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Unread 09-23-2008, 07:02 PM   #3916
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Again, split into two parts...

Originally Posted by D4rkone View Post
I have a slot open for another costume in my next convention. I don't have anything particular in mind so I'm open for anything.


Hair may be sightly different since I cut it after this shot, but its' grown back to around the same length.
Otacon from Metal Gear Solid. Here's two shots of him from the most recent game. The hair definitely inspired me.

Originally Posted by kimmidoll View Post
fairly new to the whole cosplay but i am really ...passionate? about gettin started and wwas wondering if you guys could help me a little. like who i possibly could cosplay as a newbie to this . so someone not so difficult for starters

heres a rough idea of what im like if it helps to compare me to someone if easier if not then oh well =)


You've got a lovely face. Since you want to go with easy, perhaps San from the movie Princess Mononoke. She's distinctive and the costume shouldn't give you too much trouble. Another one would be Ed from Cowboy Bebop!

Originally Posted by superflyaznguy View Post
Hey i just recently started cosplaying (last month actually XD) and have done two costumes. I'm 5'9" and roughly 135lbs.

Anyways, input would be much appreciated on my next cosplay

For yaoicon this weekend:

From sac anime last month:
Argh. The worst thing to hear on this thread is, "YOU TOTALLY LOOK LIKE SOMEONE THAT IS ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE BUT I FAIL AT LIFE AND CAN'T THINK OF WHO IT IS." And, well... I fail at life. I mean, seriously. Your face is not-quite-triggering something for me (enough so that I am seriously sitting here and questioning whether we've met before or something). Until I can think it over more, here's a couple other suggestions:

This is coming totally from a place of fangirl-ydom (that, admittedly, seeing you in the sac anime gear made me think of it) is Daniel Smith from Killer7 (who is regretfully not very flashy, despite his character being badass). Kilik from Soul Caliber would be another good one for you (and more recognizable). And to end... while the show isn't exactly my cup of tea, you do bare a certain resemblance to Itachi from Naruto.

Originally Posted by ToxicUchiha1 View Post
I want to do an Ouran Host Club cosplay but don't know who should cosplay as who. I have three people interested. I'm about 5'6" my brother is a bit smaller my friend is shorter than both of us and if my other friend does wish to she is almost as tall as me. I wanted to do Haruhi but I don't know if I can pull it off, what do you think?
Picture please!
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pics of me r in my gallery, my brother too, although he's in costume. His hair is really short so I don't think the alfit is that affective and my other friend is the one as Naruto. I'm sorry I don't have any other pics of us but I hate having my picture taken unless I'm in cosplay.
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Hello~.I would really like some cosplay suggestions ^^ I am open to wigs and contacts, and crossplay. I would also like suggestions for more advanced cosplay as well as simple since I would like to take on a challenge~ Thank you all who help!!!

picture is here =D
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I think you'd made a great Sasuka, Haruhi from Ouran, or Rukia. Maybe even Ayame from Tenchu, if you're into ninjas. -3
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thank you for the suggestions! [any more XP]

[and sorry for bad quality of pic, darned cell phone cameras xD]
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thanks azimel =)
yeah there pretty easy ones =)

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suggestions and ideas

Funkarilla- I think you could make a great Selphie from FFVIII with the right wig. http://media.photobucket.com/image/s...hie-c.jpg?o=10

Mint from Tokyo Mew Mew might be a great look for you too. http://media.photobucket.com/image/t...w/Mint.gif?o=5

I also think you could pull off Rin from Inuyasha as well. http://media.photobucket.com/image/i...a/rin.gif?o=15

Does any one have any ideas for me? ^_^
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@Funkarilla: with your facial structure you'd be a cute Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth... http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f2...nights/umi.jpg

Also again, any cosplay suggestions for me (top link) and my two friends would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks =]

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Originally Posted by Azimel View Post
You've got great eyes. :3 Perhaps C.C. from Code Gaess for you or Yoruichi from Bleach? I also like the one suggestion you got for Haji. EDIT: Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi ("Club-To-Death Angel"). It just hit me... erk. No pun intended. She'd be the one with the spiked mace in the reference shot.
^_^ I <3 Dokuro-chan :3
C.C looks uber cute as well so deff gonna consider her.
Yoruichi....love the character to bits but for various reasons, i have been traumatised out of ever cosplaying her XD

Heehee thankoo ^__^
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So, me and a friend of mine have decided to try cosplaying and we would really love some ideas and input. We're going to our first con next month, and yeah, that's not a whole lot of time, but we thought we'd give it a try anyway.

