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Unread 05-19-2014, 06:36 PM   #1
Mega Miroku
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Why do women cosplay Bible Black?

Before I begin I'll come right out and say it. I am a guy. I'm 31 and have been cosplaying for 13 years. I've been to well over one hundred cons and have seen pretty much everything I think the convention circuit can throw at me. But one thing I do not understand is why women cosplay characters from 'Bible Black'.

The convention circuit has evolved a lot since I started going in 2001, things that were considered funny and normal would now get you arrested or beaten up. For example I used to joke with the guy who runs the booth with the YAOI flag by shouting "SAY NO YO YAOI" which would get his crowd fired up and he'd shout back...we had a lot of fun....this last con as I walked past I realized I'd now probably get beat up by a bunch of people calling me intolerant....the irony lost on them. So I've changed with the times.

Another thing is that in recent years I've seen a stream of articles on 'Fake geek girls' and 'True cosplayers' and how it's a bunch of bunk. That woman should be afforded the same respect as any male cosplayer and should not be held to some standard where they are required an encyclopedic knowledge of a series/manga/game to cosplay from it..... and I 100% agree. though I think at least SOME fragmentary knowledge should be expected before you throw on a costume. So I've done my level best to never judge a person on their costume be in content or craftsmanship.

So coming back to my original point, I am a guy..... and I'm a guy admitting I 'Don't get it'.... But I'm trying to.

I admit to being a younger man and I've seen portions of Bible Black, what I saw now as a more mature person disgust me. the horrible things that are done to woman as a result of sick perverts that create this sort of materiel. The very kind of perverts that stalk anime con halls and women are warned to avoid. So with that knowledge I am lost on why someone and truly a large and apparently growing group of women are choosing to represent this series.
There's been a lot of articles to destroy the idea that women "Do it for attention" so ok. It's not that.
Then what?

A few months ago I saw a group of four woman cosplaying the uniform at Ohayocon. So as respectfully as I could I approached them and said:

"May I ask you ladies a question"
Girls: "Urrrg, no I do not have a penis!"
ME: " Umm.... that wasn't my question"
Girls: " No we are not lesbians"
Me: " Umm....ok, still not my question"
Girls "Sigh....what then"
Me: "Well given the content of the series....and given how you're clearly anticipating a poor reaction why do you choose to cosplay these particular characters?" (And yes I did phrase it that formally)
Girls: "Oh we just like the look of the costume"

They then immediately moved off before I could ask anything else.

But given how they were clearly itching for a fight, or rather just expecting one, "We like the look of the costume" rings hollow to me. Now I'll grant you, as anime school girl uniforms go it's a pretty nifty design. but the cons of the costume seem to outweigh the pros a hundred to one. in fact "It looks cool" seems to be the only answer I can ever get. But conversely every girl I've tried to ask seems annoyed and ready for that annoyance when asked. So 'It looks cool" isn't an answer that seems truthful. I also don't accept "They're doing it for the attention" because the attention seems to bother them. and I don't think it's a girl power thing, because women are humiliated and abused in this series.

I've also tried to research this topic online, but everything that comes up is an article warning girls of how to be safe at cons, and then mentioning this cosplay as one that can lead to trouble.

So as a guy who admits his own ignorance, I come to the cosplay community and ask for help in understanding. Of the thousands of cosplayable characters, why do so many women choose to cosplay as characters that essentially amount to rapists/rape victims?
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I have never heard of this series, but I for me "it looks cool" is the only reason why I choose to cosplay, so IDK why it seems hollow to you? Maybe they seem annoyed because it is annoying to have a total stranger come up and question? Maybe you're not the first person to have done this? Maybe they have had dozens of people come up and ask if they have penises or are lesbians and they don't want to answer a stranger's questions and just go off and enjoy the con in peace.

IDK, it seems like you felt entitled to an in depth answer when you're really not. "Because it looks cool," is a perfectly valid reason to choose who to cosplay or what it wear. There's no need to question it.
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Because they feel like it and their reasons are good enough for them. There y'go.

You approached them to challenge them about their motivations, dude, and gave off all KINDS of vibes that you didn't approve. Any wonder they didn't want anything to do with you? I'd have done the same thing.
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Creative Genius
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is school uniforms. they are cute.
If they like to cosplay from it cause of these reasons, more power to them. It shouldn't bother you why they do it.

