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Unread 09-21-2012, 02:44 AM   #1051
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My mom is really supportive of it and my dad couldn't really care less. Althought they are getting me a compression vest for my birthday this year. My bf gets a little weird sometimes about it, especially cause I like to drape myself all over him when I'm crossplaying lol. And my sister thinks it's a rather hilarious quirk of mine.
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My father does not want to talk about it (but he is interested in my other “normal” cosplays).
My mother is supportive and more open about it.
My brother thinks it’s brave and cool.
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My father knows I've crossed dressed once and he was oddly surprised by it. I'm sort of small chested anyway so it looked alright.

My next cosplay will be Ritsuka from Loveless and my mom is totally on the ball on it. She thinks cosplay in general is pretty cool. But she thinks I make a better girl than I do a boy.

My guy friends find it a little odd that I prefer to be guy characters over females. Oh well.

I'm even getting my former roommate to jump on the ball and be my Soubi for Loveless. I hope it comes out epic. It will be her first time crossdressing.
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My parents (mainly my mom) have more of a problem with my "addiction" to my "silly little cartoons" than they do with whether or not I am dressing up as a boy or a girl when I attend a convention. My parents are divorced and I would visit my mom every summer, there would be a convention usually in the month I was seeing her and she would always ask if I was "going to that silly little cartoon show" or not. It never occurred to her, homophobic as she is, to question the gender of the character I was dressing up as. She just thought it was silly I was dressing up and traveling to the convention grounds on public transit in the first place.
When it comes to my dad, he's always been more laid back and supportive, about my "addiction" and dressing up. Actually my dad is the one who is my photographer really - he's always wanted to be a professional, and so he actually loves it when I dress up (male or female) because he gets to exercise his photography skills. We wind up making a great team that way ^^;
So I guess if my parents have ever been saying to themselves, "oh dear god, our daughter is dressing up as a man, let's worry about her sexuality!" they've certainly never voiced it to me. Mostly they've been as supportive as I can expect them to be, and I'm cool with that.
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