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Raven Effect
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1st time for Project.

So heres the deal. And sorry if I write a lot but I hope a few of you at least stay with me.

I've never cosplayed or crossplayed before. I've never attended a comic con before either so I don't really know what to expect. But for an upcoming college project I am attending the NYCC this year and going undercover as a girl one day to chronicle the differences between attending as a female and as male. So obviously I would like to pass as best as possible. I'll most likely go to a professional salon for hair (I do have extremely long hair, longer than most girls do) and makeup before hand to get that stuff sorted out.

But while I do know quite a bit about comic books mostly marvel and batman and a lot of the pop culture stuff like Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time and stuff like that. But I don't really know anything about much else about anime or video games or anything. But I am open to all suggestions even from characters I may have never heard of before if you think it would be a good choice.

So I guess what I am asking and I am sorry if this might be the wrong place but.

1) Who should I crossplay as? Like I said I have no experience cosplaying besides buying those junky premade halloween costumes that you're lucky if they last one night. I'll be there the whole day so I would like to find something comfortable and easy to wear but at the same time I would like something as feminine as possible to try and blend in as best as I can.

For example I like Belle from Beauty and the Beast as my favorite disney princess. But I think walking around all day in her clunky ball gown would be a bit much. But also her cheaper sexier halloween costume dresses are for the most part really short. So finding that middle ground of floor length ball gowns and overly short skirts and dresses. Maybe something just above the knee if its a skirt or dress.

2) Where could I get a quality costume (preferably something at a reasonable price, I will spend money on this project but I don't want to go broke over it.) that would hold up for the 12 hour day or so?

3) And just generally what should I expect/bring? If I am going in say high heels and a skirt should I pack a bag with more comfortable shoes and sweat pants or leggings to put underneath? Or is it pretty much stay in costume all day even at panels and stuff? The internet and various other sites i've read always stress bringing comfortable shoes and clothes but at the same time looking at pictures everyone seems to be in costume all the time.

4) And finally are there any suggestions about where I should go and what I should do while at the Con? From their website I know there hasn't been a whole lot announced yet but figured things should start being announced soon but maybe you guys knew of other things to do at the event as well.

I'll also include a couple of pictures so you can see what I am working with. Sorry about all the facial hair but I don't really have a whole lot of pictures of myself I am not exactly very photogenic so this project will obviously be way out of my comfort zone but I want to do it right.

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May I suggest if you are looking at belle but don't want to be stuck in her heavy ball gown you try her pink dress (there's something there- or at least I think that's what the song is called ) or her blue peasant dress they would be a lot less heavy. For cosplays you would want to check ebay and etsy you can also find good cosplays on sites such as hello cosplay or other sites of this nature. when it comes to conventions some choose to stay in cosplay the whole day and some don't if you are wearing heels for the whole day and you are not used to heels then flats would be advised and as to casual clothing it depends on who you are cosplaying for example if you are cosplaying as Spock you are less likely to want to change than a Cinderella cosplayer some cosplayers go as far as to make/bring a casual version of their cosplay. I can't give you any help with what there is to do at the con I'm UK based but you'll find lots to do I'm sure
For general tips you might want to check this thread http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=10988 its all about creating false parts (boobs) and curves also if you are looking for a good cosplay this one seems to check out well (sorry if it's not available in the US) https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/2016...lay?ref=market you'd need a hairbow but making fabric bows is easy there are many tutorials online for it. If you want to be convincing if you are showing your legs then shave or wax unsightly body hair isn't really common among female characters. Makeup is key (even if you are having a professional do it ) Eyebrows can change your face composition slightly a softer brow can mean softer eyes there are many tutorials on this contouring helps shape a face a more feminine look can be gained by contouring well there are lots of tutorials on this too youtube is a lifesaver for these sorts of things
Anyway I hope this post may have been of some if any help to you and that your project goes well. Good luck!
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