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Unread 03-29-2015, 11:49 AM   #1
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Falling in love with a character design but hate show/movie?

So I saw this animated movie last night. I absolutely loved the character design and animation. There were these two characters in it that I really want to cosplay. The design was so unique and beautiful but..... The movie was really bad. Unoriginal and recycled jokes and a stereotypical plot. I didn't like it. But I absolutely loved those two characters.

Would it be ok to cosplay those characters if I didn't like the movie? And have you had any cases where you wanted to cosplay characters but you didn't like the show/movie /game they were from?
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Unread 03-29-2015, 11:58 AM   #2
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If you like the character and their design but not the show/movie, I'd say it's fine.
If you like the design, hate the character, hate the show, it's still fine, just be ready to feel awkward when people gush about how much they loved it.

I did go through the same thing with Judal. I don't really like the series he's from, but I like a couple of the characters. I'm way behind on the manga now, so I have no idea if it got better or not. It's kinda funny when I talk to fans of the series, I mock all the characters and people think it's in character.

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Unread 03-29-2015, 12:43 PM   #3
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Yeah. Some people cosplay from things they dislike, have never seen/read/played, or are just not a super big fan of. It's okay, and if anyone gives you crap for it, they can shove it.

I do really love Roxy's purple dress from Homestuck. I used to love Homestuck, but now I think it's gotten too soap opera-y, ridiculous, and just plain awful. I've been really conflicted on cosplaying her because I also have a resentment for the comic due to losing some friends over it and nearly losing my boyfriend several times due to the fandom. (This happened after I lost interest in the comic.) So if I ever cosplay her, I'm doing it somewhere really far away where my dumb ex-friends won't be.
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Done it a handful of times. Most notably, Sevotharte and Sandalphon from Angel Sanctuary and the Sylphide from Trinity Blood. Wow, both series are AWFUL--at least to me. But they sure do look cool! And I defy anyone to say that the big rush of superfancy Trinity Blood cosplay a handful of years back was based in sincere appreciation of the show.

If somebody wants to talk about the source material with you, it's not hard to shift the topic to how neat the character designs are. You don't have to yell I HATE THE THING YOU LIKE, trust me, there's still plenty of room for a pleasant bit of chitchat.
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I just did a Kikyo (inu yasha) cosplay over the weekend. I actually hate the character but it was a simple easy costume I could do when my original idea fell-through (due to procrastination lol).

I didn't have any issues with people, they took my picture, told me how much they love the character and I just smiled and nodded.
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Unread Yesterday, 10:52 AM   #6
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I'm not really a fan of Adventure Time, but I really love the design of the Flame Princess and I want to do a cosplay of her xD I think I'd be more comfortable doing it in a group though, so if anyone tries to gush about Adventure Time with me, I can re-direct them to my friends who do enjoy the show. lol
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i have a bunch of costumes on my list that i have never even watched/played.
Fate stay night, i really want to go as saber...i have zero interest in the show though. not now, probably not ever. but i will still make her cause her design is amazing. As well as League of Legends. I want to go as Jinx soooo bad, i love her design and character, but i do not have a computer that will allow me to play computer games, nor do i think i will have one any time soon....still gonna cosplay her! XD

people cosplay things for different reason because we are all different people. if people cant accept that they can shove it.

only thing i suggest is get a basic idea of the characters personality, and you will be set for the fan kids XD
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Ooooooo yeah, League of Legends. My boyfriend is a super huge LoL nerd so I've played just long enough to fall in love with Ashe's character design xD Not really a fan of the game, or moreso the community, but he really wants to do a Shaco cosplay and he likes the idea of me cosplaying Ashe, so why not. hehe

Plus now that Worbla comes clear, I am dying to make her ice bow.
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Unread Yesterday, 12:39 PM   #9
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the weapons in that game is a cosplayers dream lol...they are so amazing in design, the detail, the option for lights and other fun additions!....i hope to make Jinx shark bazooka shoot things or at least smoke 8D
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For me, ideally, cosplay is an expression of fandom and love for a character. Thats whats making me pick even difficult costumes, because I so much want to bring the character to life. It would be difficult for me to keep being motivated, if I'm not 100% into it. And I would feel horrible, being surrounded by fans (especially other cosplayers), if I don't like the game/movie/book I'm cosplaying from. I would feel pretentious. And I don't want to give fuel to those who think many female cosplayer aren't really playing the games they cosplay from or are just picking whatever is popular to get more photos taken.

