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Just what is the limit?

Ok, I've done some lurking through this forum so I won't ask the same questions.

Does it have to be unusual clothes/accesories to be a cosplay? I hear "mary/sue" and "gary/stew" but what if your char doesn't have an outlandish outfit? Is there an unwritten standard or minimum guideline? Just curious for your opinion.
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It depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you're only out to please yourself or you have a group with original characters from a common medium (and RP, an online game, an avatar program) and you want to hang out with them ~ it doesn't really matter how dramatic, well-designed or well-made your costume is.

If you goal is to fit in ~ make a costume that will cater to a fashion trend within your fandom. Your goal is to blend ~ not pop... so as long as you don't go out of your way to do a phenomenally crappy job you should be fine

If your goal is to attract attention ~ you need to wear something eye-catching and outlandish. This can be both good or bad :P

If your goal is to attract only good attention ~ you need to create a character design that's both eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing/interesting to others. This is pretty tough to do since you need an eye for color, and a bit of talent for design/construction.

There isn't a standard for anything. People like what they like and hate what they hate. And most probably won't look at you twice either way They'll be too busy engaging in their own fandoms.
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I have to agree. Don't expect to attract attention with a character whose wardrobe consists of things any normal person's would.

If you have a specific character in mind and that is how they dress then it's fine, that's just how your character is, but there are ways to enhance normal clothes that can attract attention. Take a look at current fashion trends and maybe try to emulate them with your character, add things like designs or extra pockets or something to make each article of clothing stand out as something that's casual and normal, but still different to the point where it's clear that you're in costume (also having weirdly colored wigs and contacts won't hurt.)

It's something you see a lot in anime. Some characters may dress in 'normal' clothing, but I dare you to go in Walmart or something and find that exact outfit. There's something different about their still casual clothing that makes them different and recognizable to the point where even a closet cosplay still requires some sort of modification to accomplish.

I hope that helped, don't know how well I explained my point but in the hopes that you got it good luck. ^^
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hot topic, probably the limit and grey line at the same time.
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