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Unread 02-03-2010, 06:57 PM   #46
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My worste experience was... awful x.x; I tried to dye an ultra-long wig brown, but the spray bottle had a bit of a previous mix left, but, unexperienced as I was, I thought it wouldn't matter any... so, when I dyeyd it became an ugly green color x.x; then I put some alcohol on it to wash it off but it still woulnd't come all off and left a bit of green on it x.x! then I got frustrated and just left because I was going on a trip, but! I forgot to put it back inside (since I was doing it in the backyard) and... the sun burned some parts of it x.x; yes, it was my fault for being careless and forgetting to put it back inside, I could've just dyed it another color but now it's ruined x.x; I haven't had the heart to throw it out, since it might still be fixed (though I might have to cut it or maybe it's just hopeless) but, I felt so angry and frustrated that I haven't even bothered to look at it again x.x;
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my amu wig.. i bought a super long pink wig.. the bangs were SUPER thin and they stuck straight out from my forehead... the wig was super shiney, and so i decided it would b easy to style myself without knowing anything about wigs... it came out horrible but i still wore it to sakuracon XD i know there r pics of me online but i am so happy there isnt that many llol
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My kikyou wig that i bought when i was 11-12 8|. my frist cosplay i ever did and it was shit B|
The wig was awesome at the time, I bought it at a thrift store(value village) during halloween cause it was a halloween costume at the time and i think it was 7 bucks, i dont quite remember. And at the time i didnt care much about handling wigs so i just threw it in a bag. when i used it for my lust(FMA) cosplay, i couldnt untangle it 8|. and even to this day i still cant tangle it. Its sytnethic so washing it isnt going to do especially a value village wig and i cant comb it out to make it all straight and what not, the back is all wavy so its not perfectly straight like it use to be. It made me sad and i was angry at myself for how stupid i was to be so carless over a wig D:
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The second wig I ever styled. The first wig was simply cutting bangs into the wig, which, despite my terror, was easy enough. The second was a Sasuke wig. I didn't know wig heads were considerably smaller than human heads, and the wig was for my boyfriend (who has a large head...XD). So I styled it, and it looked pretty good on...until he put it on his head and you could see the mesh and everything. Gah, it was awful and I felt pretty bad since I told him I could do it. It turned out okay, though, since he bought a black wig-cap to hide the mesh. ^^"
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My experience isn't as bad as some of the ones I read here, but here it is anyway! I wanted to cosplay Misa (not just Hot Topic clothes, an actual outfit. You may of seen it-it's a pink shirt, and she's holding this neat heart thing in the picture. Anyway, yeah, I adored that picture/outfit so I decided to give Misa a try.) So I went searching for a good wig for hours, and found one that looked super nice on cosplaywig.. It was a really nice butterscotch to blond color, had a nice length and bangs and everything. So I dug up all the money I had laying around to order that sucker. ... When it came I just sort of stared at it in shock. Almost like.. It was my first time ordering from them, and I'd always heard excellent reviews for cosplywig, and read some before ordering. What I got was a horrible, ugly yellow, yellow (almost a tacky yellow/gold, I guess) and the bangs were weird and wavy. The netting shows through on the back and on the sides - I was too scared to try and fix it. Though I did.. It ended up being a little better, but I haven't used it or touched it since then. (Obviously I didn't get around to making that outfit..) I still have it, it's kind of there for emergency I guess. My friend might wear it with her Namine dress for an upcoming minicon, instead of having brown hair like she wore it last. But it's pretty much just sitting there. I don't even have it on a wig head, it's just carefully laid out in my cosplay drawer..

Anyway, I bought my Luka wig from cosplaywig and it's awesome-sauce. Netting shows through a teeny bit, but it's no big deal. I think I may of just recieved a dud or something. I ordered a pre-styled Vanille wig from there as well, though.. Let's just say I'm incredibly nervous to see the back of it..

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Oh god...my Chibiusa/Black Lady wig. =_= I bought an Innocent wig from Amphigory and tried it on and it fit just fine. I moved the placement of the pigtails and stubbed it, and made the two odangos and everything, but when I tried on the stubbed wig it didn't fit at all. My hair shows in the back and on the front, and at the ears. I was so upset. ;__; That was last Christmas, so it's been sitting in the back of my closet for over a year now. I hope someday I can find a use for it. ;______;
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Unread 02-08-2010, 11:05 PM   #52
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Hmmm, I'd say my Sanzo wig--or lack-there-of is one of them. It's was a cheep ass 99 cent wig that someone bought for me and then when the time came to wear it, she didn't even style it for me and she wouldn't let me style it myself so I looked like the gayest Sanzo ever.
The only consolation, is that I'm never doing him again, so I don't have to worry about buying a new wig and styling it--properly.

The other one is my Midna wig--technically. The wig itself came out perfect.... It's those ridiculous flippin' side pieces that sit outside her hood that being a bitch.

Who The Eff decided that was a good idea to give to her? Seriously.