As there isn't that much time and as we're beginners, I'd really love some simpler ideas, or something that could be rather easily constructed. And most of all, something that we'd really look like, I figure it'll be easier to succeed if we at first try for something that isn't too far-fetched. Babysteps

As for guidelines, we're both into goth and alternative clothing, so we do have a big bunch of odd clothing and accessories we can use Dreads and fake hair are okay. Preferably nothing that reveals the stomach. Male characters are perfectly fine as well. We're both around size 8. The characters don't have to go together, but it's not a problem if they do.

My pics are here: http://irc-galleria.net/archive.php?...ge_id=89398904 (it's in Finnish, sorry, but just click on the pics and you can make them bigger). I have glasses, but I can wear contacts.

My friend is here: http://irc-galleria.net/archive.php?...lbum_id=481045. There are more links on the left for more galleries. Her hair is blonde at the moment. She also has glasses, but wears mostly contacts.

(And yes, they are real. So nothing insanely revealing for her on the chest part. A bit revealing is okay, but nothing tasteless.)

A few more pics of both us are here: http://jeisaida.deviantart.com/gallery/

Thank you so much!
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Kimmidoll - I could totally see you as Blue (Wolf's Rain) or maybe as Link? You have great features for crossplay; you're really pretty, but the square jaw lends itself well to smexy androgyny.
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Unread 09-24-2008, 03:27 PM   #3927
Andrew Wiggen
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In one of your posts, I know you asked if people thought you could pull off Light (I certainly do). And I know someone beat me to suggesting Kyouya... I'd suggest getting a good wig. I'd ask around in the appropriate forums (wig help, costume help) about what sort, but I know from experience the Roni sold in the cosworx store is a good, no nonsense short haired wig. It'd take a touch of trimming if memory serves but it's pretty much Kyouya style. If you don't want to buy a wig or dye your hair, you could also pull off Tamaki.
yeah, im pretty stuck on the high school host club now, mostly because i realized i have a perfect aset:
a little bro who could be Honey!
now i just need to find out more about wigs..mostly fyeing hair though, since the con is in October O_O''
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Originally Posted by xGreenling View Post
Kimmidoll - I could totally see you as Blue (Wolf's Rain) or maybe as Link? You have great features for crossplay; you're really pretty, but the square jaw lends itself well to smexy androgyny.
crossplay sounds quite cool
maybe stick to small and simple cosplays at the moment , not even got a first costume yet lol and no idea who

Originally Posted by Arroyo View Post
Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho. This outfit is a schoolgirl skirt and top, which are both fairly easy to make and are widely availible on the internet, and your hair and face are perfect!

Sae from Peach Girl. Again, another simple schoolgirl costume and character you'd look great as.

I cant think of anymore at the moment...BTW, you have pretty eyes.
aw thank you for the help
am in need of some simple schooly type cosplays
seen as i have the shirts and accessories already available =)
aww thankyou lol i do like make up , quite a big passion of mines

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-Dubaby I think Pacifica from Scrapped Princess would work for you.

I can't think of any others at the moment. My brain is like mush now.

Any ideas for me?
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Originally Posted by malone-kun View Post
Good thing u guys made this thread or i would have been screwed!!!

Im 5 foot 6" weigh around 115 pounds and have medium length brown hair
dont mind dying my hair either

give me a good reply!!!

Hmm, well, I have to say you'd be a great Frodo, just to note. But, for actual anime characters:
Train Heartnet, from Black Cat

Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Ok, so I think that's excessively picture happy enough, I'll stop adding pics. But there you go.
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