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final list of regular panels pt 1

I'm sorry I don't have times yet.

Program and Panel Descriptions

Accessories---Thomas Atkinson, Angelique Trouvere
The finishing touches such as footwear, headpieces, jewelry, etc. that can make or break your costume.

An Intro to Historical Costuming for Movie Costumers---Maggie Masetti
Have you ever wondered why movie costume designers make the design choices that they do? Have you ever wondered where they get their inspiration from? Have you wanted to try making a historical costume but don't know where to begin, or what resources are available? This panel will discuss all this and more!

Anime vs. Science Fiction/Fantasy Costuming---Dani Cox, Darlene Wilson
An open discussion of what an average SF/F or Costume Con attendee might experience at an Anime con. There is a huge difference in how costume competitions are run and how costuming is perceived. Panelists share their experiences.

Basic Presentation Design Workshop/Demo---Rae Bradbury-Enslin, Kevin Roche
Learn how to move on stage and create simple but effective presentations. Audience members are invited to get up and try things out.

Beadwork Demo (2 Hrs)---Denise Girardeau, Alanna Whitestar
A demo of various loom and off-loom beading techniques such as peyote, fringe, brick and others as time allows.

Birth of a Simplicity Pattern---Andrea Schewe
Andrea Schewe will show you, using a Power Point slide show, how she works and designs in her home studio and what happens to her designs after she delivers them to Simplicity’s production department. This is your chance to find out everything it takes to get all that information and tissue stuffed into the tiny pattern envelope. AND, your chance to ask questions about anything concerning the commercial pattern industry.

Building a Costume Wardrobe---Kevin Roche
Creating a collection of costume pieces that can be mixed and matched and assembled into different costumes.

Color Theory---Gypsy Ames
This class will focus on the use of color as one of the basic elements of design. Topics covered will include vocabulary, emotional and physical response to color, and principles for use of color to create costumes.

Costume Design---Anne Davenport, Angelique Trouvere
Creating a design that will bring your character to life for the stage or the halls.

Costuming from Nature---Laurel Cunningham Hill, Carol Salemi
How to use natural items such as leaves, flowers, branches, vines, stones, shells, and even animal bones as costume elements, architecture, embellishment, and decoration. We’ll examine techniques for selecting and using natural items as part of a costume presentation. Also discussed will be tips for preserving their appearance and changing them subtly to suit your needs, enabling the costumer to make use of easily found items in creative, and perhaps not so obvious ways.

Costumer Retrospectives ---Lisa Ashton and Carol Salemi

Creating Audio with a PC---Betsy Marks Delaney, Kevin Roche
Simple audio editing and mixing using your PC for your masquerade presentation.

Developing a Usable Pattern from Historical or Media References (2 Hrs)---Dina Flockhart
An overview from picture to pattern - how to analyze historical and media references, find additional sources and determining fabric characteristics from draping, color and sheen. We'll look at basic shapes for parts of a garment and how to recognize and adapt the pieces you need. We will also examine women's bodices and men's coats or jackets and shaping with seams versus darts. Finally, we'll cover adapting and fitting those historical pattern pieces in books.

Documentation and Research---Carolyn Kayta Barrows, Rob Himmelsbach
Panelists discuss finding sources for both historic and science fiction/fantasy costume, what are good sources and what are not, how to be thorough without “snowing” the judges, and why documentation is necessary for recreations.
Dolls Costuming---Ann Catelli
Dolls present challenges in costuming from their stylized shapes to fabric's being too stiff and awkward. Learn some of the tricks and techniques.

Effective Use of Humor Costume Presentations---Bruce Mai, Pierre Pettinger
Video clips demonstrating how to “sell” one’s costume with humor. Examples cover the most common themes.

Evolution of Costume Design in Commercial Costume Patterns---Andrea Schewe
Come and see Andrea’s large collection of costume patterns from all companies ranging back to the 1910’s including a Butterick catalog from the 1890’s. Andrea will discuss how the fashions in historic, fantasy and Halloween costumes have changed over time and how the pattern companies try to keep up with the new trends.

