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how do i make foot soles for a zentai costume?

hey guys, i'm new to the site and was just looking for some help on a costume idea. i want to do a marvel zombies spider-man costume, and i was going to use a spider-man zentai and modify it. i'm just wondering if anyone knows how/ what i could use to attach some sort of rubber sole to the feet of the costume. or also if there are special shoes to wear with zentai costumes. this is my first cosplay project and i would really appreciate any help anyone can give me
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Here's a tutorial from a friend on another forum:

Sure! Essentially you slip the shoe inside the the suit and poke a hole for the heel to come out. When I add mine to my Zatanna in the next couple of weeks I plan on doing a full tutorial with pix on it but here's the basic gist of it (and PLEASE ask me questions on anything that isn't clear):

Take a pair of heels -- simple classic pumps work best, and make sure you have walked around in them a little bit so that they're comfy and wont give you blisters (especially if they are brand new).
Slip them into the leg/foot of the zentai suit, and pull it back tightly over the toe so it's snug.
Take a pen, pencil or crayon and mark where the tip of the heel hits the bottom of the zentai foot.
Pull the shoe out and cut a small hole on that mark
Slip the shoe back inside the leg of the suit and start to pull the heel through, making SMALL snips as necessary to get the heel to come all the way through.
When you have a good fit, pull the shoe out and clean up the hole if you need to. Some people do a reinforcement stitch around the hole as well, but I haven't found a need to yet.

NOW, the tricky part!

Get some Shoe Goo and a Popsicle stick or other thin disposable spreader (plastic knife)bench the zentai suit all the way down to the toe, like you would if you were getting ready to put on a pair of socks. Spread a very light, thin layer of Shoe Goo on the sole of the shoe that touches the ground, and carefully pull the zentai suit over it -- essentially you're trying to get a wee bit of glue on the sole of the shoe to hold the suit in place, but you don't want to spread it all over the suit.. I know some people that slip their feet in the shoe and do it like that to help maintain some control. this is by no means crucial, but I think it helps.

Pull the heel through the hole and pull the zentai suit all the way up and get a good fit, and allow the glue to bond the shoe to the fabric. Make sure you do this on newspaper! Once the glue has settled, you can take off the suit and put it aside to dry for 24 hours.

You can either paint the heel to match the fabric, or if you have any fabric pieces left over, you can glue them to the heel to help create a smoother illusion. The last thing you need to do is add a non-slip adhesive pad to the bottom of your shoe (like these, usually available in shoe stores: http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=4525462) because SPANDEX IS SLIPPERY and you don't want to bust your ass, nor do you want to step on a rock or something that will tear a hole in the fabric on the bottom (If you can't find those pads, you can always create your own using those non-slip tub decals like frogs and fishies and just cut them to size).
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thaaaaank you

thanx so much for the info, cant wait to see the picture tutorial. i'm gonna try it with a pair of vans slip-ons or something of that nature and probably just end up permanently glueing them inside. again, really appreciate the info
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