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Cosplay Contacts (Ciel PhantomHive)

Hey everyone, I am planning on cosplaying as Ciel PhantomHive for the AX 2010. I am going for his sleeping outfit (white button up), and everything is working out great, except I have never used contacts before. (I am afraid that if I put them in, I will be too afraid to take them out...) Can someone who has experience with contacts tell me how their first experience with taking them out went, or if they have any tricks for taking them out? Thanks~ (and sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I am still new to these forums.)
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Hey. I've used contacts for a while now, and I can say that they're a lot easier to take off than put on. You look at your fingers while pinching the contact a little and pull it off. On the first try it took me a while, but there's no need to panic, you get it off better if you concentrate. Hope this helps. :]
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As someone who has been wearing contact lenses for more than 20 years here are my suggestions:

[putting them on]

1. wash your hands and dry them before you try and put your lenses in -- to ensure you have a clean lens and I have found that dry find tips make the lens more likely to separate from your finger... I dry my fingers before each lens on a towel to make it easier.

2. Look away from the lens when placing your finger near your eye and use a mirror to line it up -- looking away and to the left for example works well. The more times you put them in and take them out the more comfortable you will become -- yes, it's hard the first few times but it's not going to hurt.

3. Rinse your lens just before you put it into your eye so it will be more likely to feel comfortable as soon as you put it into your eye and I find a wet lens sits better on your wet eye versus your dry finger (personal experience).

4. Resist the urge to rub your eyes if they are itchy as you can damage the lenses or rub them out (I've done this before). If they are too painful or itchy take them out, rinse them again, wait a few seconds and put them back in -- make sure they aren't torn or inside out (check the rim of the lens for the fit if you are unsure or roll them in your hand and they will unroll correctly). I find that if you fight with them in your eye then your eye will go all red and it will be a negative experience for you and your eye.

[taking them out]

1. Never put them into your mouth to re-wet them -- I've done this a couple of times in an emergency but your mouth is not sterile and you could introduce something into your eye.

2. Don't take a shower with your lenses in as it seems to dry the lens and make it harder to remove -- normally lenses come out very easily but I've found if I take a shower first they are harder to take out -- not impossible.

3. If you need to re-wet them for some reason, like my shower example above, I've found that placing the opening beside my eye with the nozzle right next to my open eye, looking the other way and squirting in a bit of liquid is more accurate than doing it face-on.

Hope these help.

- Chris
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Don't sleep with them on either! >< Just practice before you actually have to wear them for your cosplay. When you first wear them, don't wear them for 12+ hours, you'll hurt your eyes. Wear them like 3 hours day 1, then 6 hours day 2, 9 hours day 3 so your eyes can get used to the lenses.

Are you using regular or colored contacts? If you're using colored contacts, you shouldn't wear them as long as you could regular ones. But regardless, if your eyes are irritating you, remove the contacts! Hope that helped! ^^
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You mentioned that you've never handled contact lenses before and I would strongly advise that you make an appointment with an optometrist to get a prescription for your base curve and diameter (and power if you need vision correction). You need a prescription to legally buy lenses in the US (even if you don't need vision correction) and more importantly you need properly fitted lenses made from compatible materials to safely and comfortably wear contact lenses.

Even more importantly, the optometrist will show you how to insert, remove, and clean/care for your lenses which gives you hands-on practice and someone who can answer all your questions and give you specific answers for your needs (all during your appointment). If you bring a trial certificate to your appointment you will receive a pair of lenses to practice with.

We've been compiling a thread of info that's a sticky in the Makeup forum, Contact Lens FAQs. You may wish to give it a read as there is plenty of info for people new to contact lenses including care, insertion, and removal of lenses. Please note that reading the thread is not a replacement for seeking professional consultation with an optometrist.

Once you start practicing, it is quite easy to insert and remove your lenses. It only takes me matter of seconds and I've been wearing lenses on and off for 15 years. Please consider going to the optometrist because you'll get valuable personalized information concerning yourself and contact lenses that the internet cannot offer you.
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