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Unread 11-19-2007, 01:28 PM   #1
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Black Rose- A dilemma

I may end up cosplaying Black Rose from .Hack in the future (http://dra-gon-web1627.hp.infoseek.c...-mimiru-07.jpg she's on the left,) since a friend is going to let me borrow the armor and sword, but I have a problem. As my gallery will ultimately show, I am very pale. I am so pale that I can put on a black wig and take a picture and it'll look almost black-and-white. I am so pale that if the sunlight hits me right, I GLOW. I am so pale that my foundation is titled 'alabaster'.

Yet Black Rose is very tan. So, I mostly want opinions on this- Would it be better to say screw trying to make myself darker and just do her tattoos, and just go with being pale since that much makeup without an airbrush would be dififcult, OR would you all say I should go the extra mile, get the darker makeup, and just take an hour putting on makeup in the morning?

...Though, to be honest, I'm a bit afraid of being called racist, which is the main reason I'm waffling a bit on the subject. Guh. So, really, your opinions would all be very appreciated ^^
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Unread 11-19-2007, 02:38 PM   #2
Ganbatte minasai!
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Don't worry about your skin color, just go for it! The whole question of skin color and cosplay is a long running one that probably will never end, but I'm firmly on the side of cosplay whatever character you want. So don't worry about the skin color and do the best Black Rose you can.

And, of course, if you choose to use some skin makeup to darken your color, that's okay too. No sane person would consider that racist. As always, make sure you have fun with this! ^_^
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yes she's a character I always considered cosplaying, and I'm very pale as well...I wasn't planning on making my skin darker though...I was just going to go with it...I thought it would look okay...the only thing I could think of as looking bad would be yellow on pale skin...I'm not sure how that would look...shouldn't be too bad though! good luck to you
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Don't worry. I see people with tan make-up on all of the time (I'm African American, by the way). As long as it's not like straight-up blackface make-up (big red lips, pitch black make-up, etc.), then it's cool. However, you don't have to put on tan make-up. It's up to you. No one's going to complain whatever you do.
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probably a frackpants
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I'd recommend you not bother, actually. Black Rose has a lot of skin showing and it's very hard to get that much skin a single even color, or a natural-looking color at all. If you're familiar with Fran from FFXII, this comes up a lot with her too and it's one of the things that can torpedo a costume the fastest. A great costume, even a nice or mediocre one, looks like CRAP when it's worn over poorly-done darkening.

People fuss about not being the right color for their costumes all the time, and so often there's just no good way to effect the change. In those cases, and I think this is one of them, better to set a nice relaxed example that people of any shade can cosplay whatever they want.
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That was another of my worries. ><

Guh, I won't wear it until Acen at least though, so it's not like I don't have plenty of time to decide.
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The makeup is a huuuuge pain. I know, I did Fran, and I'm very very pale normally.


That's how my makup turned out. I used ben nye cream foundation in chinese, with finishing spray before and after, and powder. I still got anything white I came in contact with brown, and it took me an hour and a half or so each morning to do. of course, I think it turned out looking great! I didn't have too many streaks (I'm a huuuge perfectionist, so I got it all blended nice and even, wasn't too hard, actually) And one cool thing you could do with that, is to make a stencil of the tattoos, lay the shape over your skin, and makeup around it. when you pulled it off, I think the color change would actually be just about right. ^^ Also, depending on whether you plan to wear this all weekend or not, you could simply go into a salon and pay the $25 or whatever it is to be professionally spray-tanned. You can choose the exact color and everything.
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wow! That DOES look awesome, and not streaky at all- I think I may end up trying that (I can totally understand being a perfectionist, it's why I'm even thinking of bothering with the makeup.) About how much did all of that end up costing you?
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