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Dr. Stein - soul eater

Ok, so I'm trying to put together a dr. stein cosplay and I'm running into a bunch of minor problems really.

The stitching- the "patchwork" stitches that are all over the lab coat and the shirt, i'm not sure exactly how to go at this so it doesn't take an eternity to put on the stitches, and also so the stitches stick out and look right. I've heard of using ribbon and elastic, but what other things could I use?

The shirt- I was considuring just taking a black/dark t-shirt and then sewing the grey-ish color onto it where it is needed, though I'm running into a problem with the collar on this idea, I'm also considuring the reverse and getting a grey-ish turtleneck and editing from there (though i think i would prefur to go with my first idea). so for the first idea, any tips out there on how to add a collar and make it look kinda natural? Or should I go at the shirt an entirely different way?

The Bolt- I've asked around and one person said that they sewed the bolt into the wig to keep it in place, unfortunately i plan on using the wig for several cosplays if I can. So any tips on how to go at the bolt? I also wanted to see if i could make it so when it turns, it clicks, and I'm pretty set on that part actually. What I'm really having and issue with is how to keep it on my head, with the wig, and still be able to turn it without it moving around too much. I did have the idea to put it on a beadband (that would most likely match the color of the wig)- so if anyone thinks this would be a good idea to try or not please say so.

Ref pics:

stitching- http://i586.photobucket.com/albums/s...tein--ref2.jpg
Bolt- http://i586.photobucket.com/albums/s...ankenStein.jpg
Shirt- http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x...ter/stein8.jpg
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heres my two cents X3 (it may or may not be any good =P)

for the stitching I agree with the ribbon idea that you've heard about
just sew on some good ribbon onto a reuglar labcoat. if you dont want to go that way you could possibly use yarn and hand sew it in (?? never heard of that, it just kind of... made sense to me?? lol)and maybe for the arms of the shirt, since they're meant to look sewn onto his arms, just use thin black tape (or something like it that sticks =P). The stitches will more than likely be time-consuming one way or another since theres so many of them...

hmm I'd definatel modify a good black shirt and just add on the gray. For the neck part of it you could use the gray fabric from the center of the shirt, but double it and sew the end parts at the bottom right below the collar of the black shirt you started with to kind of make your own turtleneck, but it isn't so bulky. I dont even think that sounds logical DX I don't make much sense, sorry!

the bolt:
use the arrow in the head techinique!
heres a tutorial:
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here is what i did when i did stein.
shirt- two shit method. i had to hand sew the pieces together though. to make the stitch marks take some black yarn and just loop around the seem in the shit. you can do the same thing with the coat with the yarn for the stitch marks.

bolt- arrow head technique is what works. i used some foam board for the bolt end paper towel roll for the shaft and hooked it onto one of those things you use to hold hair back.

if you need more help or pics of what i did just message me. i'd be more then happy to help.
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Thanks for all the help guys!! I think I know how I'm going to go at it, THANK YOU~~

(and don't worry maneki neko, I get what you're trying to say! ^.^)
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