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Zephyr Rhapsody
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Nekocon Game Shows

Zephyr Game Shows is planning some game shows for Nekocon 2003 - and they will most assuredly be supreme. As planning has not yet been finalized, the following game show is subject to change - though I anticipate that it will be accurate come Nekocon.

"Zephyr's Maru/Batz" premiered at Otakon and made an instant impact with the audience - literally! Introducing such mini-games as "Lumball," "Dare desu ka," and "The Great Ohashi Challenge;" players will be selected for such random mini-games by first participating as a game piece where the event's room IS the game board. Confused yet? Well, every single audience member is invited to be a player in this great true/false game. When we have widdled the players down to a sizable group, mini-game madness shall ensue. After said mini-game has been completed, we starrrrrt it all over again with a brand new game, allowing for multiple, multiple chances for audience members to win prizes and have fun! Are you a wallflower or are you game? I certainly hope you're a playa, because I never cared for "One Headlight."

::enter vegetable tossing for bad pun::

We will also be bringing our classic, "Anime Name that Tune," to Nekocon to test eight otaku and their knowledge of the world of anime music. Also, as everyone that is familiar with our group's long-term objective can attest, we will be taking the victor from "Anime Name that Tune" and inviting them to Katsucon 2004 to participate in the "Best of 2003" tournament for music-naming supremacy.

::cues orchestra::

With such affairs as sorties, are you apt for Gravitation?
Does your MP3 collection have everything that's Asian?

Can your ears tell, by sound, a Hayashibara from a javelin?
Can you differentiate anything from the Violinist of Hamelin?

Do you know each Miyazaki from new Ghibli to old Horus?
Can you yodel out the ending to Spirited Away in full chorus?

Do you check out all that is Weiss Kruez though you know they're fruity?
And belch out Kenshin songs from TM R to Mary and Judy?


For your anime song knowledge, are you no easy pushover?
Do you dream about the casts of Wish, Angelic Layer, and Clover?

In short, in matters Fruits Basket, Chobits, and Princess Tutu
Are YOU the very model of the otaku song guru?

Think you might be? You know where to present yourself to win big prizes and prove it nationally. Have fun, minna-san.

- Corey Gough
Zephyr Game Shows

PS The aforementioned parody is the unoriginal, yet inventive, brain child of Zephyr Game Shows and shall not be reproduced, unless as a hard copy for a dartboard. Aim for the Ace... err... FACE!
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