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Unread 04-28-2003, 06:45 PM   #1
Dark Lord Of The Sith
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Favorite Tracks from

Ok, peeps, I don't know if you heard of this site, but it's called and it deals with Video Game music remixes. If you haven't listen to any stuff, go there to download and list your favorite video game music remixes.
Mine are:
MegaMan2-MetalMan Goes Clubbing
MegaMan2-Heat Man Rapid Fire
Final Fantasy 7-One Winged Techno
Final Fantasy 7-JENOVAD
Final Fantasy6-Terra In Black
Super Metroid-MegaDance Mix 2002
Mega Man3-BlueLightning
Final Fantasy Tactics-Teach Me How To rave
Double Dragon-Enter The Guru
Final Fantasy 9-Melodies of Techno
Final Fantasy 8-The Man With The Machine Gun-Jungle Remix
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Unread 04-28-2003, 11:29 PM   #2
Viral Harvest
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Castlevania - Circle of The Moon - Awakening <-- so good

Megaman 3 - Intro

SaGa Frontier - The Castle of Everlasting Night

Earthbound - Hotel Theme <---so many memories, haha

Xenogears - 7 Years Broken

Final Fantasy 4 - Battle Medley Remix <---so utterly awesome

Sonic The Hedgehog - Starlight Zone Remix
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Unread 04-30-2003, 10:51 PM   #3
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I haven't really kept close track with the site, but I have to agree that "Terra in Black" really stands out. I think it captures her character a lot.
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Unread 04-30-2003, 11:26 PM   #4
Ummm what?
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Final Fantasy Crystal Rave
Final Fantasy 3 Winds of Eternity
Chrono Trigger Dream of Zeal
Chrono Trigger Millenial Mountain

Those stick out but I have a bunch of others that I like a lot somewhere in a folder on my desktop.
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Unread 04-30-2003, 11:34 PM   #5
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So far I'm loving

Ecco - Broken Machine (the final level music, so scary)

Sailor Moon video game mix

Nights - Soft Museum Jam

Altered Beast - Ressurrection

Chrono Cross - Another Inspiration
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Unread 05-02-2003, 10:33 PM   #6
the genkinator
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final fantasy vi- deserted industry (best song i've heard from the site; amazing)
final fantasy vii- suffering planet
final fantasy viii- eyes on me (obsession remix)
super thunder blade- overdrive

i like most of the megaman ones on there too, but i can't remember any specific titles. and the chrono cross ones are sweet. :D beatdrop's my favorite mixer; his stuff ownz. XD

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Unread 05-02-2003, 11:54 PM   #7
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Seriously - too many to count. I loooove that site. ^^; But the remix that got me hooked ages ago, and still continues to give me chills with its wonderfulness, is "Death on the Snowfield." It's just that awesome.
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Unread 05-03-2003, 11:32 AM   #8
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Chrono Trigger - Frog Theme Jazz
Xenogears - Chu-Chu's Flight
Wild ARMs - Rosetta Refrain

those are the ones at the top of my head, but also add a few Zelda tunes and anythng Kefka.
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Unread 05-03-2003, 05:38 PM   #9
of Daventry
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Toe jam and earl - james brown in space
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Unread 05-04-2003, 11:01 AM   #10
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Yes, beatdrop kicks a whole lot of booty when it comes to remixing. Mucho talent. Overclocked is probably one of my favorite websites. I just love that kind of stuff. Yet I have fruityloops and my mother is super-musician-woman and has four different keyboards with all the bells and whistles and who-knows-what and it's yet to come together for me. Maybe when I have a good bit of money I'll look into it. For now, I'll just worship these guys.

Final Fantasy 7 - ItsDifficulttoStandWhenYoureonAcid
Final Fantasy 7 - Final Ecstasy
Final Fantasy 7 - ROBOVoice (This is a song written about my life, I swear.)
Final Fantasy 7 - Chocorena
Koudelka - Requiem (ElectricFlamesMix) (some really funky vocals on this one)
Final Fantasy 6 - Terra In Black
Final Fantasy 8 - EyesOnMe(NotfayeWong)

You see the pattern?
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