Program and Panel Descriptions
Fabric Embellishments---Jacqueline M. Ward
Add pizazz to your fabric. Learn a variety of techniques like applique, furrowing, rusching and couching.

Faux for Less---Laurel Cunningham-Hill, Angelique Trouvere
Create the illusion of metal, jewels, wood, leather, stone and other materials with inexpensive, easy to find alternatives. Demonstrations on how to create, polish, antique finish, and apply to your costume or prop. There will be samples of raw materials and finished pieces to handle and experiment with.

Featherwork Demo---Carol Salemi
How to use and manipulate feathers.

Furbelows and Fripperies: Women's Costume of the 18th Century (2 Hrs)---Loren Dearborn, Kendra Van Cleave, Jenny-Rose White
Are you interested in 18th century costume but not sure where to start? Or are you experienced in the era but are ready to take your costumes to the next level? Three historical costumers will share their love of the period, discussing dress styles and underpinnings, as well as advice on hats, hair, makeup, and shoes to complete the picture.

Great Costume Animes---Aurora Celeste
Want to watch some good anime, but don't know how to find something good? Looking for costume inspiration? Every once in a while do you value artistic value over substance? From old favorites to the new craze, in this panel we will explore some anime shows that look great. We'll also explore great costumey works in areas related to anime like manga and jpop/rock. Come and find something to drool over!

Hall Costuming---Ann Davenport, Jeannette Holloman, Deborah Sears
Wearability, Walkability, Washability: the practical elements of a hall costume. Recognizability, media vs. original vs. historical vs. generic SF/fantasy: what to wear in the halls.

Hats and Headpieces---Jeannette Holloman, Mary Alice Ladd, Judy Mitchell
Learn how to design and create a fantastic “topper” to compliment your costume

Historical Corseting---Dina Flockhart
This is an overview or survey of how the "ideal" female silhouette has changed over time and some of the corresponding changes to shape and construction of the undergarments used to help achieve that shape. I'll mix in a little political and social history. Bring your examples of historical and modern corsets and see where they fit in!

History of Sewing Patterns---Michelle Lee
A show and tell of historical sewing patterns starting with the scaled patterns in Godey's magazine, to the Harper's bazaar magazine inserts of the 1890's, to the patterns from the turn of the century by Butterick, May Manton. Discussion will include the patent that the McCall pattern company had on printed patterns and some of the defunct companies such as Pictorial Review, Spadea and Modes Royale.

Hot Glue and other Adhesives---Diane Kovalcin, Sue Toker
A demonstration of hot glue and it’s uses, followed by a discussion of other adhesives.

Introduction to Cosplay---Becky Derwent, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Schram
A history of cosplay, and an introduction to the subculture of the anime convention. Basics of “how to” cosplay and some of the bizarre and creative techniques cosplayers have used to transform themselves into their favorite characters will be covered.

Introduction to Quilting---Diane Kovalcin
Discussion and demonstrations of the tools and basic quilting techniques (including fabric choices and simple blocks) needed to get you started. This is mostly for the beginner quilter or someone interested in new ways of creating designs.

Kids Costuming---Betsy Marks Delaney, Diane Kovalcin
Children love dressing up, but to costume for them requires some special considerations. Learn how to design for kids, tips on what works and will keep you sane for presentations.

Life Casting Demonstration (3 Hrs)---Raven
How to make a cast of a body part such as face, ears etc. will be demonstrated. The body part cast is to be determined and more than one may be done depending on time.

Making Synthetic Dreads---Ann Hamilton
Demonstration of techniques for creating synthetic dreadlocks that can be temporarily attached by use of elastic ties in either a fall form or ponytails. Perfect for cosplay, anime costuming, steampunk, and any other fun thing you can think of.

Masquerade of Champions video (2Hrs)---Pierre Pettinger, Bruce Mai

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wow now how will i choose 0_o
theyre so many one i would liek to go ==_==

can't choose hehe^^;;
hope not all same time hehe!
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