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@ Nuliayuk: I think you could cosplay Hikari Konohana [Strawberry Panic]. You have got exactly the same hair as her.

I'm also looking for a Character, I do look like.
I have undefinable colored hair..kinda red-orange-blonde. [my natural colour of hair is light brown] ..I'm slim, have blue-green eyes and waved hair.
I would cosplay girls, femme-ish male characters or yaoi/yuri-type characters.

Here some pictures:

[I took the 2. picture a few days ago..And yeah. My hair looks kinda strange.]
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For VVillegas:

I think you have a very good look for cosplay overall, and I think you have a lot of options.

Some of the many that came to mind:

Recca from Flame of Recca (manga/anime)

Vyse from Skies of Arcadia (video game)

Soren from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (video game)

Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing (anime)

Mao or Almaz from Disgaea 3 (video game) - if you are willing to wear wigs

For egyptionmau:

I am not familiar with Naruto, and Iím not sure what other types of shows/games you like, but here are some ideas for you (and you are a very pretty young lady)! None of these characters are magical girls.

Colette from Tales of Symphonia (video game) - http://www.absoluteanime.com/tales_o...ia/colette.jpg

Aeris from Kingdom Hearts II (video game) Ė

Itís a very challenging costume, but it would look very good on you: Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden (manga/anime) Ė

Risa from DNAngel (manga/anime) - http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/8895/risa01q5ai.jpg

Your face isnít an exact match, but I think you would also make a very cute Young Malon from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (video game) Ė

For kimmi:

Not sure how much sewing experience you have or where your cosplay interests lie, so Iíve tried to include a little variety. I could see you as:

Kairi from Kingdom Hearts (video game) - http://www.finalfantasyworld.co.uk/k...ork_Kairi2.jpg

Miyako from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (anime/manga) - http://kagephoenix.tripod.com/Kaitou...determined.jpg

Amelia from Slayers (anime/manga) - http://www.animegalleries.net/albums..._amelia007.jpg

Excel from Excel Saga (manga/anime) - http://static.desktopnexus.com/wallp...gthumbnail.jpg

Marle from Chrono Trigger (which was just re-released on the DS!) - http://www.geocities.com/linkerdrich/marle.jpg

If youíre looking for a villain, maybe Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon - http://www.moonprincess.com/images/trilogy/beryl.jpg

If youíre looking for a crossplay, maybe Pit from Kid Icarus? - http://www.nintendoeverything.com/wp...kid-icarus.jpg

If youíre looking for American animation, someone else will have to chime in. I havenít watched American animation in quite some time.
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Whoa Visage! You sure do know a lot of characters xD I'm doing yuna now, but after that one... i won't think of any other char... mind if you help me out? I've got some detailed info on page 343(pictures) and 344(hight,weight etc)
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Originally Posted by VVillegas View Post
I think you'd make a great Nanao or Lisa
Woah. You could pull off I think anything you wanted.
You have such a universal face. =D

Originally Posted by Meghatron View Post
I sure do, and if you didn't want to get a wig you could do the live action version of her. :3
Idk. I'm definately not as small as her. People that cosplay(well) as Misa are usually super super skinny. =O
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Woah, thank you. You've given me a lot of good ideas!
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I'm not sure if I posted on here...
I don't think I have

Anyway I'd cosplay pretty much anything.
I'm kind of new, and I'm pretty short.
around 5'5?
I don't know.
I have brown hair and well I might be getting it cut soon.
I've been working with wigs and sewing lately.
Anyway heres some recent pictures of me.

Pictures for my org hoodies
anyway uhm, my hair looks more accurate in these pictures, the orange strip I mean.
It's orange not red
Still looks red...


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My sis has boy-short red hair, which I think would be good for, say, Gaara. But she insists on doing a female character. Any suggestions? Here are some photos:
http://i44.tinypic.com/2evdira.jpg (on the right)

Thanks for any help!
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Originally Posted by NessyNarcolepsy View Post
Idk. I'm definately not as small as her. People that cosplay(well) as Misa are usually super super skinny. =O
True, but she has a lot of outfits so you can pick one to emphasize the curves. I'm a good bit bigger around the middle and thighs than a lot of characters but if the costume lets me pull it off I'll try it.

Speaking of which, I got stuck on page 342 and every other request of mine's been delayed by a picture link. ^^; Any ideas?
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@Gwenevere - Maybe Sophia Forrester from Last Exile? You also resemble Enid from Ghost World

@Squatz - You really remind me of Hayden Christensen so you'd be a really good Anakin Skywalker.

@Tweed - I can totally see you cosplaying Nel Tu from Bleach.

@Aka-x - You remind me of Mamimi from FLCL. Her costume's not too hard to make.
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Why hello. I am very new here.

I am about 5.1 (Yes. I'm short.)
I have loooong black and red hair.
Any suggestions? :P I'm quite open to dying my hair - not so much to cutting it (I can cut bangs though)
Here, have a picture of me with a marshmallow:

(edit: that's a wigshop in the background....how ironic)

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Originally Posted by totalSMfan View Post
I'm about to cosplay for the first time and was hoping for some suggestions as to who might be a good character.
Height: tall, 6'1"
Weight: 135 pounds
Hair: short, spikey & brown
Glasses or contacts (I have both)


I don't mind wearing wigs, dyeing my hair, or cross dressing (that's actually one of the events). I had debated on going as Nana but don't have any ideas other than that.
you look like the perfect person to cosplay haruhi from ouran host club in my opinion
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Ah, thanks!
I'll take a look into that

Ahhh, I saw that and it made me laugh
I must watch this anime!
Mamimi reminds me of myself a little too much though~
Lonely depressed and an interest with fire?
Haha, sounds like me!
Thanks for the suggestion!
I will most likely cosplay her in the near future!


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ok, there are already a couple of characters i could pass as, but i just wanted to see what else there was for later conventions. the only current photo of me in me dressed as Rukia. i'm about... 5'3/4" not too skinny [so no short skirts]

Next con and character Lt.Rukia Kuchiki (entire con) A-Kon 23

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My post got stuck like 4 pages back (p347) due to waiting for the post to be approved, so I just wanted to put a follow up post where all the action is.

As you can see I have a pic as my av icon except now my hair is like shoulder length. But uhm, other details you should know... I'm only 5'2 skrawny up top but a little more... towards the bottom.

So any suggestions?! Cause this is my first metrocon ever and I want to do it right!! <3 and I have way to man anime characters I like. I was thinkng something like lacus clyne or feldt grace from gundam seed and gundam 00

But Idk, I really just wanna be perfect.

@Coriform - what about Riku Harada from DN ANgel?

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I know you said you didn't think you'd look good in crossplay, but I think you'd make a killer Roxas! Course, you'd need a wig for that.

Girls wise... I don't know. I don't watch a lot of animes... Oh, you could probably do Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura. She has similar hair to you... but she's a kid, so I don't know how you feel about that. :S

Sorry for lack of good ideas.
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