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Unread 07-11-2009, 01:36 PM   #166
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I am a cosmetology student right now, and during my class, I learned about something called Jojoba Oil. We only went over it briefly, so I decided to look it up myself.

Because of all of the amazing reviews for it, I decided to give it a try and was greatly impressed!

I have never really had a huge problem with acne, my problem has always been the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE black heads that I have always had.

My skin looked terrible. Especially on my nose and cheeks. My pores were huge and there was so much stuff caked in them it was disgusting. Most of the acne that I did have was inflamed black heads or me picking.

I didn't start taking care of my skin until about 10th grade, and even after I did, I didn't see much of an improvement at first.

But after years, I HAVE found several things that have helped me.

Good exfoliation is key. The thing that I have found that works the best is an aspirin mask.
Tutorial: http://ricebunny.xanga.com/567728185...eautiful-skin/
It helps to clear off the old dead skin cells that cake up, as many people's skin doesn't shed normally (like mine). It makes your skin feel so much better after just one use and can give you noticeably better results.

If you are using anything, make sure that it is oil-free and alcohol-free. Alcohol can dry out your skin and irritate it. Astringents usually contain these, so try to find one without it.

Moisturizers usually contain "oils". Being "oil free" just means that it is free of mineral oil, but for many people these oils can cause comedones (blackheads) and clog their pores.

The one thing though that has really made the difference in my skin however is the jojoba oil. I bought pure, organic jojoba oil (4 oz for under $10 including shipping. You have to sometimes hunt around for a good price). I bought the brand "Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil" and was thoroughly impressed.

Basically, most of what clogs pores is not dirt and other outside sources, but sebum. Sebum is the oil that your skin naturally produces. It lubricates the skin and hair on the body and is a good thing. However, sometimes either the sebaceous glands are overactive and produce too much oil, and other times, the sebum is not able to come out through the pores like it is supposed to.

The first one will cause oily skin. Jojoba oil is not actually an oil at all. It is a wax-ester which is almost identical in it's make-up to sebum. When you use it on your skin, it tricks the sebaceous glands into thinking that there is already enough oil, and makes it stop producing as much.

The second of these things, where the sebum cannot exit through the pores like normal causes comedones (blackheads). Jojoba oil also actually dissolves this trapped sebum, which cannot be washes or exfoliated out, no matter how hard you try.

This last part is how it has helped my skin so much.

My skin has cleared up so much in the past two weeks that I have been using it. It wish that I would have found this earlier, and I greatly hope that anyone else with this problem will give this a try.

Note: I have heard of a few people having an allergy to it, so try it out on a little skin first if you wish. It never harmed me though ^^.

I hope this helps! Leave comments if you've had any experiance with it!
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Unread 08-04-2009, 06:21 PM   #167
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I don't really trust japanese cosplayers since they use photoshop A LOT

for example

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Unread 08-04-2009, 06:42 PM   #168
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I have really, REALLY oily skin. What should I use? The only thing I do right now is just wash my face once or twice daily. I have light acne and a few small pimples here and there.
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Unread 08-06-2009, 04:03 AM   #169
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I'm in that same boat with you. I usually wash my face and put on one of Aveeno's moisturizers or Lancome's since the one I have is oil free. You don't want to add more oil to what's already there! I do this in the morning and in the night before bed. In the morning, I'll also follow up with a powder to absorb any excess. If I remember correctly, you made that thread about how you don't like makeup. In that case, try one of Covergirl's powders. The one I use is transluscent. I'll get you the exact name of it once I can. My purse is always stocked with the powder and some oil blotting sheets to help get rid of the shine and whatnot during the day. Clean and Clear makes excellent and cheap oil blotting sheets. After washing my face at night, I'll occasionally use a toner.
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Unread 08-06-2009, 02:19 PM   #170
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Originally I had very mild acne, mostly just a few blackheads on my nose. I used a doctor-prescribed topical cream, and it mostly cleared up, just some stubborn area here and there remaining.

Ask your doctor about what you should take, if it's mild usually you will get some kind of cream for it, just apply twice a day, if it's worse you might get medication for it, but I've heard it mess with your hormones...

Anyway, I found a good DIY mask/toner tutorial for reducing acne as well as acne scars if you want to try it out. I've been using it, makes my skin feel alot cleaner.


Make sure to follow instructions carefully... especially the idea for using at night-time. It is not very pleasant-smelling.

Alorelle Somewhat off-topic, but: I would like to take the birth control pill just to get rid of my monthly extreme stomach cramps... I never knew they would improve skin condition too! The reason I decide not to use those yet is because I do not want people (especially parents) to think I am doing anything with a chance of getting pregnant.
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Unread 08-10-2009, 03:06 AM   #171
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There are usually two things that are in the way of flawless makeup; acne and large pores.

With acne, all you can pretty much do is find a good cleanser for you (I use Neutregena's deep clean cream cleanser) and keep your face clean. and, here's a really good trick- make sure you change your pillow case all the time. Use one side once, and then use the other side once, and then it's time to change it. Otherwise the dead skin and dirt from your own face will accumulate acne on your face.
Lush (a store that makes all natural cosmetics) has a really good line up of masks that suits pretty much any skin problem, including acne. I recommend "Cupcake" for acne.

Now for large pores-
Primer. Primer does miracles when it comes to putting on makeup. it hides your pores and evens out your skin for your foundation.

another thing for pores- using facial masks. One mask I love is Queen Helen's Mint Julep Mask. It gets rid of black heads, and reduces pore size.

