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Unread 03-23-2010, 06:05 PM   #10981
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yoruichi from bleach
Grenda from Petite Princess Yucie/Puchi Puri Yuushi
Gidget from Eureka 7
Your friendly neighborhood serial killer :
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Here's what I look like

Any suggestions? I've never cosplayed before so any comments are welcome.
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Originally Posted by Red Chrono View Post
For the sake of beating a dead horse ill link this again :P thanks for the suggestions XD
@ yu mi --------Hey man never underestimate the power of bishis either! the girls tend to flock to them like the yaoi panels! *shudders* yeah i would say from your pic that you would be much better as ishida or light as obvious ones, as less obvious somehow i see you as miroku from inuyasha or perhaps...yeah any of the ouran host club lol, once again a very powerful tool >:P as for other ideas they flight me as im becoming tired..tommorow after classes ill try to suggest more.
LMAO I keep getting that...XD XD I really love Ishida, and Light so yeaaah But those are kinda 'obvious'....Miroku & Inuyasha are some of my favorite charas, and OHSHC I love lmao

Thanks this was a lot already! XD I got a ton before.

Originally Posted by Naginata View Post
... wow that's alot of suggestions ...
i'll answer each of them

Kamen Rider
---> You could probably pull off Hayato Ichimonji: i havnt really seen the showa rider series (have only seen Blade, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, W) so i dont really think i'd like cosplaying as Hayato Ichimonji (i'd also perfer to cosplay as a rider not a human even though i have absolutly no idea how to make a rider costume)

lol Okay (my best friend loves kamen rider, so he suggested it lmao)

---> Oh man. If you're successful on your weight loss venture, you'd be a kickass Tojiro: umm who's Tojiro, or did you just mis-spell Kojirou?

...Yeah. I am really sorry about that, I mispelled it. (I was running on about 3 hrs of sleep)

Super Sentai
No suggestions here.....>_>: yeah didnt think i'd get any suggestions here

;w; sorry bout that

U - um...Sam?: Didnt think i'd get any suggestions here either, dont really wanna cosplay as shia

Oh okay

Yugioh GX
CHAZZ!!!: Chazz? seriously? never thought of that, i'll consider it

Lol Yay!

If you wanted, Judai Yuki is another option...: nah dont really like judai very much, so i wouldnt wanna cosplay as him

I didn't like any of the main duelists (Yugi, Judai, and now Yusei) but I just thought I'd throw that out there

but not Syrus.: yeah not Syrus


Bastion: Bastion would be kinda interesting, might consider that one

Zane Truesdale: Zane is my fave character in GX, he might be fun to cosplay, i'll definatly consider it

Bwahaha yay!

Atticus Rhodes: if i was gonna cosplay as Atticus i'd try to get someone to cosplay as Alexis so we can go as brother and sister (that way it would be more obvious i'm cosplaying as Atticus

I agree - sorry, I don't know anyone though >_> But yeah, that'd be cool to see!

Jim "Crocodile" Cook ---> XD XD XD Sorry if it offends you: I'm not really offended by the sugestion, although i do really hate stereotypical Australian accents, he might be cool to cosplay as, but i dont know any 300 pound crocodiles named Shriley, haha

lol I have to agree with the accent thing, the downside is the huge-ass crocodile though *sighs*

I second whoever said you could do a good Edward Elric : Someone said i could do a good Ed?

Oops. Misread this. (3 hours of sleep! ) Well you could make a good Ed

Zatch Bell
With the right wig, Kiyo.: kinda plain, unless i can get my friend's little brother to be Zatch

I agree - it's not exactly very recognizable

Definitely not Zatch: completly agree, Definitley not Zatch


Wonrei: not sure about that one, i might consider it

Yay for me!

One Piece
Zoro.: dont really like Zoro, probably wont cosplay as him

Hn. Okay xD

I can't say Luffy.: can't say i would cosplay as Luffy anyway


Sanji: i wouldnt mind cosplaying Sanji, I'll consider that one


Shanks: but i have 2 arms, lol, might consider shanks

lol That's a good thing

Death Note
L: too overdone
Light: too overdone
Matsuda: too underdone
Aizawa: who?

Aizawa - he's one of the detective force, like matsuda. it might not be totally recognizable unless you're in a DN cosplay group who's cosplaying as the detectives but I thought I'd just put that out there...here's a pic:

Jonouchi: Nyeh (no thanks)
Honda: not interesting enough
??? Lol
Ryuji: kinda strange but depending on how my weight loss goes i might consider it

Thanks for all of you suggestions, does anyone else have any ideas?
Youre welcome

Originally Posted by Sakurairis View Post
Hahaha If that's a refference to my screen name, those are just my favorite flowers, nothing to do with naruto. It is a good idea though...
Oh, no I hadn't noticed the screen name lol just that I thought you'd make a GOORGEOUS Sakura Haruno. xD
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pandas! :D
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Hello everyone! ^^ I'm curious in what people think and ideas of who I should cosplay as for 2010 fanime for my first cosplay/time! My pic is my avatar. I know it's small! Here's are other reference pic of me:

Height --I'm a short asian LOL I'm 4 feet 11 inches or 5 feet(I have no idea, but it doesn't really make a difference. xD)
Eyes --Brown
Hair -- reddish brown/ dark brown/ black
Skin -- pale/fair

I think I didn't leave anything out... so suggest away!

