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Prop making Help: Large rifle

I am pretty much a noob at making props. I have only made Yuna/Rikku thief blades and the top of yuna's default summoner staff, but nothing gun like.

I am planning a Lebreau Final Fantasy XIII cosplay and I am looking to make her rifle but I have no clue how or were to start. I figured I would make the base shape out of foam core board since it is a basic squarish shape but yeah beyond that no clue. here is what it looks like. If anyone knows what they are doing and can suggest anything it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! ^.^

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Unread 11-04-2009, 01:26 PM   #2
need more costumes! D:<
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You could potentially make it out of insulation foam. Here's a tutorial on the material:

That would make it light-weight and durable if you cover it in a coat of bondo before painting
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Unread 11-05-2009, 11:13 PM   #3
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I made my 4' sniper rifle out of trash. ^_^ Literally. The stock was carved from insulation foam, and the rest of it is a melange of toilet plumbing parts, can tabs, dowel rods, measuring cups, random bits from the hardware store... there's a partial materials list on the page with the picture.

The key to making a realistic-looking weapon is to find objects that look like the shapes you're trying to replicate (such as a bubble wand for a gunsight, or a plastic coat hook for a trigger) and assemble them together. You don't have to make it all one material or all one piece. Given the shape of the gun you're trying to make, I'd cut the basic form out of insulation foam as CanisPanthera suggested, but then cover it with pieces of wood, plastic, scavenged bits, etc. to give it a more realistic finish.

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I know of a pretty good Halo forum that has alot of Replica gun props.

@AVAAntares, Your Hawkeye rifle looks pretty damn sweet.
I think I am inspired to make a rifle toting character
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need more costumes! D:<
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In my opinion, I don't even think it needs a coating of wood or plastic really, to look realistic. If the gun had wood incorporated in the design, I'd say it would be good to use actual wood. But for something like this, I think it could be covered with a layer/layers of bondo evenly. This will keep it durable and paintable, and from there it's just a matter of using a the right paints to make it look realistic. Or if you wanted a really strong alternative, fiberglass it. Not saying that AVAAntares' method wouldn't work, but it may be more than you need for the finished project.
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I made a Gurren Lagann sniper rifle a couple of months ago, and I agree with AVAAntares XD I made my rifle out of bits of PVC pipe, soda bottles, styrofoam, and wooden dowels, plus random plastic pieces. It's a lot easier than trying to carve pieces from wood or even foam by hand to try and look like the pieces from the rifle!
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