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Post World-Con

*yawnyawn* got home, slept, still tired. But, Thought this would be fun for those who didn't get to go... Kind of a con-report.

Friday brought the arrival of Wold Con.
The Big One.
AKA 'GlitterCon' Because all of the costumes were Huge and involved blinding amounts of sparkle. We felt very underdressed, despite the re-assurance several times, that all of our costumes in the fashion show were of World Con quality. (that felt good...)

The story behind GlitterCon for all of you who wren't involved, is that while CNA, AN and TT have a 30-50$ weekend fee, Glittercon is about... 300$. Just for the privilege of attending.

Yeah. Poor University students don't get to go to things like GlitterCon. So people, because they love us, negotiated so that if we wanted, we could participate in their Masq. for 50$. Given as how it was after CNA, end of summer, end of costume-season ect. Most of us couldn't even afford that.

So, there was The Fashion Show. Which gave us previous winners the chance to wear old award winning costumes, FOR FREE!

No glory and ovation for winning an award (*cough* Kaijugal, Sarcasm-hime!! *cough*) but the chance to have our costumes seen by an international community.

Due to Lack of Models, we only got to wear One, and there was no time to Change, so there were a lot of costumes that didn't get worn :/
Although I was invited to bring Two, and had told Sarcasm I'd wear her Windy costume, I ended up in Kijin.
But I'm jumping ahead of myself by a day.

I'll go back to Saturday. (because Friday is missing in my memory--ohwait. It was spent sewing in Xio's apartment so we'd have something to wear for Saturday...)

Gord, being AN's "official Con Pervert"tm ;) had invited a whole slew of us costumers to attend the After Con Parties.
Numerous people said they'd go. I think Xio and I were the only ones who Did.
But Hey. It was Free. And by Free, I mean... I got three books free and a Tolkien calendar... Free alcohol, free candy/dinner. ect.
We went to the Ad Astra party, a literary con that we've never been to, but will have to storm next year, since all the people who put together AN, TT and CNA also do Ad Astra, and I Like Books :)

Also, they're famous for their parties.

It was packed, but being small, Xio and I managed to squeeze in. Also, we were cute, and Gord wasn't kidding when he said Sci-fi/con geeks feel privileged just to be able to be in the same room as cute girls......... it's really scary when stuff like that is REAL...

So, we made it into the room, and were planning to go get air, when we thought we should first say Hello to the people who invited us. So we waved and were received with a "yay! You Made it!!" and were promptly Adopted/Chaperoned for the night. ^_^
Which was good, because just after the initial crowd thinned, World Con Space-Cowgirl-Security came over and tried to throw us out, because we didn't have the 300$ pass.

Again, Gord to the Rescue.

He informed her that we were HIS guests and since He was a guest of Honour we were allowed to be there. She left after mentioning we had good friends in high places, or something like that. Later, the announcement was made that *anyone* who was there, and didn't have a badge/pass, was either Staff of the Party, or a Guest. Heh. Kaijugal also said she would say that, and since it was HER room, and Her Party, they could just go away.

So, then the Pimping began. In a perfectly legal non-creepy way of course. We were introduced to people. And went around to Room Party to Room Party. We went to the Costumer Room, run by Kaijugal, and hung out there and were introduced as 'Up and Coming Costumers'. Which is funny, because it's a point of bitterness...

Story Time.
Once upon a time, there were a group of "slightly older then average" costumers. They were good. They won stuff, and made it to Artisan in two years after starting, and one year after competing in Masqs. There were also other costumers. We'll refer to the first group as FotA to save people from the details...(and also.. we're just bitter at the politics and someone will we call GlitterBitch from this point on.)

So, At TT this year, when Invitations to World Con were being given. FotA were asked to be in the Fashion Show. They agreed, because... dude. WORLD CON!
One of them, later then found out that SMA got invited to worldcon as well, and I think WUSS/Jrock-tatchi did as well, or they emailed after. Either way. Yay. Great. We're all young and cute, and people love us... yay!!

