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Unread 11-11-2010, 11:39 PM   #61
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I had a few failventures with my Kiryu wig~ :C

When I first placed an order, I ordered a short silver one that didn't get to me until a couple of weeks after I expected. Then it arrived in all its pretty glory, but was too short for the character D: So. I fumbled over to another website and was like HAY YO IMMA GONNA SAVE MONEY BY JUST GETTING EXTENSIONS AND SEWING THEM IN YEAAAHH. Ordered them, and after a month, they hadn't arrived. So I sent an email saying basically "whats going on??", no response. Another month. Gave them a call... Nothing 8| Another week, another call. FINALLY they respond and I am just like "refund. Now 8|" And they were very polite and helpful and LUCKILY I got my moneys back 8D; So then I ordered a new wig entirely, this time a more accurate silver/blue one (on a fun note, right after I ordered the second one the character made a random reappearance and had grown his hair out super duper long... :T) BUT THEN i got that one, and fell in love. 8D Everything was fine until the weekend of the con. I had the wig on that Thursday, and that Friday after settling into the hotel, realized it was missing. D: Searched all around and finally just realized that it was lost... Sad day. I wore the original too-short wig, and finally FACED FACTS and placed an order for another one. I went to the same seller, and found the same wig, and placed the SAME ORDER :T Got the wig, looked in the bag, was happy! Yay! But I didn't even bother trying it on like I normally do because, like I said, when I got the SAME WIG from the SAME SELLER a few months earlier, it was perfect! So I didn't realize anything was wrong until I got to the next con and tried to put the wig on... 8| It was so thin. Like. Party City wig, thin. It was awful and I deemed it unwearable, and again, had to wear the short silver one 8| Sigh. AND SO, long story short, I've pretty much given up on trying to match the characters hair lololo

(...holyyyy crap that was long orz ;; )
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Unread 11-12-2010, 12:37 AM   #62
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Earlier this year, I bought a Punky for Nidaime(here) thinking it would be optimal for his hairstyle...it wasn't. When I was done with that wig it looked like as it were hit by lightning the hair was here, there, everywhere. I KNEW I should have gotten a New Punk or very similar wig but Cosworx didn't carry those anymore. Blegh.
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Originally Posted by MK_Toxic View Post
I'd say my worst one was the fiiiirstt time I styled a wig. and I had to pick Axel. wtf, me. it was a good quality wig i'd gotten from amphigory, so it wasn't a problem of quality. two hours later I called myself done. aaanndd it was a scraggly, horrible looking mess. >__<;
wore it for halloween (thank god i was staying at the house for halloween...) and promptly washed the styling out a week later to try again. five hours later and the second attempt went muuuchh better.
Here, have some before and after.

The terrible before. what was I thinking. >_<
and now the much better after. c:

The lesson for that? DON'T RUSH WITH WIGS. Take your time. Take breaks. Open a window. hahahah.

The scariest one I think was my Reno wig, which was my second wig styling job. I got a Punky XL and knew I had to cut and style it, and was TERRIFIED I was going to mess it up. D:
There was so much wig hair on my dining room table. hahaha. I think I got lucky with that one.
Nearly eight hours of cutting, layering, tapering, and spiking later and we have this:

And on:

Hard work. It pays off. <3333
hey MK_Toxic.... were did you buy your axel wig? i need one!!
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Unread 11-24-2012, 12:50 AM   #65
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Party. City...

When I first decided to get into cosplay I chose casual Canada as my crossplay. I knew I would have to get a wig, and even though I was going to pay for everything my father REFUSED to let me use his credit card to order a wig online. My mom doesn't have a credit card so she took me to Party city (over an hour away, bless her >.<) to look for a wig that would work. I found one that was similar but it was of HORRIBLE quality. I bought it anyway. Half because I wanted to cosplay, half just to spite my father XD

It was too light, and waaaay too shiny. I ended up using a creme bronzer, getting it warm between my fingers, and lightly dabbing it over individual sections of the wig. After some color was on it, I'd smooth it out over and over again. Letting the natural heat and oils in my hands spread it. Since the amount of color was not exact I accidently gave the wig realistic highlights and lowlights and the creme bronzer took that fake hair shine away completely! I made the ahoge with wire, gel, and super glue, and got complement after complement on my wig. I still have the wig 3 years later and it looks just as good now if I style it.

