from Fairy Tail, but I'm lacking on inspiration as to what I could do on my own. Any suggestions?
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In broad terms you can practically do anything as a solo skit. The one thing you have to remember is to keep your audience engaged. Monologues can be great if you can perform something that isn't too inside the series. I've seen miming skits where the person performs a scene to just music (like most World Cosplay Summit skits). Or a narrative that creates a story and you act it out.
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Originally Posted by Nikineko View Post
In broad terms you can practically do anything as a solo skit. The one thing you have to remember is to keep your audience engaged. Monologues can be great if you can perform something that isn't too inside the series.
This. You have to make it something non-fans will be able to understand. If they can't understand it, you've lost a chunk of the audience, even on something popular like Fairy Tail. (No matter how popular the series, there will always be people in the audience who don't know it...unless it's like a MLP skit at a Brony convention, of course.) Whatever you do, practice it in front of a relative or friend who knows nothing about Fairy Tail and see how well they understand your skit. If they understand nearly everything you're saying and doing, you should be good to go.

I did think of a few ideas:
~Erza has just had an argument with another character and is ranting about them.
~Erza feels sad for some reason and begins to sing a short song. (If you can sing)
~Erza has just won an important battle/got some high achievement and is excited about it.
~Erza is writing a letter to another character and reads it out loud as she "writes" it.
~Erza is reading a letter from another character and reacts to it.
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If you want to do a comedy skit, here's a few ideas I can share:

- If you want to play a straight man (comedy term, I mean), you can take inspiration from Bob Newhart's telephone skits: he plays the straight man to nothing, and delivers the punchline by reciting what the other "person" says. Some variations I can think of are a necromancer arguing with the spirits he's channeling (represented by a prop such as a crystal ball), a psychic reacting to audience members' bizarre thoughts, or a fan trying in vain to hold a phone interview with his favorite work's creator.

- If you would rather play the wise guy, you can go into a rant about a certain event - either one the character or the audience would experience - while keeping in the character of your cosplay.
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I mostly do solo skits and will say the above are great ideas and I have done a form of most of them.

my added options
1st what dose the character do when they think they are alone.
2nd the character dose stand up. get 2to4 jokes make them broad enough the audiences get them and finish with your best joke.

make fun of the show, simlar shows, the way your character dresses (like who came up with some of these armor ideas they protect nothing, make a joke about the show being called fairy tale, with scarlet make ginger jokes
I have no idea whats going on

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