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Unread 12-11-2014, 05:54 AM   #1
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Review on Ruby Darling

A case of a commissioner disappearing on me. Sigh. Mostly known as Ruby Darling (that's her Facebook page, alongside Darling Cosplay and Rocket Bard).

So it all began this May 2014, when I posted in the FB cosplay commissions group to request a commission for Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Ruby messaged me on Facebook using her (presumably) personal FB account on May 31, stating she could make me the entire costume sans the wig. We discussed over the next few days, agreed upon a budget of $600, I emailed her the references, sent her my measurements and specifically told her of my August 23 deadline. She said she could complete it by August 5. I sent her half the payment first. This was all settled by June 7.

On June 22, silly goose that I am as I forgot to mention to her earlier, I asked for pictures of any materials she'd purchased. Ruby replied the next day that she would get back to me "in a couple of days". She kept forgetting so I nicely reminded her as she asked. This went on for the whole of July. I wasn't even asking for progress pics or if she had started on it, just pics of materials/fabrics and such. Then she finally replied:

Except that the photos she sent me were of another costume, and someone else's commission. Fine, I totally get that. It's been a while, so I just reminded her nicely that my commission was Blink, and asked her for any material pics again.

Then nothing went by for two weeks...

(remember when she said she could get it done by August 5? Lol.)

Except the pics didn't come the next day. Or the next. It came on August 20 instead. Along with this message:

Which I totally get. Emergencies happen. I wasn't gonna rage at her for that. Not to mention that the pictures she sent me of the completed top and pants (<<click on link) were GORGEOUS that I forgave her so easily.

At this point, it's clear that there's a low chance I might make my con, but plans can be postponed. And I was VERY VERY happy with what I'd seen, except that the hand bracers were inaccurate so I asked her to change it.

(gonna continue in the next post)

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Then, my con came and went, and all this while I've been messaging her every few days. Not every day, mind you. Until a message came on Sept 12:

Again, I was understanding and sympathetic about it. No biggie. She did offer to make it up to me (with a VERY tempting offer as you can see), so like before, I was willing to forgive her transgressions.

I gave her some space and only messaged her about 2 weeks later:

I needed to see pictures of the completed commission, so the next day:

That's when communication stopped again. I messaged her two more times, pretty much telling her that I don't care about photos anymore, just send me whatever's been done, and if it's incomplete, just send me the materials and tracking number. No reply. I messaged her every few days (again, not every day), pretty much begging her to let me know what's happening.

There was NO REPLY up till Oct 28, and by then I figured she was probably ignoring my messages. The beauty of Facebook messaging, is that it leaves a timestamp notification of when your sent message was LAST SEEN by the other party. So I KNOW she's seen my messages. Plus she was still rather active on her public FB page Ruby Darling, so I sent her a private message there instead of her personal account like I always do.

The next day, I knew she'd seen it but didn't reply. I was so fed up.

Since I was getting nowhere privately, I felt like I had no choice by to resort to posting on her public Facebook page, the one with over 1k followers. I asked nicely about the status of my commission, and for her to please reply my messages. I wasn't going to rage on her on her public page of course.

As predicted, minutes after I posted it, she removed it. So I posted again. Removed. Posted again. Until I guess she figured I wasn't going to let it go, she FINALLY answered me:

(to be continued on next post)

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Unread 12-11-2014, 05:59 AM   #3
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We'd also communicated via email, but that's just re: reference pics and measurements. Anyway! The email:

Seriously, I just want my commission that I paid for. So, yeah.

Aaaaand to absolutely no one's surprise, no replies again. What does she want from me? I've already said I'll pay for shipping, even with all the problems she's given me. So, I messaged her on Facebook AGAIN on November 6. No reply.

No reply for almost a month.

So, finally, on November 24, I messaged her on her public page, her personal FB account AND emailed her this:

Till now, there's been no reply, and she hasn't been active on social media. I probably won't ever get the lovely costume I saw she made (or, claimed she made), and I just don't understand what's the problem? If she made it like she showed me, just send over the damn thing. Gawd.

(Just to be clear, I haven't sent over the shipping fees since she never sent me the tracking number. So the only money I lost is the $300 first payment. I'm just beyond pissed by now.)

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I'm sorry that this happened to you. You seem to be very patient and understanding and it looks like they're taking advantage of that. I, Myself have been scammed multiple times in the past. I'm just so fed up. Thank goodness, paypal changed it's policy.

Ignoring messages and lack of progress pictures is like a tell tale sign you're being scammed, especially when they make excuse after excuse like that.
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I really hope the $80 quote for shipping was for an express overnight. o_O

You've been exceptionally nice and polite to this person. If you even want to see a half-finished costume, I think your only resort is to be a little meaner. Foot down, threaten legal action, etc.

I do believe that most people who get into commissioning do it with the sincere expectation that they're going to be honest and treat their customers right, but then they get in over their heads and instead of doing the RIGHT thing (i.e., eating the loss and shipping whatever they've got, taking fewer commissions/stopping, doing everything in their power to rectify the situation), they don't know how to react and so resort to what works on tumblr: ignore, delete, ignore, block, pretend the customer doesn't exist. In turn, the only thing customers can and should do is name and shame, because this sort of thing isn't going to end without people realizing they can't gather more commissions if people don't trust them.
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The fact that this happened to you is absolutely unacceptable!
I am having a similar situation with Cosrea where I have been promised progress pictures and not gotten them...I told them about me opening a claim on PayPal(which obviously got their attention) so now they have promised me yet again to give me images this weekend!
And, of course, if I do not get such things, another dispute shall be raised because I'd be a liar if I said I was afraid to fight to get my money back.

With your situation, I would definitely try to file a claim through your bank or PayPal if that is how you paid for it.
The fact that you gave her so much money and she constantly dodged your message "bullets" doesn't even make sense, getting stuff sent off and holding up communication isn't hard unless a true tragedy has befallen the person.

With all of her excuses, none of which seem to go together well, something is obviously amiss.
The types of things that she said happened that caused her to be delayed with sending off your piece are things that she should have either a.) posted on a social media site to let those that are getting things from her know what's going on or b.) told you personally which she did not until you pelted her with messages.

You staying polite is absolutely wonderful, though, but it is time for you take things up a notch because you gave her $300 of your money and now she's just gone.
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