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Unread 04-16-2005, 12:15 AM   #31
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(edit: never mind, was misunderstood anyway)

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CienDragon: When I went to Kunicon in Miami Beach, I saw cosplayers from more than anime or manga. I saw a Blade and a Neo walking around together so I don't believe cosplay pertains to just the Japanese world. I think the term will most likely only be used by those who are interested in anime, but that doesn't mean they won't "cosplay" non-anime characters now and then. ^_^ It's like the term "otaku" it literally means "fan" but only those into Japanese art would refer to themselves as such, because it's a term you learn through it. It's an anime fan thing, we have different words for things. ~_^

But back on the topic: crossplay-dressing as the opposite sex. (Ex. man dresses as woman, woman dresses as man.) there, short and simple. I crossplay as Duo Maxwell, a male character. I prefer crossplay cause it presents a challenge to me to not look overly girly, heh. ^_^
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Originally Posted by Shania_Nowhere
CienDragon: When I went to Kunicon in Miami Beach, I saw cosplayers from more than anime or manga. I saw a Blade and a Neo walking around together so I don't believe cosplay pertains to just the Japanese world. I think the term will most likely only be used by those who are interested in anime, but that doesn't mean they won't "cosplay" non-anime characters now and then.
That's what I meant though I mean the term is more prevelent in the anime/gaming/etc. costume community. I'm not saying that people don't dress up in non-anime costumes, just that if they do that primarily then a lot of them refer to themselves as costumers instead of cosplayers. It's the terminology I was disagreeing with...not whether or not people do it. I merely meant to expand the term costumer, to include those who costume non-anime characters since that is what many of them refer to themselves as.

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Talking Neuter ?

Hi Belmont...did you have to use that wor "NEUTER"....OUCH ! I love to cross play, because it is so much fun, and besides.......I just LOVE to get people talking and guessing....LMCLAO I have been married for 30 years, but when Halloween comes around (Or other times not mentioning) I try to be Fem..from a Pregnant woman, to Britney "SPORES", to a French Maid, or "BALLET" Parking....LOL Lets all have fun and enjoy life. It is much tooo short to worry about what other think. It is us and our own feelings we have to deal with..not the Narrow Minded ones.

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Originally Posted by CienDragon
the term only exists in the anime/gaming/etc. costume community.
The first time I heard about cosplay was when I stumbled upon a Star Wars cosplay forum. I can't remember much about it, but I'm fairly sure I heard the term 'cosplay' there, as the term was familiar to me before I became interested in anime cosplaying.
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Originally Posted by CienDragon
Since I only recently became very interested in Anime(and consequently cosplay), but previously made and wore non-Anime costumes(Sci Fi, Fantasy, etc) I would disagree slightly with your definitions...

In my experience, cosplay refers specifically to Anime, Manga, Video Game, and Japanese culture(J-rock, J-pop, etc) costumes. I never heard the term before joining my university's anime club and attending my first anime-only convention. Costumer can also refer to someone who wears a non-Cosplay(as previously defined) costume. Just a thought from my limited experience.
Then yes, your experience is indeed limited.

I know Star Wars cosplayers, Harry Potter cosplayers, Lord of the Rings cosplayers, Matrix cosplayers, etc..., and yes a whole lot of them call themselves "Star Wars cosplayers", etc. It's often the "older generations" and those who are not very familiar with Japanese-source-influenced background who use the term "costumer" for both the maker and the wearer, because that's what people used in the West before the term "cosplay" existed and was imported from Japan. (And I mean the term "cosplay", not cosplaying itself. I myself have been attending cons and wearing Anime-based costumes at cons since before the term "cosplay" existed.)

In Japan, anyone wearing a costume from any non-Anime-etc. source (ie: Star Wars, Harry Potter, et al) is called a "cosplayer". The word "cosplay" comes from Japan (coined by Nov Takahashi in '84), but it is not exclusive to the wearing of Anime-etc. costumes.

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(message deleted to avoid continuing off-topic tangent)

(Edited again: since I can't completely erase this discussion and my words are in other's quotes, I probably should clarify)

I wanted to expand the definition of costumer more than limit the definition of cosplay. Even though I'm hardly the "older generations", I still hear/read costumer widely used to refer to the wearer as well as the maker.