I'm a freak though, my best wig is a $1 ebay wig, my second best is that party city wig, random fodder wigs, and my absolute worst wig is an ARDA wig! lol. seriously, if it weren't for the hassle that Canada wig put me through I would have answered with that Arda... I WILL find a way to make that wig presentable!!!
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The first time I wore a wig - I wore it for 10 hours at Ohayocon. I had a hairpin that felt a little funny in the front but figured it was part of wearing a wig. Well - when I took off the wig - a big chunk of hair came with it. The hair had broken off at the scalp where the hairpin was rubbing - about a dime sized spot right along my hairline in front. It took about 2 months before any hair started to grow back. I had to get my bangs cut differently to try to hide it while it grew back in.
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I've had many bad experiences with wigs from local stores, because even if you sew two of them together they're going to look horrible. But I'll never forget my first cosplay wig. I bought the cheapest (34$), best-looking, longest wig I thought would be perfect for Rapunzel. And, of course, I had the crazy idea of make the big braid style. When it finally arrived, it looked so thin but nice. I decided to sew some wefts, but I didn't realized that it was getting more and more tangled. Then, it was a mess. I tried to brush it, but I couldn't, so I got angry and threw it away from me. Later than day, I tried again, with no results. So I looked for help and remembered that you can straight wigs with hot water. After that, I combed again. But it was a little, just a little, wet. It took me a month to detangle it and now it has frizzy tips. I'm never going to buy again a wig form Ebay (I know some people had luck, but not me and that counts).
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Unread 11-26-2012, 11:28 AM   #68
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I bought a wig to cosplay Rainbow Dash for halloween - my first wig - and when it came in the mail I was ecstatic. But then I tried it on. It was so BIG! It made my head look tiny, and the only way to fix that was to wear goggles. I had planned on wearing the goggles anyway, but they ended up making the wig sit funny, and then it started to ITCH. So bad. And after another hour of itching, it just started to hurt. By the end of the night, I had these horrible red abrasions all around where the wig sat, and they stayed there for days D:
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Worst wig experience (so far) was when I bought a blond wig for my Annabeth Chase cosplay. My friend had told me about a costume shop in town that was supposed to have really great stuff. A lot of theatrical companies would rent costumes and wigs from them. So I printed a reference picture of what I was looking for and took it with me to see if they had anything tat would match.

Well, this was one of my first cosplays, and the first that I'd made anything for or had to buy a wig for. I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know about the different fibers and density and all that. I just took my reference to the wig desk and hoped for the best.

It could have been a lot worse, I suppose. The people at the shop were very friendly, and the wigs they sold weren't as horrible as they could be. They were definitely better than the wigs you get at most halloween stores. They had some really good looking specialty wigs that would have been great for plays and such. But their more basic wigs are still horribly shiny. On top of that, the only curly blond wig they had that wasn't an awful Farrah Fawcett 80's wig was defective. One of the front curls was smooshed beyond belief. Because it was messed up, they gave it to me at a discount, which was very nice of them. I thought that maybe one of my cosplaying friends could do something with it to make it decent, but I was wrong.

I still have the wig somewhere. Compared to my current wigs, it makes me cringe. I can't believe I ever let that thing on my head. But it was a good starting point. Now I know what to look for and I learned a lot from it.
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Unread 11-28-2012, 07:02 PM   #70
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I brought a Wavy Black Chocolate wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs few months ago...lets just say it didn't look nothing like in the pictures.
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Unread 11-29-2012, 10:18 AM   #71
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I got a halloween wig and tried coloring it with sharpie back in my cosplay newbie days...red got everywhere! D:
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My 2005 cosplay year has the most Poor quality wigs I've ever worked with that wasn't el chepo halowwen wigs.

My Satella one could not be saved after 1 days use even with it tied in the back!

My Tsunade wig was just poor quality in general. Bot with where $40 plus shipping and taxes as I bought them from Canadian sellers. >_< the both where trashed taking them home. >_<

My most frustrating experience was Jacks braid for styling.

When I first started him 2 years ago Arda long clip one where so insanely dense that I was ruining them trying braid/take out weft to sew. I ruin 3 of them before getting the 4th one right. Thankfully I was able to Savage 2 of them for short wefts on to other projects. They also made the long clip one less dense before I I don't have the same issue working with them now.

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I bought a wig for Legretta from tales of the abyss and it came but it looked like it was just a floppy ponytail. Also, it was the worse smelling thing ever. I don't know what the person did to it to make it smell bad. I tried to fix it but I have never done anything with wigs let alone just my hair. All I do to my hair is brush it. Anyways, you can guess the result. lol I tossed it out. Even if I did manage to do it, I would probably do the toss it anyways since it smelt so bad. Me and my sisters always joke about it now and refer it as the stinky wig.
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This sound great! I really want to get it.
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