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As others have said, the VAST majority of lolita just wear it as a fashion. Therefore, we don't wear it all the time. As such there are appropriate and inappropriate times to be wearing the fashion. One of them would probably be a job interview, although that of course would depend on the situation and what job you are interviewing for, but as a rule: Use your common sense.
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Originally Posted by kuko-chan View Post
In a place like Walmart or Zellers, your appearance reflects the company. It would probably be inappropriate to be wearing a fancy dress like that. However, if you would in a place where your customers don't see you on a regular basis, like a graphic design studio, you could probably get away with it. Currently I'm working at a stage production company and while I would be spending a majority of my time in the sewing area, it would still be inappropriate for me to wear a full-blown lolita outfit simply because we're required to wear steel-toe shoes and I'm afraid I don't have any beautiful steel-toe lolita shoes. :P
I'm echoing this. If your job has a dress code, they should tell you what it is-- if you aren't automatically told, ask your supervisor! I imagine lolita in Wal*Mart would not come off as very... cohesive... and would likely not be comfortable given the type of work you're doing.

I work in an office and can wear pretty much whatever I want, but since I'm the secretary I like to look at least a little professional. Typically if I am in the mood I wear a loli skirt or a blouse with other work pieces, not an entire outfit at once, which would be pretty overwhelming and make everyone at my job wonder what's wrong with me. You might be able to do something similar-- a top or some accessories alongside your standard work wear-- depending on what your supervisors feel is appropriate.

It's about using discretion to figure out what will fly and what won't. We do have employees that show up wearing clothes that are outrageously inappropriate for their position-- whether it's a person in a high-up administrative position who dresses like a lumberjack or a stationary stores employee who dresses like she's going clubbing every day-- but people tend to talk behind their backs about their dress sense. Not just with lolita, but whatever you wear, as an employee your clothing reflects the business you're working for. Many places have a particular image they want to project, and it's a good idea to adhere to that.
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I usually just put lolita touches on my accesories. For example, my purse is very normal looking but it has a hand made ribbon on it with a matching cameo brooch. I used it to cover one of the buckles. I usually style my hair with loose curls and straightened bangs with a headband that has some cute things on it (like flowers, an all lace headband). I never wear full lolita attire in public or to job interviews though. They won't take you seriously. Small lolita-like touches on accesories are actually very fashionable and cute. I usually go to the remnant bin in the lace and ribbon section and buy a few cute buttons and things and make accesories that way.
I'll try to post a picture of what I usually do later. :3 Good luck!!!
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