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Unread 01-25-2009, 09:17 AM   #1
your chill lady friend
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Making a black shirt white - Possible?

I have a black shirt that I need to turn white for a cosplay. Is it possible to bleach it? If not then are there any other options or do I have to go buy a white shirt?
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TR Rose
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I don't think you're going to have much success.

Bleach has a tendency to turn things strange colors rather than just lightening them. For example, blue things usually turn pink when bleached. Some brown things turn light purple. Since black is such a strange color anyway (it's usually a really, really dark red) I don't think that you'll wind up with white just by bleaching. It might work, or you might wind up with a weird colored shirt instead.

I think you'd be better off to just get a white shirt.
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Go buy a white shirt. When black is bleached it usually turns whatever the true under color of it is, generally brown or red. Even if you do succeed in getting most of the color out bleach is corrosive and will thin out the fabric. I had a friend who tried to dye a pair of shorts whit and they ended up coming apart when she pulled the out of the bleach. It ate through al the threads and some spots in the material
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Unread 01-25-2009, 09:29 AM   #4
your chill lady friend
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Oh, darn. Oh well. Thanks for the advice from both of you, now I know not to bleach stuff for cosplays.
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Pudding Pie
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You can try dylon (or other brands, but I know dylon is fairly easy to get ahold of) dye remover if you desperately want to use that particular shirt, but the stitching will probably remain black and there's no guarantee that the fabric started out white. Bleach, as has already been mentioned, rarely works evenly and goes the base dye colours like purple/blue/red or whatever. It's probably much cheaper and easier just to buy a white shirt unless it is somehow a special shape(?).
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It can be done, it's a little time consuming, but it can be done. Just follow these steps:

1: Find out what material the shirt is made out of. Buy white dye appropriate to the material.

2: Wash the shirt in hot water for the extra dirty cycle. Don't add anything but mild detergent, or half detergent you would normally use.

3: Re-wash shirt alone in hot-hot water, add in 1 cup of unscented bleach.

4: See the funky colors of the shirt as the bleach messes up everything and the base colors come out. Re-wash with 1 cup bleach.

5: Follow the directions on the dye and dye the shirt. Double the soaking time, or overnight, to let the dye set in completely.

6: Re-wash the shirt in hot water only. No detergent, no dye, nothing.

7: Look at how messed up the shirt is because the dye didn't take in some places. Get frustrated.

8: Cry yourself to sleep worried that you'll never get the costume done in time.

9: Re-dye the fabric one more time in the vain hopes that it'll work this time.

10: Break down in a fit of hystarics and drive to 17 different stores trying to find a white version of the shirt.

11: On the way home, come up with a REALLY AWESOME costume idea that would look great and all you'd need is a black shirt... like the one... aw krap!

12: Repeat step 8. Ben & Jerrys is your friend now.

Or, you could just get the white shirt to begin with, but where's the fun in that?
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