The only possible way to make the sides match her hair is to use the same hair and glue it to something--painting is out of the question since it's hard as hell to match the wig (at least the one I got) So I had to buy ANOTHER wig--the same exact one (since the place I got the first from didn't sell individual wefts) and I've been systematically and very slowly applying the wefts (CUT OUT OF THE WIG ITSELF) to foam and it's the most annoying and irritating experience with a wig I've had so far.... -_-

My fingers are completely platered in glue......
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A friend just purchased a $60 twintail wig from solgoo only to receive a wig that fits poorly with an abnormally small wig-net and is not the wig pictured, but instead a regular long wig put into ponytails with a random section in the back hacked off to cover. It's alright from the front but is unsightly from behind. It arrived in a plastic bag, inside out with both ponytails snarled.

She could have purchased a higher-quality long blonde wig locally for less than the price at solgoo and we could have put it into loose ponytails ourselves with a better haircut in the back to boot. But the one shown on solgoo appeared to be a more polished twintail.

We are not happy >.<

Still debating whether to try and make it work or just chop the wig in two and make bunces for a new shorter base wig.
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Unread 09-18-2010, 05:25 PM   #54
And whom might you be?
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I have three, dunno which is worst, you decide

1. It was my second time [officaly] cosplaying, and im a serious procrastinaitor. I was being Lavi from D.Gray-man and I wanted to have his hair up, and it was my first time styling (briliant, I know). We bought this pretty wig off cosworx, and I did pretty well straigtening it. My mum and I bought a few Got2B products as well, but... I failed. REALLY bad. It had four uneven spikes in odd orders, and i cut it all wrong. (my favorite part in spite of everything, is the fact I got to hang the wig from the chandilier in my kitchen for a week XD and carried it around while I was using a lemonaid pitcher [which i hadnt bothered getting rid of the lemonaid before using it] with a ballone tyed to it as a wig stand XD)

2. Lavi wig part 2- I decied to buy another wig after that mess, one from ebay. Note to self: Never trust an ebay seller. I found an amazing wig, which was CLEARLY styled in the picture. I got my dad to pay for it (out of my sister's account, mind you), $80. I didnt let him see it, it looked so unlike what i orderd. Sure it was fine, but I could have styled it by myself with MY skills! Dont trust a seller.

3. Random wig I bought just to wear. Never, EVER buy a wig thats long just to wear. EVER. I got it, and it was super cheap (20 bucks, free shipping). And it lasted three days. EVERYONE wore it, and I was too much of a pushover to say 'no'. Not letting a living soul touch my wigs again. Except briana, becouse shes my bestfriend and a cosplayer, and only for costume swaps.
Gah, work? NEVER. Wake me up when the wig arrives.
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Unread 09-19-2010, 03:54 AM   #55
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My Lenne wig. It was the very first wig I ever bought and it came from the dreaded eBay. >__< It looked NOTHING as pictured and it had these horrible, ugly, fake looking bangs that weren't in the photo. It was made out of these disgustingly rough fibers that felt like badly bleached hair and it tangled very easily. The wig was so bad that I decided to use hair extensions instead of that embarrassingly bad thing. Four years later, I still regret ever buying that thing.
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Rider wig. 50 inches. That right there is murder. It hasn't been so nice and tidy since May, even with all my detangling. But I'm getting it closer!
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Unread 11-05-2010, 08:21 PM   #57
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This was about a year and a half ago,
I ordered a wig from Cosplay wig. I never received it D: What makes it worse, is that Cosplay wig it supposed to be a great seller D:
wigs lost in the mail....is not cool
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Unread 11-05-2010, 09:17 PM   #58
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Hmmm... it was a year and a half ago, I ordered a Miku wig from ebay, when it arrived i almost had a heart attack! It kind of scared me since its my second wig D: The color didn't look like the picture at all, its dark green, not teal like the picture. the fiber was ok, its a bit rough. Also it gets tangle very easily. And the ponytails are very thick. Cost approximately $60. I guess it wasn't that bad, but the wig color is just...urg!!
8 or 9 months after that, thank god i got a new wig. It was $65 but its worth it!
sadly the Miku wigs nowadays are cheaper and better -_-
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Unread 11-11-2010, 09:32 PM   #59
based minto
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This year, actually XD It was the week before the con and I still didn't have a wig, so I was getting desperate. No time to order one online, not skilled enough to make one. When my mom took my brother to the Halloween store for his costume, I saw a "perfect" wig, according to the picture on the package. It looked really good from the picture, so I took it out and looked at it, and woo-hoo! It was 100% kanakelon fibers, a rare find in a Halloween store. Without a second glance, I threw it in the package and paid for it; $30. This was the biggest mistake ever. When I tried it on with my wig cap, the wig was so thin you could see the cap and the fibers were wearing thin as well. It looked flat, didn't feel like real hair, and the back was bumpy and misshapen (even when I wasn't wearing it.). It kept slipping off my head. I pretty much wasted $30 on a wig that was crap, and I could have spent the same amount on a good wig. GAH.

Lesson learned: Even though a wig is made from good fibers, it doesn't mean the person that made it was good.

I will NEVER make that mistake again >____<
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Unread 11-11-2010, 09:46 PM   #60
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I started jumping around a bunch during a karaoke event, and my wig fell off, revealing the pantyhose wig cap underneath. I didn't notice Mello was wearing pantyhose on his head for a good ten minutes. The wig wasn't a good one in the first place, though, so it was probably an improvement.

Use an actual wig cap, people, and safety pin it to the wig so you don't look like me. :x

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