So, being a FotA and all envious and feeling slightly unfairly shafted, and having a few friends, I--I mean, 'one of them'--got an email address and a refrence from one of the master costumers, and asked if it was possible that said invitation could be extended to Other Parties. Mini resume of past volunteer experience (panels, stage-ninjaing and costume experience/awards was included. Not in resume form or anything, but just quick to say I wasn't some Yahoo off the street.)
It was all Queen's Uni-trained diplomatic and cheerful. And also before she got the unflattering nick-name and Hate from the rest of us.
The Reply?

Not only Me, but also my Contact-friend, getting freeked out upon by the Glitter Bitch, with angry emails on my half, and berating and god knows what else for said contact. I think she kept the details to a minimum when she told me what happened...
So, the emailer, representative of FotA, got a bit cranky. And she IS known for being cranky at times...

Basically, to wrap the story up with no happy ending : No Special Treatment for them.

And By special treatment we mean, getting to do Panels, and getting costumes displayed for all to see (amusingness on this, later...) FotA are often Volunteers at said events, doing things like Stage Ninjaing, and Panels to pay for their passes if they can't afford it... but that's just the bitterness speaking, because no one seems to care about THAT...

And just for an example of how fuckiing unfair it all was, even the people VOLUNTEERING had to PAY TO VOLUNTEER.
Yes. And then, they were only allowed in the area where they were volunteering... When we asked about doing panels and helping out, we were told we would have to pay for that. So.. no luck there, as with TT this year, where I learned to love doing panels.

Ghost, the cool guy from Stillvisions's TT Con report who begged us to be in the Masq. Had to Pay... to Keep the Tech-support and lighting from quitting. He PAID TO VOLUNTEER.... and was not allowed anywhere except Green Room and the Masq...

So yeah. You can imagine hearing other people get in for Free when people like Ghost and the Masq. Staff have to pay is bit unfair and makes one a bit bitter and feel unspecial and unloved. -something Kaijugal and Gord and everyone tried their best to combat afterwards... and really, they did. We love you guys. Gord, you're really really nice ^_^

So, backround there, Xio and I were introduced to people, as Up and Coming Costumers Kind of amusing, in a "we're bastards and think it's funny." kind of way.

It's also funny, because GlitterBitch has been all Laurel-leaf extending in encouraging the 'Young Crowd' to come out, but doesn't seem to remember us at all, no matter how many times we seem to show up and hang around and are introduced. I've been to TT twice now, introduced/talked to her about four times, and each time, It's like I'm new and stupid about how costuming works.
Not like we actually want to get to know her now or anything, so no loss there. Yes, those of you who read Kevin's Con Report from TT last year might recognize her as the "just ADD GLITTER!!" lady. heh. Yeah. There was no respect there.

Kaijugal proceded to grin at us and then brought us around to other people. Head of the Internation Costumer Guild, people in the SCA, that sort of thing. We had drinks, and chattingness, and then we dragged Gord back to the Ad Astra party where we met people from TT we'd met and dragged out to dinner. Cute Harry Potter Look Alike Paul, his Might-be-girlfriend-but-we're-not-sure Alana, (except I'm pretty sure if he and Alana aren't dating, he has a thing for Xio... :P) and Stillvisions who takes photos of us and volunteers a lot, and who knows Louise and I from first year at Queen's, when we ran amuk around the halls of Residence all dressed up as Death and Dream... *cough*

THEN, there was the Japan 2007 Bid party. Oh Japan. How we love you, and your pop-culture...
We got cute little wallet Calendars (sorry Hellsing... Gackt lives in my wallet, even if he's a year out of date..>.>;; ) free manga, Free Sake and Plum Wine (yum!!), free rice things the most adorable Sakura shaped Sugar candies...... XD!!

