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Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP

Official website

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valkyria_Chronicles_2]Wikipedia article

It's 1937. An anti-Darcsen movement gained ground 2 years after the events of VC1. Calling themselves the "Gallian Revolutionaries", they start a Civil War in the South Eastern part of Gallia. The Duchy Of Gillia, still weaken from the war with the Empire, fail to quell the uprising with their Militias. Having no choice, Gallia inserted their Officers Cadets into the field....

Games Concept :- School Life + War

Game will focus around how the officer cadet's life gets turn around when they thrust into the battlefield.

The school will act as a mission briefing room where the player choose to select missions before proceeding with one.
After a mission is complete, Player will return to the school. Such the the way the player will proceed with the game.


The producer made this PSP release knowing the charm of VC1.

The new work will featured a upgraded version of the popular BLiTZ battle system.

The growth system will be better since the player will be able to customize their characters.

An Adhoc mode is included to allow room for new ways to play the game.

Producer wants the player to know that they are serious about this game being a true sequel

This game is not just a spin off and the fact that this is on a handheld does not mean the game has been downgraded.

The number of mission has increased from the previous title. And the number of units accessible for growth is vast.

They are still making use of the CANVAS system, but they tried to work it into a manageable level that can be handled by a hand-held.

Time will be shown passing in the game by the way the students are dressed for the seasons, events happening and how the Pool is.


I am very excited that we are actually getting something VC related so soon!

The character design is a little off. I'm not liking the designs for the protagonist and that Valkyria. Also, shifting from a war setting to a school setting makes me feel that it's straying from its European WWII influence to a cliche Japanese anime influence. But that aside, this may turn out the be my next favorite PSP game yet. After all, from what I read it's using an improved BLiTZ system. And even though it's shifting to a cliche Japanese anime style, the story may just have the potential to be as good as VC1 in a different way. And finally, I hope the music is just as great as VC1. Please come back Hitoshi Sakimoto!
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It's devolved.

It's like comparing Hart's War to Hogan's Heroes. It's OURAN HIGH HOST CHRONICLES. They even dress like it.

Nein. Nein. Nein.

They should bring RAITA back on, and rip off the storyline and characters from Kelly's Heroes*. Now that would be a good game.

*A movie from old hollywood, featuring Clint Eastwood and Donald Sutherland as opportunistic GIs who set out to rob a bank behind German lines but wind up breaking the back of the German occupation of France in the process.

I'll buy it and play it and incorporate it into my AMVs but... somehow I think the target audience that really bought this game was satisfied with the tone of the last game and trying to appeal to a younger audience may be counterproductive.
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I'm with GothicLargo on this. Though, I, too, will buy it and play it just to see if any of the main characters make any cameo appearances.

(Kelly's Heroes is one of my favorite movies. I still have an original VHS copy.)
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