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chkn nggtz
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I'm sorry, I couldn't resist: Yuffie!
You look so much like her in the pic you posted!

I'll give this a try too:
Height --5"4', average
Eyes -- Green
Hair -- dark brown but can be dyed/wig'd
Skin -- pale but can be tan'd (lulz)
http://hphotos-snc1.fbcdn.net/hs028....6_314612_n.jpg (I'm the brown-haired one)
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Originally Posted by DeidaraBang23 View Post
Originally Posted by Icurnezko View Post
Hi all! I have cosplayed a little bit, and I have a few ideas of characters I'd like to do soon, but I have put on a little bit of weight and am not sure if I can pull them off so I'd like some other ideas if I can't lose some inches soon. :-)

Hair - Blonde...but ultimately does that REALLY matter? ;-)
Eyes - Blue/Green, but see above.
Height - 5'11"
Weight - Somewhere between 150 and 200...
Size - Actual...(around a 12)

Facebook profile pic taken on St. Patrick's Day. (this year)

with a wig. you look like you would make a good haruhi suzumiya (the melonocly of haruhi suzumiya) . or maybe tamaki (ouran high school host club). hope this helped
Thanks! I like the ideas but I'll still probably have to lose a little weight for those. Especially if I want to pull off Haruhi's skirt. lol
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South of Hell
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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what character (from anything at all)I look like or have slight resemblace to so if I ever decide to try cosplaying, I know who to base myself on.

I'm open to anything really so shoot anything at me.

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Originally Posted by pandaplushie View Post
Hello everyone! ^^ I'm curious in what people think and ideas of who I should cosplay as for 2010 fanime for my first cosplay/time! My pic is my avatar. I know it's small! Here's are other reference pic of me:


Height --I'm a short asian LOL I'm 4 feet 11 inches or 5 feet(I have no idea, but it doesn't really make a difference. xD)
Eyes --Brown
Hair -- reddish brown/ dark brown/ black
Skin -- pale/fair

I think I didn't leave anything out... so suggest away!
The moment I saw you, I thought you looked like Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII... Rinoa is 5' 3, close enough. xD From what I saw in your picture, your face shape and mouth are very close like hers, even your eyes. ^^

This thread is very interesting maybe I'll give it a go too... xD I could never find characters that looked like me... Here's a pic of myself... :P
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty blonde
Height: 5'4
Due to health, I cannot work on cosplays like I was able to in the past. :'( Or attend cons with ease. Few cosplays that I am working on (when body allows) are:
Vampire Hunter D - D (Amano ver.) 5%
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Zelda 15%

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Liliana: when I saw your pic I first thought Riza Hawkeye from FMA. Stella Nox Flurett from Final fantasy XIII versus isn't bad either.

raefun: I think you'd make a good Rinoa. you have happy eyes ^^ Yun Fang from final fantasy XIII is another possibility.

pandaplushie: I second both Rinoa and Yuffie.

Any thoughts?

Originally Posted by Shirogitsune View Post
This pics a little old but I still look like(or at least close to) only a difference in hair style.


I'm around 5'1 and 105 lbs and I have a petite build. my hair is a copper-brown-ish color and my eyes are light blue
-I am also very open to Wigs and Crossplay.

Thank you very much! ^_^
In Progress:
-Chihiro Fujisaki (Dangan Ronpa)
-Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou Project)
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shirogitsune: you would make a lovely yuna from final fantasy

here's me:
i'm about 5'3", 120 lb. black hair, bluish grey eyes. will wear wigs or contacts.
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my cosplay.
in progress:

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Originally Posted by XlovegokuX View Post
absulotely looovveee zone-00!!! buying the manga
yes i think you could make a good benten! also you could possibel do the Hell hound, youngerbrother,,, SRRY i cant find his name anywhere and im not home waah (
Aww, thanks. : D

I was also thinking about them.

I think it's going to be Bishamon, though. Already made his sandals. They are going to be hell to walk in.
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Who do I look like?

Height: Somewhere around 5'6"
Willing to wear a wig: Possibly but most likely no.
Willing to crossplay: No, I have triple d's so i'd rather not.

I WILL dye my hair and or cut it though!
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Unread 03-24-2010, 08:06 PM   #10994
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Okay let me try this.
I am 5'1
Have blue/green eyes and have brownish blonde hair but I dyed it black.
Here is me regularly:

Here is me with some wigs on:
http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php...&id=1158580249 (lightning ff13)
http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php...&id=1158580249 (italy, hetalia)
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id...&id=1158580249 (sailor mars)
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id...158580249(riku from kh)
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Hello everyone! I was wondering who i might do good as? I actually preffer to cosplay guys, but if there's actually a girl you can find for me, Sweet! I'm about 5'11, and have platforms I can boost myself up with. I'm a girl but can't do chests.... And anything goes so long as I'm not naked! :3
My eyes are brown, or red if I have contacts in. (not for Twilight...bleh.)
Black hair.
And wigs are my best friends! XD


xxyukixx you;d make an awesome Sai from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, maybe also Hansel or Gretal from Black Lagoon You have a chibi face and so cute!

saeko_uzumaki: Your eyes are wicked! I think you'd make an Awesome Blind Mag from Repo! the Genetic Opera!
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