Over the course of the night, Kaijugal and some people had been wearing cute little bandanas that were from the Japan Bid party. I hoped those were also free, but alas they weren't. We were Sad, but it was Ok.
We had our photos taken, because we were dressed up Gothic Lolita... (and not the crappy kind...) and the japanese love cute girls in costumes or something... ^_^

We were about to leave with Gord and Fred (a friend of Gord, and high-up important and really nice person!) when *someone* bought us Pre-Membership to World Con 2007!!

That was such a surprise, and probably the nicest thing that happened to us. It made us feel special and loved, (You know, as opposed to stupid GB and her "They're more special then You" attitude...) AND the membership meant we got Cute little bandanas!! Mine has Mt.Fuji on it, and Sakura petals XD (it's all about the man-eating sakura trees...) Oh, and also if they win the Bid (think Olypmics....) we get a reduced membership rate. ie. Not 300$!! So yeah. We felt special and loved after that, and you know, like people cared if we were around. It was a nice way to finish the night and a nice way to pre-start Worldcon.
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Of course, since Xio and I had been averaging going to bed at 7 or 8am, and getting up in the evening around 6pm, we didn't fall asleep until about 2 hours before we had to get up to go to GlitterCon's fitting and rehersals for the fashion show...

So, we Finally got to GlitterCon's main event for us. I dragged Kijin with me, and Xio brought Kurikara and Merry.

We met Kia and she was cute, and there were other people there as well, such as Oselle and Jon (poor Jon..lhahaha) and Sarcasm Hime who hugged me the night before, and Kaijugal.

We chatted with people, picked our costumes. (funfun >.<, since apaprently my chest is too large to fit Windy, and I ended up in my own costume, because the girl who was going to wear MY costume and then was going to wear Windy, had to pull out because she was a performer for something else and there woudln't be enough time to change costumes)

So, after all that, we socialized, oogled and were blinded by GLITTER, and suited up. The Masq was televised in two places in the green room and we got to watch most of it.
Some of the costumes were easily on par with our own, and there were costumes I knew mine were better then, and there were things that just blew us away. Like... Wow. I think someone needs to show a tape of it at AN... show them what a real costume contest is like.... I'm not kidding at how impressive these costumes were.

I was MOST imprssed mostly with the Crazy ice Men "Winter is Coming" from George R.R.Martin's books. They were just... wow. And they had a prop. that inspired me to get into trouble at future cons.
It was a really good experience in all honesty. I learnt a LOT of stuff just by hanging around the costumes, and chatting with some of the older costume ladies. if nothing else, that makes up for everything and all the angst. And there was other stuff, so it's all good.

The only bad thing about GlitterCon, was that I was about to crash.
And by Crash, I mean, hitting rock bottom. I lost all and any dignity I had by getting lost on stage (the stage was THAT big.....) and being over-tired, dizzy from lack of sleep (3 hours of sleep in over 24 hours of EXCITEMENT...) lack of food, and sick from the food I had eaten (mmm. tastes like dirt!!) and from all of the people and all of the excitement, as well as posturing and trying to be NICE to people I didn't want to be nice to (Glitter bitch... ) trying to see everything and not fall asleep or pass out from dizziness...

Jon, for everyone's amusement got to wear the Blue Pecock outfit as part of the 4 people costume group of other pecocks. Kia who hung around with us was the girl version. She looked good, but it's just funny cause Jon is my housemate, and has unflattering photos of me he refuses to take down off the wall. Revenge is nice.

So, the whole day was spent faking being nice to people, despite feeling sick and being exhausted.

And then there were the photos. God... I love having people taking my photo when I'm dressed up and cute.. but over an hour of posing while feeling like crap, took it's toll. I got a great photo out of it, but... wow. I hated everyone with a camera by the end of the night.

So if I glared or snapped, or yelled or said anything to you or not to you,but you overheard, Qualify it with the fact that I was trying not to pass out and throw up :P

It all ended, and I literally crashed. it might be partially the depression thing that kicked in too, but I got downright mean, and poor paul and Jon were trying to make me feel better. Paul doesn't know me well, and wasn't sure when to back off, but I managed to get away when everyone went to watch the award ceremony and curled up on some chairs with my kimono for a blanket, and just slept for a few hours.

