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DO NOT dance.
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Well, you CAN dance, but only if it's not well known. If you make up your own dance, then go right ahead and preform it (if it actually has something to do with the skit/anime).
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@Faolan: I'm pretty sure I'd choreo a hip hop routine to something, but I have seen way too many failure dances that I wanna punch someone in the face... >.> I understand you.

@Nekovamp13: I agree with this when you say it should be related to the series, like 4 Minutes to Save the World + a cast of... uh... action type heroes...?? yah lol
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Dancing is okay, as long as you remember one important thing - don't bore your audience.

1. Unless you've been taking lessons, dancing around on stage for more than 15 seconds or so without something else happening is not going to be interesting to your audience.

2. "So You Think You Can Dance?" has pretty much proven that you're not going to be as good as you think you are.

3. Most dancing you see in masquerade is lame.
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Be very afraid.
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If you're watching the skits instead of doing one, DO sit alone or at the back if you want to keep your hearing because there will always be people who decided not to read this forum.

Also, DON'T bring your Father. It makes for some awkward moment.
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Originally Posted by *Shiva* View Post
Some examples of good dance skits:
Bleach Dance Skit
Harry Potter Dance Skit

I wanted to do that for AnimeNEXT but wasn't sure if I would be able to do it, so I didn't. I think know I'm gonna try.
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Well, speaking from something that happened to me a few cons ago:
DO make sure everyone involved in your skit is gonna be there. We had a Death Note skit, and Light overslept or something -- anyway, he didn't show up. Which left the rest of us completely skit-less, for Light was the central point of our skit. And that brings me to
DO have a Plan B. Well rehearsed, too. If something might go wrong, assume that it will and be prepared.
And DON'T try to think up your Plan B an hour before the con. You will regret it. If you don't have any solutions to make up for the loss of one of your members, simply DON'T go on stage and save yourself the awkward times.
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Double check your pre-recorded audio.

Nothing sucks more than having an awesome skit, then horrible audio. Make sure to adjust volume and such when needed. And if it's really bad redo the recording. A good idea would be hand off your audio to a friend and see how it sounds when they play it on their computer, CD player or whatever they use. Make sure what everyone is saying is clear and the point gets across.

Have a Plan B for everything

For audio, members of the skit, what to do at some part of the skit that you're unsure of. Everything must have a plan b. This way you guys all know what to do just in case something goes wrong.

Keep Characters In Character

Making a character OOC is easy to do. Keeping them IC is hard. And though we may have some laughs of the OOC stuff you may make a character do like Lelouch running around in a tutu, but people are much more amazed when all characters are kept IC. You don't need to make a character OOC to make it funny. You've laughed while watching the series and everyone is IC... and if you haven't that means it's not a comedy and you really shouldn't be making a comedy skit out of a serious drama. It kills the mood so much.

If You're Gonna Sing Make Sure You Can

Nothing is more annoying to audience ears than god awful singing. There are other ways around this problem. Have someone else sing for you that you know is good and record that audio to use for the skit. There is nothing wrong with that. It saves the audience a headache and everyone will be grateful you did it.

When Recording Be Aware of the Mic

Don't have the mic right to your mouth. The audio gets all fuzzy and it has horrible quality, but also keep in mind not to be too far or the audience won't hear you.

You're an Actor When on Stage so Act!

Make sure you're very expressive. Exaggerated movement is key. People sitting all the way in the back of the room may not be able to see you. This is like theater acting and in theater acting everything is extremely exaggerated so the message gets across. Also make sure your voice has an array of emotion as well. When you're angry sound angry, upset than sound upset and so on. You voice can portray so much emotion and it's so necessary to use everything in your ability to get the feelings across to the audience.

What Are You Doing Standing Around?!

Don't stand around doing nothing. If you're standing in the same position or doing the same thing for 10 seconds than you're doing it for too long. Keep things moving, it keeps the audience going.

Face Your Audience

Never show your back to the audience. It handicaps expression and let's face it, no matter how sexy you think your back is, no one cares about it.

Know Where to Be

Make sure you know and are where you're suppose to be. Be on time. When the coordinators say they will drop you if not on time, they're very serious. When I'm sitting backstage it never fails that there are 2 or 3 people who fail to show up on time and dropped from the act.


You can never plan too much or too early. The more you prepare the more efficient your skit will be. Skits I planned out months before the con compared to last minute skits have turned out much better.

Pauses between lines

I'm not saying lets take a break from talking for 10 seconds. Give a second or two between character lines. That it naturally how conversation flows. So don't line up the audio between the two characters in your editing program right next to each other. And remember if there are places in your skit that you expect people to laugh at than leave more space between lines. Nothing sucks more when you're performing when something important is being said and the audience doesn't hear it from laughing.

Fighting? Dancing? Rehearse Like There's No Tomorrow

Skits that involve a fighting scene and dancing need to be choreographed. If not it looks messy on stage and people are wondering when the next act is coming up. To pull off an amazing fighting or dance skit it takes a lot of time and practice. Also make sure you can do the skit on the stage. Some stages can't take that much weight so heavy fighting skits can't be done. Martial art skits are some of the hardest skits to do, so don't bite more than you can chew.

