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Unread 09-13-2012, 12:43 PM   #1
Ladie Luck
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Suggestions Please?

Hello! Thanks for viewing. I am currently hard at work on a Morrigan Aensland cosplay and am beginning to browse the internet in search of contact lenses. I want a pair that will do her super, crazy, bright green eyes full justice. I've never bought anything but standard, natural, eye colored contact lenses so I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the options available. I'm hoping someone can suggest a pair of lenses or at least point me in the right direction?

I need the contacts I buy to be prescription because I like to be able to see... I'm blind as a bat (bad pun intended) and, as a side note that could be relevant, I'm also interested in trying circle lenses.

Here are some references pictures of the lovely Morrigan:


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I'm assuming you're up to date with your prescription?

I'll just recommend one, because I've personally used a color from this brand.. DAYUM IT WAS BRIGHT. Like you know how they sometimes Photoshop the model so their eyes are super bright? It... it's like that in real life. I scared a few people during Halloween if my eyes o.o
Here's me wearing the yellow:

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Ladie Luck
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Your assumption is correct. :3

Oh my gosh yeah! Wow! Those are intense! Thanks for suggesting them. I was actually looking at that brand earlier and considering them. XD
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Unread 09-17-2012, 07:44 PM   #4
Ladie Luck
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I'm definitely considering ordering the contacts Ash of Rebirth suggested but does any one have any others they would suggest?
I have myself a little cosplay corner on Facebook! Stop by and say hello? <3
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Bought these for my friend's morrigan cosplay actually, haha.

The made her eyes "glow" green, they looked insanely intense and phantom-like. Definitely fantasy though, and not natural.


These guys were what I used for my yuna cosplay(in blue and green). They were very bright over my dark grey eyes, and enlarged quite a bit. Definitely more natural, but still colorful.
They make your eyes look kinda like glass, or like doll eyes.

Also, I've ordered from this site for 2 years, and they are very trustworthy. The contacts are always shipped in a nice container, you get a free case, and the vials are never past expiry date. I've run into a lot of sites that will send old contacts to you. And I have sensitive eyes, so that's a no no. They also offer prescriptions on almost all of their lenses.

I hope you find a pair that works for you! xoxo
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Unread 10-02-2012, 08:30 PM   #6
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you want angelic green from coastalcontacts.com manufactured by marietta brand lenses. The best way to get very bright green eyes is to go with theatrical contact lenses. Most of the circle lenses being suggested are good, but they tend to have very large center holes and how well they show up on your eyes depends on what colour they are and what sort of lighting you are in.
the princess twilight ones have a touch of blending in their pattern for a natural look as well as the very large center hole. I don't think you want natural.
The beaucon ones have a really awesome colour that shows up well but they are also for a more natural patterning. I use them myself a lot and noone ever tells me my eyes look freaky or different. Just that they show up as the colour they're supposed to be.
For a more luminous almost glowing look try the Louie lenses also from coastalcontacts.com. I use them for reaper eyes and they really stand out, like from across the room or even on a stage. Tho under certain camera flash they can look yellow instead of green.

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2 other suggestions:
I am very happy with how well my EOS Fay/Fairy Green lenses show up http://fav.me/d53afun. These are more of a minty light green but they show well even in low lighting situations.

Another pair that shows very well is ColorMax Green http://fav.me/d2txn4e
They are also sold as the "Clearly Colors" brand. This color is a very noticeable "Crayola Green" shade.
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