So, my Apologies to Kaijugal and Sarcasm. You guys were so nice and great. I love you. Congradulations on your awards.

Sarcasm, I still want to make Danial for something, so you should let me know your schedule for Next year, and I can make it and try to match the greatness of Dream. You totally deserved the awards you won. WHile napping, I heard that you got TWO. Congradulations :) You deserve it, and I'm glad you won something for all the work. Even if the trophy thing is apparently really ugly ;)

Kaijugal, I'm still SO in for OUR plans, even if I have AN booked for the Masq. already...

Mage, referring to the ICQ you left me.... not to sound mean, because I don't mean it like that, but you sort of get used to Changing Plans when it comes to helping out/being involved at Cons. Really all you guys did was show up and bring costumes. So I can't feel sorry for you :P Worse things have happened when you hang around that sort of thing. Much Worse. You'll get used to it, if you decide to keep helping out and getting involved. If you saw Laurie freeking out at all, and the fact that the Fashion Show almost didn't happen at all anyway, You have an idea of the stress that goes on when you start getting into the depths of the con. After chatting with the guy who runs TT, just be thankful that's ALL that happened to you guys!!
Then again, I'm not Specialby Glitter Bitch's standards, so maybe it's just bitterness... But I just can't feel sorry for you guys. :P I'm a Bad Person, and I know it.

Kia: it was nice to meet and gossip with you :) Even if we argue here a lot, it goes to show that while I hate everything, I can be friendly and not nearly so scary in real life. :P I hope you don't hate me. lol.

Heki: Stop making the rest of us feel inadequit with your talent and cuteness. It's not fair. :P

“Maybe I want to be my own invention,” he said. “The way I am now is nice and all, but what does it have to do with me? And why should I be stuck with it?”

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Oof. Worldcon was a blast.

I bought a full membership (awhile ago, so it wasbn't $300, but still expensive...ehe, that's what husbands with techy jobs are for) so I was there the whole weekend.


- All the costuming panels. They kicked ASS. Unfortunately many of them were scheduled opposite other costuming panels, so I couldn't go to every one I wanted to, but those I could make it to were really cool and full of interesting info. It was fascinating to be able to exchange tips and ideas with other costumers who I normally would never have a chance to meet. ^_^

- Jacqui Ward complimented me on my wings! She was actually fondling them and going on about how pretty they were! XD Jacqui Ward! She's like....a goddess of costumes. Wow...

- Meeting Neil Gaiman! He won a Hugo for Coraline, and after the Hugos he was walking down Front Street with a bunch of people and we were walking that way...so I was sort of walking nearby and all nervous and angsty coz I wanted to talk to him...so eventually I propelled myself in his direction. I begged him to come to the Masq...he was very apologetic that he couldn't, but he had a flight Sunday afternoon. He said I could pray for an airline mishap to keep him in Toronto if I liked...*lol* and he made me promise to send him pics of our Morpheus costumes. Yee!

- Spider Robinson, the MC for the Hugos. He was cool, interesting, and very funny.

- The Masq, of course...*sigh* Wow. The green room was HUGE...it was very cool. I'm used to tiny cramped greenrooms, but this one not only had room to move around, it had room to spare and munchies and a great live feed and a very professional, organized photo area. After the frantic costume-adjustment-makeupping-phase I was just wandering around ogling everybody else's stuff. There were some AMAZING costumes....although some of the ones that were 100% sparkles were a bit too much for me (like the shiny pink one...-.-; Also hanging out with Kisa and crew in the green room. DONUTS! XD

- We TIED with the aforementioned Crazt Ice Men for Best in Class (Journeyman) Workmanship! HOLY SHIT! At a Worldcon! I'm just in shock...with my ugly vampire beaver statue. LOL

- The parties. Friday night was the best for parties for me...Kaijugal and I wandered around finding the best food (in the Queer Continuum room...apparently gay guys always eat well) and chatting with all sorts of nifty people. It was a blast, but unfortunately I was running on 3 hours of sleep and had to crash, Kisa-style. ^_~

- Going for dinner, post-con, with Gord and Kaijugal and Xiola and Dave...^_^ much silliness ensued and many fajitas were consumed. Yay!


