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Unread 06-01-2009, 07:18 AM   #1
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Smile blue quadsuit help!

http://www.freewebs.com/xxwolfsrainx...ain%20pick.jpg im hopeing to make this as a quadsuit (fur suit that walks on all 4s) but i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make it.....
the only bits im realy hvaing trouble planning is the head and how to extend the front legs.... but tips on the rest of the costume would be helpfull...

any tips would be great...... thanks all......
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I have a prostetic head I can give you tips on from when I did some filming. But on walking your front legs won't be the problem it will be your back legs which all I can say is try to keep your knees close to your chest.
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any help at all would be fantastic
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Well how I made the prostetic dog head I had was very hard indeed. When I made it I actually used my pet wolf's head for the job. I had him put to sleep medically I did'nt kill him or anything. Now what you will need to do this professionaly is adhesive tape,plaster, plaster bandages, sculpty clay and a lot of studio grade latex and mold remover. What I did after the dog was asleep was I taped the eyes so that they were closed during the mold process and inserted soft tubing into the nasal cavity so that he could still breathe of course.Now for the molding. First I put noxema on the skin after I shaved him unfortunatly (don't want plaster sticking to fur) and I covered the ears and the top of the head with a bald cap to protect the ears. After all this I started by pouring the plaster onto the head, then wetting the bandages and putting them on top of the plaster I sped up the drying process using a blow dryer on the low setting after the mold dried quickly which is good b/c you don't want your dogs head stuck in that thing I very slowly removed the mold in two parts using a dremel with the sanding tip on (do not use the cutting blade) the sanding tip looks like a pencil end and would be much safer. This is called your negative mold. Now that the dog is out of the mold you can work much safer. I used red clay for the next process but I've heard of people using sculpty or plaster to do this, I took my red clay and I pushed it in all the places of the negative mold first then filled in the mold with the rest of the clay so that the front and back of what I cut away comes together. Next now that you have a Positive and Negative Mold you can finally make the latex head. how you do this is you start by putting mold release agent on both the inside of the negative and on the outside of the positive, then on the inside of the negative mold put your prostetic latex in it only enough to cover it then put your positive mold back into the negative to make a form. After the latex has set you will want to remove only one of the castings preferably the clay one leaving the latex attached to the inside of the plaster one. Now you can add a few more layers to te inside to give it fullness or not at all and only have one layer of latex but you would only be able to have it for one use. Next you can take both of the latex halves and put them on yourself together using spirit gum adhesive. Now you can add color, fur or whatever you like to the head and wear it with the rest of the dog suit. I was crazy enough to do this for my wolf cosplay for the Twlight Zelda Cosplay I did but I would'nt ever do it again.
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I want some fancy sauce
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Paragraphs plz.

For my Wolf Link, I basically got a big slap of foam, cut out a profile few of his head and began to carve down it down, it would be nice and round. Then, I carved all the details, like eyesbrows, cheeks.etc I than attached the head directly on a bicycle helmet and made the neck piece out of foam.

When I wear the costume, I look out of two holes in the neck, rather than through the mouth. This makes for accuracy, since wolves have longer necks than humans. You can see how I did it in this video I made awhile back.

For the legs, just use PVC pipes. I know some people make them out of carboard tubing as well. Be sure that the PVC pipes run up your arm, at least below your elbow. I made mine stop at my wrists and I regret it, lol.

If you can be more specific on questions, than I'd be glad to help.
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Howdy rwylin,

There are a lot of different ways to do the head - most accurately you want to somehow extend the neck. For most of us that means having the head of the character sit on top of your head. I know maybe people have used a bicycle helmet as a base to put the head on and that's a good start. And foam is your friend - it's light and you can bump into things with out damaging your costume :P

I didn't end up using a bicycle helmet but I had a hole cut out of my character's head that I put my head into - like a hat with straps. I had used insulation foam so just carved the shape right into it. I saw out of the neck just below the jaw and I had great vision in mine. I also had a moving mouth built into mine - I had elastics that held the mouth "shut" and used a strap that was connected to my harness to make it talk.
I have a video that i posted that you can see the head progress if it helps

As for stilts, again lots of ways to do them - most people use the pvp pipe to extend your arms. For my quad I ended up using wooden stilts because I wanted there to get a hinge joint for the "knee" of the front leg so I ended up making something more similar to an arm crutch/brace. I had the wooden post with the hinge and two straps that held my forarm in the costume and a handle for my hand. It works out pretty well for me and i didn't have as much of the stiff front leg look that happens to a lot of the quad costumes.

Make sure that what ever you choose it's the right height for your "hind" legs so there is no strain on your back. Your back will thank you :P

I used a duct tape dummy to plan the pattern of my costume - i put the clothes on it that ended up with the foam attached to it so it was easy to shape the foam. And it made it soo helpful and very quick to make the pattern for the fur with some cheap scrap material when you can work off a dummy and pin it right to it

If you go over to youtube you can see a lot of progress videos of different quad suits and see how other people did things - it's very helpful
Tiger just before he got finished http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-iL5RVfLwk
Tiger when he was "finished" lol still needs some work though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJUXJ2FFIF8
Beetlecat's Targ (not a wolf but soo cool :P) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyLkRCXjMyY
Koisnake already posted her guy :P

Hope that helps
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Best way is to do it with seeing under the head while it's atop the head, or through the jaw, like some have done. If you do it another means or have the head just stick atop yours, the necks generally come out too long and look weird in comparison to the body. - It works well if you pad the body well enough - and make it thicker and longer this way. - Like Beetlecat did with her targ. - http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.ph...highlight=targ

PVC pipe, wood slabs, and carboard are all ways to extend the front arms.
I've seen pvc and cardboard work the best.
- http://www.cosplay.com/costume/52999/ [ cardboard ]
- http://www.cosplay.com/costume/5536/ [ pvc ]

And here's a thread with basic links for head / feet / etc help - http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.ph...ghlight=mascot
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Le SaVy
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hey there, i am actually working on a quadsuit at the moment of blue, if you need any help still message me =)
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