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Talking Motivation - Great music to workout to!

We needed this Thread up a long time ago. We post here our favorite songs we listen to when working out. Lets lay out some ground rules first:

-No illegal download links. Unless the person who made the song specifically gave permission for the song to be free and provided the download link.

-youtube links are ok

-tell us when you like to listen to them

Thats all the rules I can think of right now. Let me get the ball rolling:

Vicarious by Tool - this one is an amazing cover in piano. I listen to this when doing my biceps workout. She does a ton of other greats songs you wouldn't expect to sound great on piano but they totally do.


Nalepa Monday remix - original song Monday by The Glitch Mob

Great for cardio or plyometrics (jump training)

My workout
What to eat

I'm not a trained nutritionist/fitness instructor. But I hope to give you any help I can. PM me If you want someone to coach you.
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This is War-30 seconds to Mars

Is one of my favorite warmup songs(lasts for about the right time frame too~5 minutes). It slowly speeds up, has a big burst of energy, and kind of the lyrics seem to fit, especially "To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death
To the edge of the earth
It's a brave new world"

Really helps me because I HATE starting out on workouts, most of the time, but after I get into it I don't need as much push.
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Some of the best songs in my opinion are songs that you can manipulate your routines to (i.e. doing situps on beat, running with the rhythm). Fnd a personal favorite and see if it works, if not you can download audacity and speed up the tempo.

Personal fav's :

Brownout - Homenaje
The Freestylers - Push Up
Madcon - Beggin'
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Cousins - Vampire Weekend (A lot of their song have a good beat, nice to run/jog too.)
This Is Not The End(Sun Version) - The Bravery

My advice is basically just to find a song with a strong beat that goes at a good pace for your workout.
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Wow, working out to piano music, I would have never thought of that.

It depends on my mood, but I generally like music with a good audible beat or that gives you energy while running (or doing cardio equipment, but I haven't been to the gym in ages due to all kinds of circumstances, and besides running outside feels much better). This often ends with me listening to club/dance-ish music.

Basshunter - Boten Anna (oh god, the wrongness)
Shimatani Hitomi - Angelus
Milk inc. - Go to hell
Lady Gaga - Just dance
Shinee - Ring Ding Dong
Kimeru - You got Game (continue 1 credit remix)
Gackt - Koakuma Heaven

Considering I usually like Jazz and/or instrumental music, this completely clashes with what I usually listen to, but it does help me to keep going.
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I like to listen to anything with a really good beat or will get me going.
Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie.
Trent Reznor's new band How to Destroy Angels has this song named Fur Lined. That's my warm up song before my jog. That album is free on the NIN website.
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Over the last month or so, I've been doing some pre-training for the upcoming Cross Country season. This mostly consists of running at least 3 miles a day (I would do more, but I typically run before work since I got my job), stretching, and core (crunches, alternating crunches, push ups, planks, etc.) So I usually listen to more fast paced songs while I run, and slower paced songs while I do everything else.

Favorite Running Songs:
3OH3! - Starstrukk
The Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
Ke$ha - Kiss 'n Tell
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
The Arctic Monkeys - Fluroescent Adolescent

As well as anything by Lady Gaga

Favorite Workout/Recupe Songs:
Wish You Were Here by Incubus
American Woman by The Guess Who (I think..? Not the Lenny Kravitz version)
Jaded by Aerosmith
The Joker by Steve Miller Band
Stuck in the Middle With You (also by SMB)

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I usually dance to some of the songs mentioned.. But mostly Its anime themed dances that I do to lose weight.

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I tend to workout/run to mid tempo songs with a really happy, infectious beat. Anime music and theme songs are awesome for that. Some of my faves on my ipod playlist:

Nakashima Mika - Glamorous Sky (from NANA)
Younha - Houki boshi (from Bleach)
Koda Kumi - Real Emotion (from Final Fantasy X-2)
Two-Mix - Rhythm Emotion (from Gundam Wing)
Himuro Kyosuke - Calling (from FFVII Advent Children)
Delta Queens - Dance Around the World (from Initial D)
Joe Inoue - Closer (from Naruto)

I also have a few really upbeat jpop songs that I keep on constant replay
Glay - Yes, Summer Days
Morning Musume - Onna ni sachi are
Hamasaki Ayumi - Evolution
BoA - No.1 (or really, any of her uptempo songs have a great beat)
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I think the best thing to do is find your favorite music -- the kind that you can listen to for hours and it seem like minutes, the kind that gives you eargasms every time you listen -- and play that

For me, that would be Avenged Sevenfold
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Oh! And most of the No More Heroes Soundtrack.
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lady dynamite
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my favorite ones to listen to are dj amaya remixes:
boa--bump! bump! and hypnotic dancefloor
namie amuro--rock steady, the speed star, what a feeling
ayumi hamasaki--bold & delicious

and these are just a few.

basically techno is my exercise muse :3
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Oh gosh. Tekken soundtrack! Also Matrix soundtrack. But I'm a techno queen.

Kosmonova - The Daydream
Celldweller - The Last Firstborn
State of Mind - Sun King

Those are my personal faves because they're all like 7 minutes long and I run along to the beat, which varies throughout.

...Just about anything by State of Mind (Mindslicer, Back to the Jungle...)
Pendulum's Hold Your Colour album
Eye of the Tiger (haha)
Prodigy's Invaders Must Die (plus 'Spitfire' from Fat of the Land)
Utah Saints (especially 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', Something Good remix)
Dune (Can't Stop Raving, Hardcore Vibes)

I could go on forever!
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Kinslayer - Nightwish


Daft Punk - harder faster stronger (great title for a gym song huh?)


Linkin Park - breaking the habit


Papa Roach - Last Resort


Trapt - Headstrong


Within Temptation - What have you done


Good Riddance - Letters home


Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark


http://vixy.net/ NOT AN ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD SITE but allows you to extract mp3 files from any youtube video =x

remember your supposed to delete downloaded mp3's within 24 hours of download
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Originally Posted by distantarray View Post
Linkin Park - breaking the habit
I also like that one because it is somehow motivational to change myself ^-^
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