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Question Schrödinger from hellsing costume help

had a few qts to ask

1. would a kaki military type top work goodor sould i do green?

2. blue pants i can do as well as socks and tie and maybe the white gloves. shoes might be hard

3. ears where can i get some brown ears with a pink ish inner ear at?

4.the band on his left arm has a swastika on it is it ok i f i leave it off or does it have to be on there??

5.also where do i buy fangs at i need slight raise on my cat teeth so i was wondering if anyone had a sugestion. as well where can i get color contacts at?
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I've just cosplayed Schrodinger (best costume I ever did for so many reasons), so I shall help you!

1. Back in the old days when it was just the manga, quite a few people did green, since nobody knew what colour he was really supposed to be. However, since the OVA has come out, it's pretty much agreed that Schro wears some kind of horrible yellow/orange colour, although most people (myself included) go for a light khaki brown colour.

2. Again, since the OVA has come out, Schro's shorts are black, unless you're doing the manga version, in which case they are the same colour as the shirt. If you're doing manga version, the tie has a white pattern on the top, while it's red in the OVA. For socks, I bought ordinary black knee high shorts and used cotton twill tape to put the stripes on. The shoes I used were in fashion a while ago, so I found mine in a charity shop and then just put fabric around the top.

3. I made my own ears using some special 'paper' I found at the craft store (I wish I knew what it was called - it had a really weird texture) and some VERY short fur (one of my pet peeves is people who cosplay Schro and use long fur for the ears - cat ears aren't like that! Other pet peeves include doing the ears too big and at the sides of the head) then sewed them into my wig to avoid having to wear a headband, which I just think looks a bit naff.

4. The swastika is a matter of personal taste - you'd be forgiven for leaving it off. When I did Schro, I made two armbands, one with the swastika and one without. I started off wearing the swastika and told myself I'd take it off the second anyone said anything about it, but the need never arose to wear the armband without the swastika. In fact, I had alot of people compliment me on my courage to wear it. However, this could vary from con to con, so don't listen to my story. I'd rather you be prepared than just go in swastika and offend alot of people and not have a second armband to wear without the swastika. I live in the UK, and I'm assuming you're from the USA since that seems to be where most people on coscom are from, and I dont know how attitudes vary from country to country.

5. I bought the subtle fangs from vampfangs.com, and they are amazing (don't go for the natural fangs, because they just don't look ...natural). A word of advice on that - when you're moulding them to your teeth, the instructions say use a whole capsule per fang, but I find half a capsule works much better. I've also ordered red contacts from vampfangs since they were on sale recently, although I havent recieved them yet since I only ordered them a few days ago, so can't tell you anything else about quality or what they're like.

Anything else you wanna know about Schro or if you need help, get in touch! I love Schro and it was my favourite costume ever, so I'm really happy to help other Schrodingers!

(This is my costume here : http://www.cosplay.com/costume/148360/ Use it for inspiration and feel free to ask if you wanna know how I did anything on it. My costume is a weird mix of the manga and OVA versions, since there are parts about both costumes I like/dislike, so I took the best elements from both versions while leaving out the bits I didnt like.)

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First and foremost, Shrodinger wears the Hitler Youth Uniform, specifically the summer uniform. Which has a tan shirt and black shorts. Check out that first picture in the link I sent, because this is really what Shrodinger's uniform should look like, while the colors are kind of skewed in the OVA, I assure you that he's Hitler Youth. Though the only real digression from the historical uniform on Shrodinger is his socks, as I recall, they're black with a white stripe (I might be thinking manga here), but in terms of color scheme I'd say go with that if you don't want to do white socks. It'll look nicer.

As for the swastika, if you're not comfortable having it, that's fine. People I think will be more than accepting of that. If you're planning on competing the costume, I'd make an arm band with the swastika for that, but you can wear one with a happy face for all anyone cares around the con.

As for teeth and contacts, I'd try vampfangs.com, I've gotten teeth and contacts from them and they're a very nice source. Though I don't know if they'll have contacts that are suitable for Shrodinger. As for teeth, as it's been said, go with the subtle ones, they're really really nice. A friend of mine has them and they'd be perfect for him.
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I did Schroedinger at Otakon. I made my top because I didn't want to have to rip out sleeves to put on the epaulets. I used an army green fabric because it was the closest they had to my reference picture (I did OVA)

His pants are actually black. I went to a thrift store and bought a pair of men's slacks and just hemmed the legs nice and short. For gloves I bought opera gloves and hemmed them to make a cuff, as well. His tie is black with white stripes in the manga and red in the ova :3

His ears are also black (or many people, including me, do it that way). I took craft foam and used part of a Chobits ear tutorial to make a pink inside and hot glued black fur to the top and then sewed them into the mesh of my wig.

The swastica is of course NOT necessary. I made mine go on with Velcro since my arm band was held on with a replica hitler youth pin, and it was easily replaced with the Mugiwara Pirate Jolly Roger, a Smiley Face, or the Dai-Gurren-Dan logo.

Vamp fangs for the teeth. I used blood red contacts for my Schroedinger costume that I had from another and I don't remember which site I got them from, sorry :\
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