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Devil of Details
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I've only vaguely heard of this thing in that I've read the words "Bible Black" in relation to some kind of ... whatever media it is.

Is it really that popular to cosplay from ?

Female characters are raped and degraded in Game of Thrones and lots of women do costumes from that, too.

Reading the Wikipedia entry on this "Bible Black" thing it just sounds kind of... silly. Like, ridiculous and over the top and not some kind of serious media remotely identifiable with real life.
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I actually saw the Bible black cosplay girls at Ohayocon as well. Even got their pic taken.
In my opinion- Seeing a cosplay from Bible black is a bit or a rare thing to see, especially given the subject matter of the series itself. So to see people still cosplaying as caracters from the series is something that's far and few, but it is an eye-catcher if you know what it's from.
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For those who don't know, Bible Black is a dark BDSM hentai.

I've always wondered this myself. There are a lot of outfits I want to do because they look cool, and I will admit the uniforms in Bible Black are damn cool. But with a subject matter like this I would think twice about cosplaying from it. It opens the door for people to say a person was "asking for harassment." Bible Black is something I would not like to be associated with at all and I would assume the average person would to.
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People cosplay what they want for whatever reason they want. It isn't your place to judge. Your tone is blatantly telling people what to think.

You may find Bible Black disgusting. But it's also a (and I'm sure people would fight me on this) victimless hentai. There's no IRL people being victimized. It's no better or worse then any thing else. It's not as if real women are being treated like that against their will.

OP you and I are in the same sort of age bracket. Going to cons for about the same amount of time. It sounds to me like this is less about Bible Black and it's subject matter and more a post to be "BACK IN MY DAY PEOPLE KNEW HOW TO TAKE A JOKE".
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Yeah, I'm with yoda. Tone down the "OMG HENTAI IS SO GROSS" attitude and relax.

People cosplay from hentai series a lot. Probably more than most congoers realize because they only see a really snappy school uniform, they don't know the source. And let's face it, a lot of hentai series have really great uniform designs. Kind of a shame, innit?
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Lazy Villain
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It's a great way to just say "Hey, I like hentai" without being a creep or inappropriate. The people who get it will get it, the kids who shouldn't get it won't be seeing anything inappropriate. Also, it's a great looking uniform, and when do you need a reason to be well dressed?
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Eau de Decus
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Originally Posted by Mega Miroku View Post
So coming back to my original point, I am a guy..... and I'm a guy admitting I 'Don't get it'.... But I'm trying to.
As a guy to a guy, there's nothing "to get". They want to, so they do. If you gave off the same vibe as you did in this thread, then you came off as very annoying, which is probably why people brush you off when you ask.

People will choose whatever they want for whatever reason. There is no right or wrong way to do that.
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Unread 05-20-2014, 08:14 PM   #12
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It IS possible for girls to be fans of hentai series too. And the media that people are interested in doesn't necessarily say anything about their attitudes in real life (like what Kelley said about Game of Thrones).
Maybe they like the character or maybe they just like the look of the uniform. The subject matter of the particular show might not mean that much to them.
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Unread 05-20-2014, 09:01 PM   #13
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I have not personally seen Bible Black, but some people actually enjoy the story lines of such shows. Since Game of Thrones has been mentioned, lets continue with that show. It can be quite pornographic at times, but some people can tune that out and enjoy the intricate story being told
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Unread 05-20-2014, 10:21 PM   #14
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Well I can kind of see the OP's point. I mean if I think the KKK has cool looking costumes and decide to wear it around I mean just saying I think it looks good wouldn't pass. And I mean if the people cosplaying were just looking for a random school uniform to cosplay in and just so happens to stumble on one that was in a hentai it's probably more believable that they just purely like the costume.

However sounds like they've actually seen it before so I think they know what they're doing. basically what I'm saying is that they are lying they have a penis, or they are lesbians, or they just want attention.
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Unread 05-20-2014, 10:55 PM   #15
Mega Miroku
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Well, to all those who are aware of the content I was referring to. Thank you for your response. I will take what you have said and work to improve my outlook.

To everyone who started their response with "I've never seen/heard of this series, but....." well, I love the internets unerring ability to call someone abrasive/ignorant based on their own ignorance of the topic at hand.
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