Another quick way to reduce pore size is with an ice facial- just take a piece of ice and rub it over clean skin for 10-20 seconds.

Now when applying makeup, the majority of the flawlessness is in practice. But it also helps to have the right supplies. Stippling your foundation on with a stippling brush is the best way to achieve an airbrushed, flawless look on your face. Other then that, use a good foundation brush with a foundation suitable to your skin type, and always make sure you use pressed powder to set the foundation, and to keep a smooth, matte look.

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Unread 08-10-2009, 06:06 PM   #172
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Hmmm perfect skin besides Photoshop? Thats tough. Your skin has to be relativley clear to begin with. I like to use a really light foundation as a base and I go over a couple of times with Hot Topic's Bloody Mary Pressed White Powder. It seems to cover up a lot. Then you have have problems with sweat or your going to a con in the summer, I suggest Cornsilk (if it hasn't been discontinued) Cornsilk is used on stage a lot because the lighting causes actors to sweat. Cornsilk soaks up the sweat leaving you nice and dry. If you can't get ahold of Cornsilk I suggest using baby powder. Keep in mind to use brushes for applying powders. After you applu the white powder, use a powder maybe two shades darker then the one you need and apply it. A lot of mistakes first timer's make is not covering their necks. If your cosplaying someone significatly darker or lighter then you, be sure to do the ears as well.
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Unread 08-11-2009, 01:33 AM   #173
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agree with remembering to cover your neck. but using white powder on my skintone? not gonna work. although if you're pale enough it can work. it seems that you're suggesting to make your face white and then covering that up with color? it sounds like an extra and unnecessary step to me. and though it may work for you, someone who's new to makeup will probably end up looking really cakey. if my face is clear enough i just use concealer. but if not a liquid foundation and a regular translucent powder will work for me. i believe in only using as much makeup is necessary.
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Unread 08-14-2009, 02:52 AM   #174
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Sheercover mineral makeup

Originally Posted by calen383 View Post
Does anyone know how well that mineral foundation stuff works that I have seen all over the TV recently? They advertise it with one of the American Top Model winners. Anyone else seen it/tried it?
I've just started a blog with lots of free information about mineral makeup, and sheercover makeup. Maybe you'll find something that can help you answer your question there. You can visit it here: Sheercover Mineral Makeup Blog!

Take care!

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Unread 08-14-2009, 10:18 AM   #175
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Originally Posted by synchroniccity View Post
Alorelle Somewhat off-topic, but: I would like to take the birth control pill just to get rid of my monthly extreme stomach cramps... I never knew they would improve skin condition too! The reason I decide not to use those yet is because I do not want people (especially parents) to think I am doing anything with a chance of getting pregnant.
They *really* help in not only taking away the pain but also with acne (since hormones can play a role i suppose). It was actually suggested that I take the pill, and it really does help. I'd suggest you ask your doctor about the benefits for pain relief, and then take it. It's not just for preventing pregnancy!
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Unread 08-17-2009, 11:04 PM   #176
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I've heard a lot about some drying cream by Mario Badescu (I'm not sure if that's the right name or not) that actually dries up a pimple without drying the rest of your skin out. Has anyone tried it and does it actually work?

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Unread 08-24-2009, 10:11 PM   #177
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The Sonia Kashuk make up line is actually really good. It has good concealer and it really dose cover under eye circles and other imperfections and the mineral foundation is really light and has good coverage. I would say its comparable to bare minerals and a cheaper alternative but thats my opinion you can buy it in target.
As for Skin Care i just use a scrub that's gentle enough that i can use every day witch is the adzuki bean and rice bran exfoliating beads witch is good for dull and uneven skin tone with a sugar maple and black willow bark cleanser witch is good for blemishes and black heads you can buy these on the Mark website. Usually with scrubs i use circular motions gently and massage my face and then rinse. It made my face super soft and evened out my skin tone i rarely brake out any more maybe like 1 or 2 pimples here and there but i rarely ever get pimples.

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Unread 09-01-2009, 07:24 PM   #178
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wouldn't it be great if everyone can have this type of skin everyday? sigh* jealous jealous*
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Unread 09-01-2009, 10:41 PM   #179
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So...I have pretty decent enough skin those where taken on a regular day without any kind of special make up or skin stuff done.

BUT(there's always a but)
I notice I have these little raised..er..pores? on my nose, and on my chin. That resemble this. I don't really use any fancy stuff, I moisturize every day but that's about it. I wash my face before bed if I've worn make up as well. A friend suggested the 'aspirin face mask' to me and I recently tried that today. My skin IS smoother, but I can still see those little bumpy doo-hikeys.

My question is: WTH are those? And how might I go about getting rid of them without spending 10$. I honestly can't spend more than...5$ on something for it. Just can't see spending much more than that when saving up for the convention as it is. What might you suggest for such things? I heard the 'black head pads' that you put on the bridge of the nose just rip the skin off, I was also suggested to purchase an 'Astringent'.

Might you suggest I use the aspirin face mask once weekly? (or bi-weekly?) Should I set fire to my face like a creme brulee? Hide in my closet like a shameful hermit?
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Unread 09-02-2009, 04:49 PM   #180
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@k2thyme--I'm definitely going to try the jojoba oil routine. I've got combination skin and I get most of my acne on my chin--which, on top of that, winds up getting pretty dry from the sulfur treatments I put on the zits.'

I have a question though: How often should one exfoliate? Maybe once a week? If that's the case, I'll need to find something inexpensive and efficient. Any ideas?
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