Thats what will forever keep me from cosplaying from LoL. I might only do a pure fanart version of Shyvana one day, but thats because I like that exact fanart and the artist. That feels more seperate for me, than picking an existing skin of her.

But thats just me. And you should do whatever you feel comfortable doing, but you have to keep in mind that not everyone will be happy about hearing that you don't really care or even hate the series/movie/book/game/character you are cosplaying from.
I'm not flawless and I think I would be a bit frosty.
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also keep in mind that for every stuck up jerk who thinks you shouldn't cosplay something you aren't a super fan of, there are 10 more people who appreciate your creative efforts and will be supportive regardless. As long as you're honest and don't pretend to be super into the fandom, the "fake geek" thing shouldn't even be an issue, and if anyone give you a hard time, just ignore them and walk away.

If you love the character, go ahead and do the cosplay, regardless of whether or not you enjoyed the movie. There are no rules about who you can and cannot cosplay, and you shouldn't give a crap about what elitist tools think.
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I don't want to invest all my time and money into a cosplay of something I DON'T like, so generally no, I haven't done characters/series I hated or are not a fan at all of.
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I normally don't do cosplays that I'm not a fan of the series/show/movie, etc. However, I will say that if something just really calls out to me cosplay wise, regardless of if I like the series/show/movie etc. or flat out hate it, then that's the only time I would ever make that an exception.

Here's a perfect example. I've never fully understood what's so great about Vocaloid so I watched a concert with Miku. I personally can't get into the fandom, but I did find at least 3 of her outfits that were just to die for and would love to do if I get the money or chance to do. Not to mention, 1 of Luka Megurine's outfit and 1 of Meiko's outfit as well. What Vocaloid outfits I fell in love with :

Miku Hatsune
Honey & Clover Club (Miku Hatsune) Honey & Clover Club dress 2 - Vocaloid.jpg
Popipo (Miku Hatsune) Popipo outfit 2- Vocaloid.jpg
Romeo & Cinderlla (Miku Hatsune) Romeo & Cinderella dress 1- Vocaloid.jpg

Change Me (Meiko) Change Me dress 1- Vocaloid.png

Luka Megurine
Hard Rock (Luka Megurine) Hard Rock- Vocaloid 3.jpg

I do know that I'll be doing Luka's Hard Rock outfit for Halloween one year. So yeah. People cosplaying characters from the series/shows/movies etc. that they hate or not a fandom of is just as common as someone cosplaying a character from a series/show/movie that they do like
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Unread Yesterday, 04:21 PM   #14
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Nothing's wrong with cosplaying a character because you love their design from something you don't like. But yeah, like Ilafatyu mentioned if somebody who likes said character approaches you fawning over them, it's going to be mad awkward and you won't know how to relate. And as Akiyhrah said, be honest and don't pretend to be a huge fan, you don't want to mislead others. Personally, I think cosplaying a character from an origin you actually care for is what cosplay's all about (what Syon said.) Showing your love! If I wore my Pokémon cosplays around people who are actually into it, I'd feel very out of place.

Well, cosplay what you'd like. Nobody has the right to tell you what you're allowed to cosplay!~
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honestly mawaru penguindrum was SUPER disappointing for me (esp being a HUGE ikuni fan and being a big fan of all the work he's done on sailor moon, utena, and most recently yurikuma.) the whole show felt really wack and had so many ridiculous stupid plot twists that it was really hard to take remotely seriously. but the princess of the crystal has THE BEST OUTFIT. i want to do it so bad, but i can't justify it when i seriously hated the anime lol
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