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Unread 07-30-2011, 01:44 PM   #196
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^That's why so many skyscrapers LOVE IT when something like a red tailed hawk or Peregrine falcon decides to nest with them. Unfortunately I don't think I could base an entire skit on pigeon jokes. And the building I'm cosplaying as has no raptors of his own.
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Originally Posted by aquawarrior View Post
First of all what is a masquerade?!?!?!?!? is it those videos where people go up on stage and perform something?
and second, if it is i was thinking of dancing to a song, and im pretty sure it hasnt been done 100 times... but any pointers?
the song is Robo Kiss by W (double u)
please help me asap!
oh yeah, i need to know in about 2 days!!!! waaah! i never really thought of doing a masquerade...
Oh I just read this XDD Dude, I did Robokiss a year ago for Popshock! Do it!!!! You will look awesome XD
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Do consider your range of movement if you're wearing layers.
People with multiple costume changes are amazing to witness, but they can be ruined if you can barely budge at all.
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For walk-ons, face all angles of the stage Front-wise. There is nothing more annoying than only seeing the side of a great cosutme.
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Originally Posted by Gale View Post
I'd be careful with such a blanket statement like that. Sure, dance skits aren't that common, but also how many good dance skits have you seen?

Or perhaps its the wording you used. Do you mean skit as in a scene played out and choreographed like a scene in a play, or as in a sketch comedy style skit?

I'll agree that comedy skits are very common, and not always done well, but not to sound harsh, I have a feeling the quality lies in the creativity and talent of the individuals, and not the medium they choose to present. Not saying they aren't capable of a better performance, but the performers presenting these lame comedy skits (assuming thats what you're talking about) you mention, if they used the same amount of effort, probably wouldn't come up with a much better dance skit. In fact, it would probably be a lot less interesting to watch, since the learning curve with dance tends to be a bit higher than comedy (read: I'd much rather watch a mediocre comedy sketch than a mediocre dance routine).

That said, you do have a point. Comedy is deceptive in how easy it is to pull off. I know someone else mentioned the issue of using inside jokes from among friends or jokes that don't translate if you don't know the series. Creating a skit (no matter what the type) takes a LOT of time and effort and polishing. Be prepared to edit and revise and bounce ideas off of others (either other members of your skit group or not). Then practice, practice, practice. I know I'm even at fault when it comes to this in terms of skits I've done, but finding the time to decide on, and then run through your blocking at least half a dozen times (though more would be a good idea) is an absolute must, no matter what you're doing.
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I want to do a skit someday! Thanks for posting great advice guys.
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Originally Posted by mokulen22 View Post
For walk-ons, face all angles of the stage Front-wise. There is nothing more annoying than only seeing the side of a great cosutme.
I can't tell you how many walk-on entries I've seen where they just walk on past, barely stopping, and I'm sitting there grabbing at the air saying 'nooo, come back! Let us see you!'. I understand that nerves get the better of people and when you're onstage time seems to go slowly, but at least stop in center stage and do a couple of poses!
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For skits - speak slowly - either live or if you're prerecorded. Sound takes time to travel in a large auditorium. We recently saw some skits - a few skits had girls talking with a high squeaky sing sing voiced. I couldn't make out what was being said.
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Hey all, poping in to mention I've written a blog post somewhat related to this topic now. I still can't believe how active you guys are here! I'll probably stick to ghosting mostly still, but keep up the discussion

Here's the article: EffectiveCos: How to Successfully Present an Entertaining Masquerade Skit
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Do put a couple jokes from your series in with your skit, as a little treat to those who have also watched the series.

Don't base your entire skit around jokes from your series, and don't make the punchline something only those who have watched your series will get.

Also, if you're doing a dance, make your movements a bit bigger than you think they have to be. People will be watching you from distance, so think about what would be normal dancing, and go a bit bigger than that. Make sure your moves are nice and precise though, or you'll look like a flailing monkey. If you can practice in front of a mirror that's great, or tape yourself and watch it back. The mirror is best though, because you can see yourself as your dancing and it commits it better to muscle memory.

Also, I'd love to see any examples or videos of good skits. I've never done a skit on stage so it might be nice to see some examples of things you should do.

Obviously no examples of things you shouldn't do, because that's just mean.
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DO brush up on whatever craft your performance is based on. Example: skit? Read stuff on writing scripts and/or comedy. As far as the acting bits (I've yet to see good acting on stage for these things), plenty of local stage actors will be more than happy to give some tips, and university students in theatre *may* actually have the interest to help you out a bit more than that even. For me, I'm just tired of skits relying on a joke I don't get because I either didn't hear it, or it's an inside joke, or it's fanservice which I hate. A scripted joke derived from an uncommon sense of humor doesn't make up for the acting, ever. Of course I believe this rant's been said a hojillion times, so... this goes for singing and dancing too! Practice disney if you must. consult performers of musicals if necessary. Watch a bunch of old musicals if necessary.

DO check to see if your skit is right off the assembly line. If your idea has already been done a grogillion number of times, you should better spend your efforts coming up with something original.
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If doing in-jokes from the series you're cosplaying from, try to choose the jokes that might also be understood more or less by people that aren't fans(unless the series/joke is very well known to the point that non-fans also will probably get jokes from it) As in, not some random phrase/word that only makes sense due to a fandom inside joke (and especially not a joke only making sense to your group of friends!). Meh, I'm bad at explaining. But anyway, try to make most of the jokes the ones that non-fans can find amusing too.
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Wow. I never had any idea that being in a masquerade involved so much! Maybe I'll do a Bioshock skit someday
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Is it a don't to lip sync to a song the way it is, without re-recording it with your own voices, even if they don't mention names or something like that. Is lip syncing to songs just a bad thing?
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It depends on the purpose of the song and its use in your performance. If you're attempting to just "perform" the song as-is, whole or edited to fit your time allowance, as if you were performing a concert as the character, I'd say that's a don't with the exception of someone who IS a rock star/concert performer, e.g. a Vocaloid character or Shuichi from Gravitation. Also possible exception, performing characters from musicals as if they are still in said stage musical. It's a do for these exceptions, but don't if a concert-style faux performance of the character is not at all appropriate for the character. Roxas from Kingdom Hearts should not just get up on stage and pretend to be a rock star for no reason.

But if you're using it for effect, as part of a skit that involves other things (dialogue, monologue, dancing, emcee script, performance art, etc), then it's fine. As long as you can pull it off. The only real "don't" is "don't fail."
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