- Having to walk back and forth from the convention centre to the royal york and back and forth and back and forth...-.-;;

- the closing ceremonies. pretty lame...

- Getting hit on by literally dozens of guys old enough to be my dad. -.-;; I've encountered this at Toronto Trek, but it was even more evident here. Got ogled a lot. Kaiju was grumbling about guys always talking to my bosom...-.-;;

- I ended up missing both authors I'd specifically wanted to see, namely Elizabeth Hand and Connie Willis. *sigh* Oh well...

I've got a few pics up in my gallery now...mostly in the "Con Pics" section. Mostly silly candid shots. ^_^

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worldcon is over.

i think i'm happy about it.

i don't need people to feel sorry for me...that's not the point. i just needed to vent.

i don't think i want to do that again.

i guess maybe the highlight was everyone in the audience laughing because of the carpet tape remark.

actually no, it was being addressed as 'lady' by a few photographers. that was nice. it felt like respect, even if it was just politeness. i sure didn't feel like a lady by the end of all of that.

i haven't had any sleep since the day before worldcon and it's starting to eat away at me.

thanks gord for not running away when I ran up to hug you. hey, it's better late than never.

the panel thing was fun, though i probably made a fool of myself.

did make a fool of myself being the only one in costume on friday. spent all of friday doing panels with a quick stop by the dealer room. made a fool of myself gushing over some books. made a stop by the toronto trek party afterwards. all that trouble just to participate in a couple panels didn't really seem all that worth it. i wish i'd just paid for a freaking membership and gone alone...i would've had a lot more fun because there were literally dozens of panels i wanted to see. apparently there were authors there too. ones i'll probaby never get another chance to see. missed opportunities rock.

yeah, i know...just suck it up and move on.

i wouldn't be bitter if it wasn't for the fact that it was my last weekend in toronto. i'm in ottawa now, for those of you who don't know, though i have my sewing machine to keep me company.

the fashion show was a lot of waiting followed by freaky freight elevator and more waiting then panic about not knowing what the stage looked like or what to do and a moment of blankness while actually on stage in which i forgot how the hell to post and that was followed by more waiting, the photographer hallway background falling and then more waiting plus some pictures.

sorry...worldcon is a blur to me. actually, everything that happened after worldcon is more of a blur because all i remember is a lot of me crying. sorry about that folks. apparently i can still be sentimental.

geez, i felt so outclassed at worldcon. it was amazing and awe-inspiring seeing all those costumes and costumers, but i felt like i didn't belong at all. i could've just been a bizarrely dressed person who walked in off the street.

okay, i've put off going to get my meal plan and all off for long enough, I think.
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I'm too tired to make a thoughtful post at this point. *yawnish* but thank you all for coming and doing your thing. I'm just posting some pics for the curious until I can sort my head out

The hall the masq was held in before the curtains and stage equip was added...


The Freight Elevator used to take groups of costumers up to stage level

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Hey Kisa, I was the girl behind you.

Damn I only showed up for the fashion show, I knew worldcon was expensive but not that expensive (of course I never even looked it up).

One thing I liked about the greenroom was the food And being able to watch the screen. BIG plus!
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I'd just like to say thanks to all of you who showed up ...

... whether to attend the con, participate in the masquerade, panels, or fashion show, or help staff the masquerade, or even just crash the parties!

I hope you all had a good time cuz you certainly made me proud in front of all my American friends too!

