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How to Style Shihouin Yoruichi's Wig

Tutorial for Yoruichi Wig
By: GoddessofFlash

Since I’ve gotten quite a few messages asking how I styled my Yoruichi wig I decided to make a tutorial for how I went about styling it.

First off here are the materials I used and you will need:

1. Dark Purple Amanda Wig from Cosworx.com
2. Wig head (or something to hold the wig on as you style it)
3. Pins (safety pins, wig pins, anything that will keep the wig anchored to the wig head)
4. Rubber band/ hair band
5. Small black rubber bands (obtainable at any drug or beauty store)
6. A LOT of bobby pins (you can use black, or cosworx sells purple ones)
7. Needle and thread (preferably purple thread to match the wig color)
8. Scissors (preferably hair cutting scissors)
9. Aquanet hairspray
10. a piece of muslin cloth (or any cloth that is close to the color of yoruichi’s wrap on her ponytail)
11. a piece of red ribbon (like gift wrap ribbon)
12. a hair comb
13. curling iron (with a low heat setting)
14. Also, to keep the wig from falling over as you style it, I would suggest filling up a 2 liter soda bottle with water, cutting a hole under the neck of the wig head and placing the wig head onto the soda bottle.

Step 1: Pin the wig onto the wig head on both sides (where the side burns are) and on the back near the bottom of the neck. Find the amount of hair desired in front, remember to pick out enough for her ‘bangs’ and the side flips. Clip these pieces away from the rest and in front so they don’t get in your way.

Step 2: Gather the rest of the hair at the nape of the neck. Make sure it’s smooth and all hair is gathered back into a low pony tail. Carefully use your rubber band/hair band and tie the hair into a low pony tail. Next, take the pony tail in your hand and begin to twist it gently until it’s twisted about half way down the pony tail, then take the twisted pony tail and coil it up wards towards the crown of the wig. So it should look like this.

Step 3: Once you have the height you want on the pony tail. Take your bobby pins and begin pinning the pony tail into place, this may take quite a few bobby pins but make sure they weave through the wefts so it holds. You can also reinforce the pony tail by using a needle and thread to secure the hair to the wig but I just used bobby pins and it has held very well for me.

Step 4: Next you’re going to want to sew the hair comb into the inside of the wig on the front where your forehead is. The purpose of this is that the comb will catch the front part of your hair so that it will prevent the wig from sliding back since the pony tail makes the wig very back heavy. Sew the comb in with the teeth facing the back of the wig using the purple thread so that it won’t be completely visible.

Step 5: Now you’re going to want to cut the long bangs and the side flips. Take about 1 inch to 1 ½ of hair in the front and angle your scissors diagonally and cut from the jaw line and cut downward. Be sure to save the extra hair that you cut off and tie it together with a small back rubber band. Do the same with the opposite side and you should have the bang section done. Next move to the 1inch of hair left behind the bangs, take the hair between your index and middle finger and cut it straight about 2 ½ inches away from the wig. Again, save the excess hair from this and tie it off with the black rubber bands. Next, take the ‘flips’ and snip the tips of the hair slightly to give it a more wispy look instead of a straight unnatural one.

Step 6: Take your curling iron and set it to the lowest setting possible and make sure you use it sparingly and before it heats up too much. Gently use the iron the flip the hair and make sure not to let the iron touch the hair for too long. Once you get the flips to how you want them, use the aquanet hairspray to spray the flips and make sure they stay in place.

Step 7: Take the extra hair that was cut from the bangs and flips and pin it into the pony tail to make it appear fuller. I would suggest pinning it on the sides but you can pin them anywhere you think you need more hair. Next take your piece of muslin or cloth and wrap it around the base of the pony tail. Hot glue the end pieces together and use some bobby pins to keep it in place on the pony tail. Then take the red ribbon and tie it around the cloth into a bow, it should stay just like that and should need nothing to secure it but you can hot glue it to the cloth if you wish.

Once I finished all these steps, THIS is how the wig turned out, and here’s a side view. If you’d like to see more pictures of the wig you can visit my cosplay.com profile.

Well I hope that was at least of some help to all of you. If you have any other questions or if I forgot something send me a PM and I’ll be sure to update this tutorial and answer your questions

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Good tutorial, but I think this should be in the Wigs and Hair section.
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thanks. Yeah, I've never posted anything before so I was having some trouble figuring thigs out ^^" I'll be sure to post in the wig section. Thanks a lot
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a mod can probably move this thread, or, you can repost it in wigs and hair and delete this one.

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