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Question Spirit Gum, Eyelash Glue, or Liquid Latex?

I'm trying to decide how to attach fake piercings to my face with a strong adhesive... (I'm cosplaying Pein for the upcoming Animenext, and I go full-out with costumes, so I'm looking for the best substance with which to get those piercings onto my skin.) The thing is, I need for whatever glue-ish stuff I use to 1) hold for long periods of time in relatively hot weather -think New Jersey in June-, and 2) be flexible enough for me to be able to move my face without the piercings coming off at all.

Does anyone know what I should use? Spirit gum, eyelash glue, or liquid latex? Or other? And what are the pros and cons of each?
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Well, of your list, I have only ever used spirit gum.

Pros: It holds. I wore my ear prosthetics for an entire day with only a little bit of spirit gum to hold them on. It was windy, my hair kept catching in them, and my friends kept touching them. In my experience, spirit gum is a wonderful adhesive.

Cons: Application- you have to wait a couple of seconds so the gum becomes tacky to the touch, or whatever you're trying to stick to your face will fall off before it dries.

Removal- I'm sure there's a product for the safe and easy removal of spirit gum. However, being the broke college student that I am, I merely peeled the prosthetics off. It stung a bit, but there was no permanent damage. However, I was washing pointy bits of spirit gum out of my ears for a while.
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One of my friends went as Konan for Hallowe'en and applied her fake laberet (lower lip) piercing with spirit gum. Lots of talking and eating and that thing didn't budge.
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I wouldn't bother considering eyelash glue, myself. It has never been worth my time, even for applying eyelashes.

As far as liquid latex is concerned, you have to consider that it's made to stretch. It is a liquid rubber, and although it can be used in lieu of spirit gum when applying prosthetics, it may not be what you're looking for to apply the fake piercings. I would personally go with the spirit gum, because the residue isn't noticable as it would be with liquid latex, and it's adhesive powers are second to none.

not an adhesive.

It's not
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Ok so I guess I can actually chime in on this one since I cosplay Pein. I personally use Spirit gum. Cinema Secrets to be exact! Its the best I've found on the market so far. It holds fairly well. If you do alot of talking or eating during the con you'll have to re apply for certain areas (Nose and mouth piercings). So ALWAYS carry your spirit gum with you at the con. And make extra piercings while you're at it. You just never know when you might need them.

Hope it helps
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pros-aide if you can find it is so much better than spirit gum in my opinion, it holds just as well if not better, goes on smoother and isnt quite as a hassle. easier to take off too, dont get me wrong it still needs a lot of work to get off, but it melts off with a high proof alcohol like 80 to 90 percent. (medical alcohol) very strong, very easy, just get a small cheap brush to apply it, and then make sure to soak the brush in the alcohol to clean it. but if you cant get your hands on it, spirit gum is the second best option. oh by they way, spirit gum remover sucks, just use the alcohol to clean up
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I appreciate the discussion; this was just the information I was seeking. Now it's off to the costume store to get some spirit gum.
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