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Unread 12-10-2007, 02:21 PM   #1
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Luminess Air (airbrush makeup system)

Does anyone here have any experience with the Luminess Air airbrush makeup system?

Airbrush makeup can be a wonderful cosplay tool, and this one is really tempting me. I've been wanting a makeup airbrush for awhile but I don't want to spend that large of a chunk of change without asking around. The company isn't offering any colors aside from normal makeup colors right now, but I wonder if you can use other water based products in it. (Or if they'll offer a wider color selection in the future.)

I'm so tempted I may just order it anyway.
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Unread 12-10-2007, 06:00 PM   #2
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whoa O.O hmmmm i work with air burshes this quarter at school (art institute of pittsburgh) and i love it, i use a dual action though, but for make up those single action ones they sell are better cuz it will give a nice even flow of paint/make up, but you don't have to buy those you know 0.o do you know about air brushes? if not make sure to do a bit of homework, ANY air brush can be used to apply make up, you just have to buy the special make up, which is widely available at many websites just find a good air brush first, i use a paasche air brush but there are many good brands such as badger and iwata. find a good single action air brush, a good one will run about 100 to 150 dollars but will come with multiple needles (controls spray width which you will want with make up applications ) and bottles and a hose, then buy the air brush make up and compressor separately and it will cost you about the same in total and end up with more than that kit offered =D plus the make up sold by them selves is usually in bigger bottles, look around a bit more and see what the total would be if you bought it all separately then if you bought that kit, make sure to shop around! because I've never heard of that brand Luminess i don't know if that air brush is better than any of the other brands i mentioned = \ might be but really all you need to do is take good care of your air brush , clean it often with fluid and such make sure to read all directions and such, they require a quick run with cleaning fluid after about 15 minutes of spraying to make sure it doesn't start spurting ... not sure what else to say 0.o..... any questions? =D lol

thought of more to say >.>

there are different types of air brush, bottom feed, side feed, and gravity feed, that means how the medium is fed if the make up/ paint / whatever is drawn from the side, top, or bottom, i prefer the bottom with a bottle, then that open kind the Luminess has, because that might spill if something happens, and the bottle will hold it well, it wont make any difference in the quality of the application,
OH! check hobby stores in your area, the kind that sell model kits, i saw the one i own there first but bought it at my schools store for a little cheaper. but year Iwata Badger and Paashe are some pretty good brand names to look for.

oh yeah that compressor make sure its for make up and not just regular airbrush, in the Luminess it says it has the three compression speeds, model kit airbrush and make up airbrush differ in air compressions a bit, or so ive been told, ( i have never personally used air brush make up, but have read up on it)

heres another option, has 12 colors is a good respectable brand and is a little less than the luminess http://www.thetanningstore.com/Produ...uctid=ABMKUPSK

that was just an example to show you of the different kits you could get so you would look around a bit before you buy =3

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Unread 12-10-2007, 09:40 PM   #3
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I do NOT reccomend this company. Them and many competitors charge a severely rediculous premium for airbrush makeup. There is nothing particularly magical about their formulations and there is certainly nothing magical about their airbrushes. Buy a real airbrush and a simple airbrush compressor, or some canned air, and use any liquid makeup, thinned with water, maybe a mix of water and alcohol (some people use vodka come to think of it, but that's a waste of money). Kryolan aquacolor works pretty good.

Though personally, I don't really have the prowess needed to apply airbrush makeup to my own face. Airbrush makeup works much better when applying it on others.
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Unread 12-11-2007, 03:29 PM   #4
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I was actually thinking of Kryolan aquacolor as a possibility for mixing other colors to use. I'm aware that any airbrush could be used for make-up, and I do actually own one already. I just was wondering about the Luminess system because it's compressor isn't one of those big clunky things that you normally hook an airbrush up to. I don't want to use canned air because the air gets really cold and can cause frostbite. Also, if you wanted to use the airbrush for everyday makeup, canned air can get really expensive!

