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Unread 08-08-2007, 04:55 PM   #1
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Inuyasha Cosplay


My friend and I were talking yesterday, and the subject of cosplay came up. She was telling me about how her and her other friend divided the characters, and when she said Ginta, I screamed. The night before, I was watching Inuyasha, and I was thinking about cosplaying him. XD Such a coincidence..
Well, we're getting together and doing a double Ginta thing (Since he's just so damn awesome,)
But we're total beginners. ^^;;

Also, we were planning to do practically every other character as well, lmao, helping our friends to make a group.
If anybody has made an Inuyasha cosplay, I want to hear from you!!

And Ginta... We don't know where to start. *_______*
B) Aw yea.
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For Ginta... well, you'll need a fur man skirt. XD

Yep, fur man skirt, fur leggings... sandals cause most cons say you need to wear shoes around. A fur vest, too. He's a very furry man.

Arm garters are easy enough (I'd do it out of stretchy fabric with velcro to attach it (like... a tube, only instead of sewing it shut, make it so it wraps around and closes with velcro?)

The leggings. I made mine (for Reiji) by cutting out an upside down V of fabric with the smaller part long enough to wrap around just below my knee. Sewing the sides (right sides together), it made a tube that flared out at the bottom. Since he has the fur flaps on the top, you can make a tube on the top to put a string or elastic (elastic will work better, imo) and then sew the fur flaps over it (sew them on the "inside" so you can just fold them over to hide the seam) to hide the bunching. Simple, no? (I dunno... mine were a pain in the butt cause I did it without really thinking about it and the seams are visible)

His vest. I'm not too good with vests. lol, get a vest pattern and make it out of fur material? Line the fur. LINE ZEE FUR OR IT'LL ITCH. XD Lightweight cotton, I'd do. It breathes. Breathing fabric is NICE.

The armor. I'm working on armor for a jakotsu costume. Right now, I'm figuring that I'll make the basic shape out of a lightweight crap fabric and cover it with either duct tape or vinyl fabric. It'll make it durable and easier to wear. Duct tape probably won't look as pretty as the vinyl, but will be cheaper.

Wig. Get a wig cause his hair is FUGGED UP. XD and elf-y ears from the cosworx store or somewhere else that sells them cause he's got pointy ears.

For costumes, I just go piece by piece. I break it down into what the costume is and then toss around ideas for what could work and what I'd like to try. Makes the whole process easier, in my opinion, and helps you know what you'll need at the get go. Gives you a rough expense list, too.
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