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Doubling up or stacking wigs?

Has anyone heard of/done this? At a recent con I ran into another Zelos cosplayer who had the most beautiful, thick wig. She said that she had actually used two wigs to get the fullness, but I never had the chance for more explanation than that. I thought maybe she had just added more wefts to the underside of it, but someone else told me that it was possible to stack wigs to get the volume.

Any info?
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If you look in this thread about an Axel wig, someone is making a tutorial about thickening, styling, and lace fronting their wig so i guess the thickening parts what your looking for.

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AnneGwiish did a totrial about her Axel wigs with sewing to Punkys together.

I've done it myself and unstitched weft out of one wig and sewed them into another.

In theory you could stake the back of two wig together but all the extra lace and ribbon elastic you make the wig size smaller as well.

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You can mount an entire wig on top of another to create sort of a beehive (or a fake ponytail), but I don't think that's what she meant. She probably just ripped the wefts off of another wig and sewed them into the base wig.

That being said, unless you need a very specific color, or unless you want to alter the overall shape of the wig, it's usually easier to just buy a good, thick wig to begin with; and if that's still not thick enough, buy a few packs of wefted extensions (or loose extensions that you weft yourself), and sew those into the base wig. You'll get a lot more fiber for your money when you buy extensions, as opposed to a wig that you harvest for wefts.
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I did this with my Shikari wig; the one I got from CosplayWig was very tight on my head (I have a lot of hair to stuff in there) and as a result the netting was showing in the back, so I bought two identical wigs, cut the second into wefts, split the main one down the center back and then hand-sewed the wefts into the gaps to create more room and extra coverage.

Normally I would just get extensions, but with a very specific and unusual colour (which this was) taking apart a second wig was my only choice.
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Likewise, I make my Yami Yugi wigs thick enough by adding the wefts from a second wig into the base wig - in his case, adding the wefts from a black wig into a base pink wig. Usually when people say they used two wigs, that's what they mean - they cannibalize one wig by taking it entirely apart and using the pre-sewn wefts to thicken out their base wig.

It isn't cheaper than buying extensions and sewing them in, but it does get you a crapton of volume in one go and it's a lot less painful, particularly if you have to get longer extensions (over 24") and create the sew-in wefts yourself. Sometimes I'm just that lazy that I'd rather drop another $30 for a wig, because of the yield of volume I get from it compared to having to make my own wefts.
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