Ah well, looks like I've got some looking around to do.
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Unread 02-12-2008, 12:50 PM   #5
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I have heard some iffy things about Luminess. I went online and did some research and there is a company called Dinair Airbrush Makeup that works wonders! I LOVE it! They have been around for over 25 years and created the stuff. The makeup covers so well and it doesn't look like you are wearing any makeup. They have tons and tons of colors so this may be something interesting for you to look into. There website is www.airbrushmakeup.com.

I hope this helps...=)
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Unread 02-13-2008, 11:51 PM   #6
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may i present to u


thats right ladies, single action air brushes $4 and a duel action for 13 dollars. they are not teh best, but they work and u can abuse them with out feeling guilty. ooooh sweeet guilt free air brushing ladies.
but seriously harbor freight rocks
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Unread 05-22-2008, 06:04 PM   #7
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Er, just would wanna dig this up for some silly questions:

1. Will airbrush make up stay better than liquid foundation or mineral foundation on oily skin? Plus at where I'm from it's really hot and man do we sweat lots! Which product will work particularly well on this case? (I heard MAC have good lines but they tend to clog too much into your pores)

2. I've got an airbrush gun with 0.2 nozzle (^^ for painting my gundam model kits), would it be ok for airbrush make-up and body paintings?

Thanks in advance to anyone can help!!!
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Unread 07-02-2014, 10:54 PM   #8
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been wondering the same things for cosplay purposes. Glad to see so many different types would work! Now, any of you guys know if any of those companies carry a nice dark grey? I'm being Jarlaxle from The Forgotten Realms series by R. A. Salvatore and haven't found one as of yet...
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Err Luminess Air is not the ideal company because the makeup mark up and I have one of their compressors and it VERY light weight.

Dinair Airbrush system and makeup is great for daily wear foundation but again the compressor only works well with water based only makeup.

If you going with body paint you need something with a bit more meat to it. The cheapest one is with Temptu Pro.

But you you planing to get more out of your air brush system look into Iwata systems.

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Unread 04-25-2016, 02:53 AM   #10
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OH! check hobby stores in your area, the kind that sell model kits, i saw the one i own there first but bought it at my schools store for a little cheaper. but year Iwata Badger and Paashe are some pretty good brand names to look for.???


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Ok, First...

Like everyone said above, you can use almost any airbrush and compresses with makeup (provided you use the right makeup --- you can even use latex, but that takes a long time to clean up (complete disassemble of the airbrush and cleaning,) not to mention is clogs fast and easily but the point remains)


Be VERY careful with the compressor. Two things to look out for are noise (I own one that works fine with my airbrush provided I use a regulator, but you can literally hear it going in the basement from the next floor up! and it's not a huge "shop" compressor, it's a litte 1-gallon) and PSI. You do NOT need high PSI for a makeup compressor and it will actually be detrimental because if you try to use it directly you can end up hurting yourself (there are literally hypodermic needles that use compressed air --- and no needle--- for injections) or, if you do it properly like I did and use a regulator, you end up just bleeding off the extra PSI and the compressor runs a long more often and a lot longer.

I sadly cannot give any recommendations on compressors since mine is so noise and overpowered for this, but I will say I own the Harbor Freight Dual-Action Airbrush and have used it for many years (it was actually recommended to me by a professional makeup artist who has done movie makeup, so I consider that a big "plus" on it's reputation) It's a really good buy, but make sure you get extra bottles for it since they tend to break easily...


REALLY? this is a thread from 2007! Granted it's still relevant, but... geeze people! @_@
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Unread 05-04-2016, 11:37 AM   #12
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Here is a really good article for anyone just starting out with airbrushing and wondering what to purchase. It goes over the different types of machines and parts, and the differences between the types of makeups and brands. http://paintpal.com/portfolio/airbrush-101/

I get all my airbrush supplies from sillyfarm.com they have tons of varieties, really good prices, and awesome customer service if you have any specific questions about what to get
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