Kisa & Xiola ... I hold you two fully responsible for the sad state I was in on Saturday night ... I'm not 20 anymore!!! (Of course, being FGoH at Ad Astra next year they now keep a bottle of single malt aside for me at the parties ... *sigh!* the price of fame! ) And Kisa, I'm glad I got my Traditional Con Hug before you crashed and burned.

Kaijugal, Xiola, Sarcasm ... fun post-con dinner!!!! And Xiola, you missed one of the liveliest Dead Dogs I've seen in ages!

Heki & SMA ... I was so glad to see you guys there!!!! Maybe next year in Boston you'll be competing??? LOL!!!

Ossele, Louise, Jon, et al ... I sure hope you had fun! You all looked great! ... Many comments came to me about the black dress and "tattoo".

Kia ... Wow! What enthusiasm!!! I think I have some cracked ribs or something! LOL!!! Very nice meeting you.

WhiteMage ... Finally!!!

J-Rock gals!! ... I hope you got some nice pics!!! (How long did you spend voguing there anyway? )

I know I'm probably missing some people, but I sure hope that everyone who went got a bit of a taste of what Worldcon masqs are like. And I hope they enjoyed it. (A small group are actually talking about attending Boston next year!! LOL!!!)

Now for my next project ... getting as many of you as possible to start attending Costume Con and Costume COllege!!!!

* I'm soooo pooped! *
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I was there too

Laurie asked me to be in the Fashion Show, since she's made a couple of costumes for me. I hadn't planned on going to Worldcon, because I couldn't afford even a one-day pass. So, I was really glad to go, just to hang out in the green room and see all the incredible costumes.
I'm sorry I didn't talk to more of you guys, but I'm not very out-going, and I was really nervous about being onstage.
It turned out that one of my friends was in the audience, and she I looked good on stage, so I guess I didn't make a fool of myself. :P
I realize the masquerade was plagued by the usual politics, but I really liked the setup. The green room and photo stations were great. It would be really cool to have the same setup at anime cons, but I doubt they could ever find the space.
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my half-assed con report, since cosplay.com ate my longer one yesterday:

i had LOTS of fun even though i didn't go to any paid events. i think i got way more fun (and good con friends) out of it than some of the people who *did* have passes, so i'm kind of past being jealous of anyone where that's concerned.

i'd do it again. but as usual money is still the issue. although, in other cities i wouldn't know as many people, and i prefer knowing a few people so i don't just end up sitting around doing nothing ^^;; but it would be nice to get to go to some of the panels. but i want to go to costume con too... T_T there's too many cons! :P

as usual thanks for everyone who was nice and made the weekend fun. i got to know several people better that i'd only vaguely met before, and you were all really nice. you know who you are, so i don't miss any names. and all the random people who were nice that i didn't know made me feel like i was cool and stuff LOL...

gord: i take no responsibility for your hangover! XD thanks for being so great all weekend though (it's probably good to have someone to make sure i don't just sit around and get shy and sit in the corner doing nothing at parties ^^;;) ...anyway, even if i'd gone to the afterparty i certainly wouldn't have been one of the lively ones! :P i'm still missing classes coz i'm tired... then again, i sleep through classes even without crazy weekends -_-;;

agh i'm tired... must eat...

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Friday was fun--i wish i couldve been a better panelist, but i tried. it was fun. If the panel was about *cosplay* and *cosplayers* i think i wouldve been a LOOOOT more helpful in terms of having a larger/stronger opinion

MANY thanks to Gordon, Sarcasm, ALIXANDRA *hugs*, & ALLEN *double hugs*
Especially to Alix thought ^0^ I dunno if ull ever see this, but thanks a lot for inviting us and helping us out!
Muchly appreciated

Pre-world-con pissed me off tho.
Someone backed out on something fricking last minute over absolutely nothing >_<; made me irritated *twitch*
Also, sorry michelle! I forgot my gunner boots and couldnt duo-cosplay with u on the friday ^_^;

Friday was fun--just got to chillax at a con (for once) *cheers* the panels were interesting. Mage THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Heroines one. She's such a great panelist *thumbsup*

wht else...

