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Well if you can't smile then try finding a reason to laugh instead! You always smile before you laugh and also if you've ever been in love imagine the camera is the person you like, thinking of something pleasant should make a natural smile come out<3 But remember! Don't force it or you'll look like a barbie, and you want a real smile!
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That usually comes up in the video brainstorming.

I write out all the scenes on paper, then brainstorm ideas for where to shoot them.

For example, if its a scene in a bedroom, find a friend with a bedroom that would fit the character, then shoot the scene there. If the scene is in a building, find a building in your area that works.

Thats just how it works. You gotta brainstorm ideas of what places work out.
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this one is tricky for me. i run into a lot of girls who put on the fake smile and it is very noticeable. kinda looks weird too. what i usually do is, tell the model to look away. on the count of three, turn toward the camera and just give a smile.
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Originally Posted by cabusi View Post
this one is tricky for me. i run into a lot of girls who put on the fake smile and it is very noticeable. kinda looks weird too. what i usually do is, tell the model to look away. on the count of three, turn toward the camera and just give a smile.
Something I do is jokingly criticize their fake smile then say "pretend I said something really funny like...POTATOES!" and that usually does the trick.
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yup. make em laugh. then the real smile comes out
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Why do you have to smile? If you're in a costume, be that character, shouldn't be any harder than that.
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A forced smile will tend to look bad. I try to just hold a casual conversation while the session is on, especially if they seem nervous. Eventually something humorous will come up, then you get a natural smile.
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Originally Posted by MallowRain View Post
I am a failure at smiles. Seriously. And I'm seriously not photogenic.
I've resorted to cosplays where the characters don't even smile to get out of it. =P

What I found works for me is right before you smile, laugh. Like think of something funny, fake a laugh, something. Try it out in the mirror. Just chuckle and usually you get a very natural looking smile, then all you have to do is work on the timing.

If you're like me and look serious even when you try to smile try lifting your eyebrows. It tends to make you happier. Good luck!
This is the same for me, too. x_x I usually end up smiling really big because I can't do a simple smile. It always comes out looking like I'm serious or upset about something.

The last time I ever did a photoshoot, the photographer quickly got ticked with me just because I couldn't do a "slight smile". I tried really hard for her, but she kept saying "No. SLIGHTLY!" I even tried to explain to her that I could never pull off a small smile, but she just stayed upset with me. Kinda ruined the rest of the shoot for me.

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Usually I try to think of something funny, and just try to smile as genuinely as possible. The only time I have trouble smiling is when I have to take a license picture or something.
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Letting us know more specifics about what kind of location you need would be very helpful for us to be more helpful to you.

With what you have told us so far, I would suggest, trying all your resources for a free location, before you spend money to rent one.
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I have major smile problems! The only photos where I look natural are big happy teethy grins. But then, my teeth aren't perfect. I just look so awkward when I do a smile with a closed mouth. Some of the tips are helpful! I guess all I can do is practise or make my teeth super white... Hmm. Sorry can't offer any helpful advice! I'm just letting you know you're not alone...

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Everyone's got their own smile. It took me many years to find my "cute" smile (a genuine smile that's not small, but not super giant, and shows the top teeth). Just smile at yourself in the mirror and you'll eventually find the right smile for you. Your photographer can also help you out a lot. (They're obviously not going to be like school picture photographers who just sit you down, count to three, take your picture, and then move you along.)
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My BF tries to make me laugh. I've given him heck for it sometimes too, since it can look really strange for some characters to smile (can you really see L or Sesshoumaru-for example-with a full-on happy grin? Not that I've cosplayed either but you get the point).

If it suits the character, I agree that thinking of something funny or even looking at a friend can help. Although I find that when I smile TOO much, it turns my eyes into little tiny things and it makes my nose and forehead look funny. Practicing in a mirror would probably help.
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Try to think something funny. And practice infront of the mirror.
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It's hard to smile sometimes..I'm actually new to smiling for pictures.
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