Be Aware of How you Exit

Don't run off the stage. The con staff isn't gonna shoot you down if you don't get off in 5 seconds. Take your time. The last thing you want to do is perform an awesome skit and run off stage. It kills everything. Plus running off the stage may injure someone.

If It's Popular, Don't Do It

Chances are someone else is doing it as well. I'm talking Hare Hare Yukai, Lucky Star, Caramell Dansen and all that other stuff people love to do on stage. Seeing the same thing over and over again is a bore and people are gonna wish they didn't waste their life at the masquerade. Originality is so important. Do something no one has ever done before. If you're aiming to win an award for performance than you can't do the popular stuff. It's over done and you're getting nowhere with it.

Watch What Others Have Done

You can learn so much by watching what others are doing on the masquerade. You're not limited to what you see at the con either. There are thousands of vids to learn from on YouTube.

And that's all I can think of right now. When I think of more I'll post them.
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I've seen way too many dances. At the Anime South Talent Show (not a masquerade, but close), the winners from the previous year did the Haruhi Dance, then the Lucky Star Dance, then the Thriller Dance. At least they cut Thriller off early (Phoenix Wright shouted "Objection!" before MJ started singing). Unfortunately, the next performers did the Thriller Dance in its entirety.

I've been thinking of doing a Shin Chan skit at Metrocon this year. Since my character is named Action Bastard, Metrocon is probably the only con in my area I can perform it at (they allow PG-13 rated skits). Anyway, I was planning on using voice clips for the dialogue of one character and have everyone else use their own voices. Will using voice clips hurt the performance, even if just one person uses it?
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Originally Posted by liveFF View Post
I've seen way too many dances. At the Anime South Talent Show (not a masquerade, but close), the winners from the previous year did the Haruhi Dance, then the Lucky Star Dance, then the Thriller Dance. At least they cut Thriller off early (Phoenix Wright shouted "Objection!" before MJ started singing). Unfortunately, the next performers did the Thriller Dance in its entirety.
Do you think slow dances have been done to death or does that not kind of not make sense?

I was thinking of a skit/dance with my girlfriend with me as Chrono and her as Sister Rosette from Chrono Crusade and doing a well rehearsed slow dance to the ending theme of the show or would that not be original or not interesting at all?

There's one dance idea I'm really curious to try and it involves me, and preferably 3 other people, all dancing to the Desert Punk opening theme song. Is that kind of idea a "do" or a "don't?" I've only done one skit and it ended up becoming a mess so I wanted to do it right next time if I ever did it. I even have the Punk dance planned out in my head.
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The Hag
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This is a general "Dos and Donts" thread. It is fine to start a new thread to ask specifically what people think of your Desert Punk idea. ^_^
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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
This is a general "Dos and Donts" thread. It is fine to start a new thread to ask specifically what people think of your Desert Punk idea. ^_^
Sorry, I misunderstood.
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Kawaii Kenshin
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Agreeing with the 'be prepared for things to go wrong' sentiment! No matter what happens you need to GO ON WITH YOUR SKIT AS IF NO MISTAKE WAS MADE/NOTHING HAPPENED!

Personal Experience: At AUSA one of our group members fell off the table we were using in our skit. We had practiced with sandbags weghing down the bottom, but had forgotten them at home. The con staff said they'd provide us with some before our skit, but never did. So, the table topples over at one point during the skit while our group member was doing his movements. The audio was pre-recorded so we had to do our timing right. It threw us off a tad bit, but for the most part we managed to carry it off as if it was actually part of the skit. Afterwards, some people didn't even realize it was an accident.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but this is also a reason why it is important to practice on props EXACTLY how they will be on stage.

In addition, DON'T rely on the con staff for any part of your skit.

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DO get someone outside your skit involved in your practice We've had outside help with both of our previous dance numbers, and it helps tremendously. Get the most nitpicky people you know to critique you on your movements and blocking, and all that jazz. Our observer this year has been videotaping most of our practice sessions as well, which allows us to see how we're doing and critique ourselves.

If you ARE going to do something popular, DO set yourself apart. Our Thriller/Lucky Star routine last year was set apart mostly by having a full group of 12. We did our best to make it as high quality as possible otherwise, but the thing is: the more people it has, the better the stage is filled. Numbers are impressive, and it's my belief that's the only way to successfully pull off something popular. It takes a LOT more work to coordinate that many people, and I think that's why it went over a lot better than most skits that use those dances. (to the person who said you can't get performance awards doing something popular: we got Best Group Performance for that)

DO make full use of the stage. It's kinda dull to see everybody sitting in the same 10 square feet. Spread out, use what space you have!

DO practice blocking. Same notes as above.

DO try to match your voice as much as possible to the tone of the original voice actors. Our method is to look up videos on youtube or whatever right before recording and try to actually sound like the character we're voicing. It helps the audience a lot too to have vocal differences; it keeps who's speaking clearer. This in conjunction with strong emoting can make a well-scripted skit amazing.
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Microwave skills +1
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I'm not sure it's been said.
Do practice your skit in your full costume.Just to make sure that your costume, wig or prop can handle all you want it to do during your skit!
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