On to SUNDAY *mutters*

I had to skip work for the fashion show *twitch*
but o well
in any case
we arrived in good moods and high cheer and immediately went to go change into our costumes.

While we were changing--apparently, we were threatened to be "thrown out of the (fashion) show"
i was pretty (really) ticked off when i heard about it. And then even more irked when i spoke personally with said person.

I dunt tell people off--even when i should. So i just laughed it off.
but it sorta (realllllly) makes me feel shitty tho. when i take time off work, use up my *last* day of summer to attend the fashion show then when i get there--my group n i all get threatened to be thorwn out just bcuz the script wasnt what the person wanted even tho we followed the email directions as closely as possible.
we're not creative writers. so shoot me over it >(

But dunt get me wrong, i felt really happy that we were invited to be in the masq. but at the same time, id also appreciate even just a *sliver* of gratuity for our large efforts for the event.

[/my ONLY rant on worldcon; and only ONE person--tho i really do understand the stress-levels but still...made me feel crappy^_^;; that is all]


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i'm glad you had fun unlike that guy who was complaining that it sucked so much and wasn't worth it... >__<;;; so i'm glad someone at least made use of their free pass.

but i have to say this: Laurie was pissed at *everyone* that day; considering that she was pretty mean to more than just you guys, you guys got alot more gratitute than ANYONE else in that fashion show got: you got for free what everyone else had to pay $300 for - i don't know, but that's alot more money than anyone i know makes in one day's work and half the people i know would have gladly skipped work to get a FREE pass to worldcon. ^^';;
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I forgot one last shoutout...
Xio: You forgot to Thank Me for being allowed to bask in the glory of My presence. I mean, I even made you coffee that one day, and I *could* have been off at home making *myself* coffee. You know, the good stuff I spend 8$ on at the coffee shop and have to grind myself, and I woudln't have had to use MILK... but flavoured cream, and the costumes I had to haul to your house, and then back... those were heavy, and instead of staying around and getting people to take photos of me which will end up in magazines and with people going "ooo!", I could have been sleeping!
So, I think You should Thank Me...
“Maybe I want to be my own invention,” he said. “The way I am now is nice and all, but what does it have to do with me? And why should I be stuck with it?”
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i'm ever so sorry... forgetting a thing like that is just unforgiveable after forcing you to stay at my house for free and making you dinner every night and meet my friends... please accept my greatest apologies for overlooking the *large efforts and sacrifices* required for you to accept my invitation. i certainly hope you don't hold it against me! ;_;;

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heheh.. i'm seeing more and more we're being refered to j-rock girls hehe meh hteh tha's cool cause J-ROCK ROOCKS!! tehhe 'yeah i took 'many piccies.. 'uh..trying to find sites ont he net.. not much.. 'well non with costumes..

we buseed downtown..it was late(last minture finishings), uh.. hmmmm. a loota waiting, but had uddles of fun with friends and finally got to take pics of costumes..fun times.. i like the audience reaction(when they heard hte things we were wearing was for guys theheh*gasp.. hehe taht was cool
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Originally Posted by heki-chan
Friday was fun--i wish i couldve been a better panelist, but i tried. it was fun. If the panel was about *cosplay* and *cosplayers* i think i wouldve been a LOOOOT more helpful in terms of having a larger/stronger opinion
Which panels were you on?

Originally Posted by heki-chan
/my ONLY rant on worldcon; and only ONE person--tho i really do understand the stress-levels but still...made me feel crappy^_^;; that is all
Xiola is right in that you weren't the only ones that the Fashion Show dorector was fuming at/upsetting ... I just hope the fun you had outweighed the hassle she gave you.

Everybody on this board is the future of costuming in fandom and should try to not let other people's ego issues get the better of their enjoyment and support of the hobby. Look at it as "lessons learned". Remember how these things worked...

After all, in a few years YOU will be the ones running these shows and staffing them.
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