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Unread 09-09-2002, 10:15 AM   #1
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What is Otaku-con

Look a spooky "Matrix" rip off title kids....anywho, yes in this post I shall explain what Otaku-con is and all that neat crap....The idea of Otaku-con dates back to the end of July, where i wanted to throw a HUGE party for my birthday and had all my cosplay buddies show up and do wacky party things, and go venture into the city the next day...that idea fell through though, so ignore that part. The idea of a mass gathering of Otaku still sounded good, but I couldn think of an excuse to throw such an massive event. Flash foward to AXNY....wow a con in New York with a budget, neat, TOO BAD IT WAS RUN BY A BUNCH OF MOOKS WHO RODE THE LIL YELLOW BUS TO SCHOOL (probs to DJ Ranma for that delicios lil insult). But the con wasnt a total waste, my otaku brethen spreaed-ed the love and that managed to salvage the whole thing a lil...Well that and the fact I manage to pick up a few s/ns as well. Then as i was "busy" at work, last week but then i was struck with a moment of clarity, usually something that happends to alcoholics and christians, but the (insert your choice of deity here,such as God, Buddah, Pat Conroy, The Almighty, the Tallest etc.)
slapped me upside the head. Why not that my favor thing about cons (which is you, the people!) and bringth them to thy choice location (Manhattan) and let loose thy chaos?...and my response you ask..."OKAY!!" (this is when the customers started looking at me weird) Well with that heart wrenching thale out of the way, let me get to the point. Thanksgiving Weekend, that Saturday, 12pm, the penn station terminal I would like to announce the first ever OTAKU-CON
(insert loud music here). What is this "Otaku-con" you ask. Hopefully the largest gathering of Otakon on the East Coast, without a con or a movie to gimmick us to go there...why Manhattan simple? It's like the greatest city in the world, plentiful of anime/video related sites to go visit and it's arguable the easiest place for the majority of us to get to, so why the hell not right. However, there lies a problem in this massive plan of mine...I can't do it alone..I kinda need help gathering sucke,er, Otaku to this massive event...so this is why I'm now asking u, my friends or people I just happend to raunt to, to lend me a hand and round up people to go to this event that I worked do hard (snicker snicker) to come up with. So....um..yeah...who's in. and who willing to help? I need people to gather the otaku, help transport them if they can, and supply room for them if their willing to and if it coms down it to, seeing how this thign will probably run from 12-whenever....I can't do anything about the transport thing. but I can and am posting this thing on a lot of sites and will let sum ppl crash at my house, providing they give me proper notice...and this is for only the people who need it, not someone who just wants to sleep over for the hell of it okay?

Well that concludes the first of what will be hopefully many posts...people who need to get intouch with me, for any reason can always just reply to this post on their respected board, im/email me at Griever824@aol.com or hunt me down on yahoo, my messengers Starwind824...hope to hear from the bloody lot of you soon ^/^

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Xx Lulu xX
Seriously, Im back...
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heh, but wait,there's more!
Stalk me on twitter! @theanarchris, THEN IMMEDIATELY REGRET YOUR DECISION!

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