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well I crossplayed a Transformer in which rumors had it that he is gay or a female in disguised. :shock: So that makes me a mix of things doesn't it.
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ive been crossplaying for almost 2 years now i havent had any problems in it

but my most crossplay costume as a guys is the

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Ok so then as a Deity potraying a Dragon potraying a Cat potraying a human who is male who crossdresses who likes women then i am..... confused?
Ok yall i think we got the terms but lets not make this complicated.
If a male is cosplaying a crossdresser then its normal cosplay
If a transgender is cosplaying a crossdresser then i think the cosplayer can do an accurate way of potraying the character
If the pond in Ranma was real i want a plane ticket.
So what have we learned
Never judge thats up to the Deitys of the relm to do for they are not human and genderless and only they can slap their hands on their heads and go "damn use the KISS method people."
now i have seen where Crossplay is a way us using a cross for non-religious purposes so then there is proof that the defintion of a word can be different from person to person.
Larper: (noun) someone who plays larp
Actor: (noun) someone who professionaly becomes someone else for the purposes of entertainment.
So if i was Lum to do it accurately i would be an Acting Cosplayer who is Crossdressing as an female anime character which is crossplay with acting
But lets face it if i actually did a Lum costume and pulled it off to where people thought i was a girl cosplaying as Lum i would also tack on the term
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now my brain hurts ill go back to sleep now....*curls up in a ball and goes to sleep*
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I got a question though, I'm doing Vash the Stampede, but in a more female version, would that still be considered Crossplay? I always wondered this o.O
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The trend of doing "Femme" versions of male characters has become quite popular recently - this does not mean a woman wearing the standard costume of the male character, but a woman wearing an altered costume which is more feminine. I've seen several Femme Vash outfits which have a miniskirt/dress version of his coat. Similarly for Femme Alucard. It's been made extra popular by Naruto cosplay, because people started to cosplay "Sexy no Jutsu" naruto, IE. naruto in female form, and then started making up "Sexy no Jutsu" versions of other characters, adapting their normal outfits into female versions (usually with bikini tops, pigtails and miniskirts) based on the Naruto original. It's an interesting question whether or not this is crossplay, since it's a woman dressing as a female version of a male character.
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Originally Posted by Hakaider
In the past, some people are confused as to what the differences are between a transexual, transvestite and a crossplayer.

I hope these definitions would also help clear up some confusions.

Here are the definitions as defined by Psychologists:

Herotosexual-"Straight" or one who prefers the opposite gender.

Homosexual-"Gay", "Lesbian" or one who prefers the same gender.

Bisexual-One who prefers both sexes.

Transvestite-One who wears clothes of the opposite gender as a fetish.

Transexual- One who is mentally female but male physically or male mentally and female physically.

Note: Transexuals are not homosexuals because they see themselves as the same gender of their gender psychologically and mentally. To Transexuals, they are not crossdressing but are wearing what is normal attire for the specific gender. They see themselves as herotosexuals.

Hermaphrodites-Who has the same physical characteristics (Including genitals) of both male and female. Hermaphrodites and Transexuals are often lumped into the same category.

Note: Psychologists do not have crossplay or cosplay in their official vocabulary.
Just wanted to add one to this

Bi-Gender: a person who considers themselves to be both male and female mentally, despite body type. (AKA: two-spirit)
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I have a question that's been bugging me for a while...what if you don't prefer either sex at all? What if you are simply unattracted? Is there even a word for that? Probably, Platonic, but I'm not sure...:/

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Unread 09-17-2006, 05:49 PM   #45
wanker? yes, please...
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trombone, i could be wrong but wouldn't it be...
asexual or nonsexual, platonic would be related to the "type of interaction you have with other people.."

where asexual, non-sexual would relate to your affiliation or lack of affiliation with a specific sexual identity, kind of like homosexual or heterosexual. (who you like)

but as related to crossplay, it sounda like you are talking more about a gender identity, either male or female, and not identifying with either one, so then it would be "androgenous" or androgyn which would be not identifying with the male or the female "gender" but with both or neither at the same time...

i dont know, i could be full of crap...
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