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Unread 04-16-2010, 10:50 AM   #1
BM2 Love Angel
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Question How did you learn how to sew?

I see that a lot of people here sew their own costumes.

I found a few topics on techniques and hints, but at first sight, I didn't see anything on starting. I was wondering how you guys learned how to sew.
Have you ever gone to courses? Or had someone teaching you? Is it possible to learn by oneself (with sites or books, for instance)?
I'm really curious...

I can do knitting and that is pretty much it.
Except for clothes for my dolls when I was little, I never made anything, but I was thinking that I could eventually give it a try.

I don't any a machine and neither know what one really needs to take the first steps.

Unfortunately, I don't have much free time and that is what I fear most. However, I think that one never knows unless you try it.
Any tip is welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Unread 04-16-2010, 11:01 AM   #2
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I'm in the process of learning how to sew. I'm being taught by my mom and my grandma, but my grandma's getting old and her mind isn't all there anymore and my mom's forgotten how to do some of the stuff. Still though, since sewing is completely hands-on I'm finding it extremely helpful to have someone teaching me. I never really found online guides to be all that helpful, sewing is something I have to be shown in order to learn. That's not to say it's impossible though, I just found I can't learn it that way.

Since it doesn't look like anyone you know can teach you, I think it'd definitely be worth looking into courses. Check around for local craft and fabric stores. My highschool actually had a sewing class for an elective (wish I had taken it!), if you're in school maybe you have that option available too!

It does take time, but like you said you won't know unless you try!
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Unread 04-16-2010, 11:04 AM   #3
lady dynamite
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i learned by hand in a home economics class in 8th grade and my mom sort of taught me too.

but even though i personally don't know how to use a sewing machine, my friend has one and she basically taught herself by trial and error and also used the manual it came with. you can go out and buy some books and patterns, but a lot of the times with cosplay, the patterns are too... basic? 90 percent of the time you gotta use your imagination and brain to figure out how to make this stand up or that bend that way.

also, this forum has some nice pattern tips. just dig around

and hot glue will become your best friend ~.^
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Unread 04-16-2010, 11:38 AM   #4
probably a frackpants
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From the internet.

Bought a sewing machine, realized I'd forgotten literally everything from my one quarter of Home Ec a million years ago, and started reading tutorials and experimenting. I've had to go through more trial and error than someone taking a class would, but it's free and I can focus on what interests me most.
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Unread 04-16-2010, 11:40 AM   #5
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Dad showed me how to make the sewing machine sew forward, reverse and load the bobbin. Everything else I figured out over time.
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Unread 04-16-2010, 11:54 AM   #6
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I'm self-taught, but I'm still really new to it. I'm planning on picking up some books on it to help. There really aren't any classes around where I live, so I don't have much of a choice. :/
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Unread 04-16-2010, 11:56 AM   #7
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In school we learned pretty much the same as what Pocketfightr's dad taught her.
So I just basically winged it from there, and if I have questions about a bit more complicated technique I'll ask cosplay.com or my mom, and maybe search online. But thinks like 'press the pedal down' will get you pretty far in life/cosplaying. True fax.
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Unread 04-16-2010, 12:04 PM   #8
Trashcan Weeabooty
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My momma~ She's a wonderful lady who has been sewing since she was little. She even made her own wedding dress (which was gorgeous by the way). She also has one of those fancy sewing machines that have a million different stitching styles, including ones that make horses, flowers or cursive writing.

Too cute~

My mother has helped me learn a lot about sewing~
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Unread 04-16-2010, 12:26 PM   #9
Mrs. Lady Gackt Camui
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I don't know much due to lack of train but last time I went to Brazil to visit my family, I got my father, my aunts and a cousin looking for a seamstress to teach me. They found one and I had a one week intensive workshop. xD

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Unread 04-16-2010, 12:29 PM   #10
The Most Purple Duck
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My mom taught me the basics, sewing beanbags and stuff, and how to read a sewing pattern. I then just went off and did my own thing, asking her to explain things I didn't know. I learned how to alter patterns by learning how the patters work and experimenting, and I learned to draft my own patterns by working with patterns enough to remember what they look like and referencing already made clothes
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Unread 04-16-2010, 12:37 PM   #11
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Well I first learned how to sew by hand in home ec back in middle school, but as for the sewing machine it was a combo between the instruction booklet and my mom. xD
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Unread 04-16-2010, 01:01 PM   #12
Chihiro Fujisaki IRL
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I'm currently taking Textiles class at school so that I can learn how to make my own cosplays.
I get lots of help from my parents and the internet too!

Erm, I went to sewing club when I was really young but I doubt that helped much.
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Unread 04-16-2010, 01:11 PM   #13
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I actually learned around the age of 8 in girl scouts. We learned how to sew little things like pillows, and mom always made clothes for me so I watched. When I was a freshmen in high school I started making my own clothes by trial and error without taking any sort of tutorials or home ec classes. You really can learn it all on your own as long as you're able to accept your mistakes and learn from them.
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Unread 04-16-2010, 01:12 PM   #14
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I began to sew at the age of maybe five or six. My grandma (who lives with me) taught me how to hand-sew buttons on and how sew small areas. I repaired little tears in my clothing and such.

My amazing friend Erin, whom I still basically live with now (lol, I see her all the time), has a mother who is AMAZING at sewing. She and her husband ran a sewing store in my town for a couple of years, and that's where I first learned how to use a machine. I didn't have one at home, so when I began to cosplay (my first SERIOUS cosplay was freshman year in high school), I hand-sewed everything. Then, Erin's mom fixed the machine that I had, and I began using that. I still really suck (especially with stretch material), but I think I'm getting better.
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Unread 04-16-2010, 01:32 PM   #15
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My grandmother taught me to read a pattern, how to match up stripes and plaids and one-way designs, how to put in a zipper, how to sew an elastic casing, and a lot of other little things. Mom taught me to use her machine, Home Economics taught me the blanket stitch, and Craft of Costume I & II classes taught me a few other odds and ends. Most everything else was picked up via trial and error on my own or through tutorials found online.

Sewing is like anything else in the world: trial and error is your best teaching tool. Start with small things and build your way up. Remember, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy and just because it's easy doesn't mean its simple.
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