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Masquerade Rules

I was wondering if anyone knows what are the rules of a masquerade? I've been trying to look them up and I've found what most con's rules are for weapons. But very little about what the rules are for entering a masquerade. For instance, how much of the costume must be made by yourself? 100%? 90%? 20? What? Do you have to do a skit? What is allowed in a skit? Can you wear your cosplay before the masquerade? Things like that. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks!
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It all depends on the convention. The only ones I have seen the exact same across all convention are "No dangerous or messy substances on stage like glitter, fire, or things that would ruin someone's costume and/or can't be easily picked up", "No horseplay/live steel/over-enthusiastic combat on stage", "No jumping OFF the stage", and "No nudity".
(In GENERAL, now, most masquerades will require half or more of your costume to be made but it depends on your skill division, you can wear your costume beforehand in the halls at most and many people do, like myself, and some cons require skits but most will allow walk-ons or skits. Skits usually have to be under their time limit, with your dialogue prerecorded and at a PG-13 rating.)
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Yep, agreed with ShinobiXikyu, rules vary by convention. Your best bet is to go to the website of the convention you're planning on attending and check their masquerade rules.

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It really all depends on your con's rules. But here are some constants:

~No con will ask you to make 100% of the costume. Most people don't know how to create wigs or make shoes, and you really shouldn't try making homemade contacts. Judges don't expect you to make EVERYTHING. As you go up in the ranks you'll probably be expected to make more of the costume, but I've never even seen any requirement as high as 90%.

~Most cons have skits and walk-ons separate. It saves time, (they need to limit how many skits and walk-ons there are) and it also makes awards a little more fair. (This way one person isn't winning everything.) If your con allows both, chances are you'll only be judged for one or the other.

~A skit is a short performance. It can be really anything as long as it's under the time limit, is appropriate, and you are prepared. You'll also have to have all of your lines and music prerecorded and given to the tech people beforehand, most cons don't want people onstage using mics besides the emcees.

~Unless your con has a rule against it, (never heard of one that did) you can wear your cosplay beforehand. Many people choose not to because they want the dramatic effect of debuting a costume onstage, or to not risk ruining their costume with stains, tears, or drowning in sweat from wearing it all day.

But always check your con's site for their rules before signing up, and email the masquerade staff any questions you might have.
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If you're trying to look up the rules on the website and they aren't there, that's a failing of the convention and you need to ask THAT CONVENTION.

Because they really do vary so much that I can't even answer any of your questions "generally." I can't even say "no you don't have to do a skit" because there's probably one convention out there where the answer is yes, making me a liar.

So...seriously. I can point you to the rules page at the conventions I frequent, so you can see how much they do vary, but if you're seriously searching all over a con's website for the masquerade rules and can't find them, email the contact information provided and tell them, and ask for either a link to the rules if they're up, or a copy of the rules if they've actually failed to put the rules on the site. And look even more carefully, because some cons are so bad at their PR that they actually do have the masquerade rules lumped in with the general cosplay safety rules.
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