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Unread 11-08-2014, 03:02 PM   #1
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No skill newbie wants to Cosplay!

Hello everyone. First off I have to say that everyone here has amazing costumes. Just looking through the pictures is really impressive. So I am brand new at cosplaying but I wanted to give it a shot. The problem is that when I say I have no cosplay skill.. I really mean it. I can't sew or tailor in any definition of the word. Foam and armor work is out the window, can't do that either.

I guess my only option would be to buy or have someone make it for me via commission. Enter next problem. I don't have a lot of money to be able to spend.

So I wanted to know if anyone else ever started exactly like me? I guess I envelope every meaning of the word "noobie", HA HA!
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Unread 11-08-2014, 03:13 PM   #2
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sort of, i had to buy my first costume and it was a very close thing saving up for it, but i made it. Then I started sewing up the plushie to go with it since i couldnt buy it anywhere anymore, and thats how i taught myself the basics of sewing. Its just a learning process. You cant sew now, but if you at least try you will very quickly get a grasp of the basics and get better. Dont play yourself down just because youre not a master at everything from the beginning.
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Unread 11-08-2014, 03:45 PM   #3
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My first costume was Takato from Digimon, and I bought a pair of cheap clothing and modificated it, the wig was kinda cheap too, and the goggles were made from recycled materials, so nothing except the goggles were 100% made by myself and for the goggles I just had to buy glue and paint.
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Unread 11-08-2014, 04:02 PM   #4
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I can't sew to save a lamb so I modify old clothes of mine or cheap clothes from ebay using hot glue and whatnot :P and bam that's my costume lol
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Unread 11-08-2014, 05:00 PM   #5
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Join the club. My two current WIP's are piece togethers, requiring a lot of thrift store shopping to find exactly what I need.


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Unread 11-08-2014, 05:19 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by d4rk-king View Post
I can't sew to save a lamb so I modify old clothes of mine or cheap clothes from ebay using hot glue and whatnot :P and bam that's my costume lol
lol You are a funny person lol Thanks for making me "lol"

You do a verry good job with just hot glue and modification. That's how I am when I get lazy and I mean...speak in letters and symbols lazy.

And now for TC:
Our friend here has a very good approach for newbies actually even though she definitely isn't one. While sewing is not that hard, the hot glue approach is a good basic level approach to at least getting accustomed to crafting, folding and pattern mending. I wouldn't suggest trying to make an entire outfit from just hot glue but I would say practice with it and modifying pieces from the Thrift Store -- especially if you are looking to get into armor craft . The basics of craftign armor is actually making patterns and gluing.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a dodgeball! If you can make a paperplane or push a needle thru cloth, you can sew/craft.

You can also head over to the tutorials sections. They will gladly help you.

My Suggestions: I actually made my first entire cosplay alone (ANBU Ninja) and it actually came out pretty nice. All previous ones were with aid, even though I actually know how to sew. I just hadn't made patterns and such for a long time (6 years). but I did still mend, fix or aid in making hats for dollfies.

With that being said, I got back into it by making simple things and HAND SEWING. YOu can NVR go wrong with hand sewing since it is basically pushing a needle through cloth to "Fasten" things together. Try accessories and work yourself up. If you don't feel comfortable with sewing, try hot glue method first.

Again, you can go to the tutorial sections or try this site and try some accessories. accessories are simple and involve basic corner folding/mending techniques that will be used in more articulate designs.http://www.cosplaytutorial.com/list/accessories.php

Try simple bags and belts.
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Unread 11-08-2014, 05:24 PM   #7
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Everyone starts there at the beginning. Easy way to start is to just thrift store and modify things to make your cosplay. And as for learning to sew, its just lots and lots of practice. Look up tutorials, watch youtube videos about it, and practice. You won't improve if you don't practice. If sewing just isn't your thing, and you do want to commission, save up. Do extra chores for money, save a little bit out of each paycheck if you're working, etc. Ask for your costume to be your christmas / birthday gift, if that's an option. Work with what you can and have fun
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Unread 11-08-2014, 07:52 PM   #8
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Armor work isn't out of the window...you just haven't looked out the window long enough. =) The costume that got me wanting to build more complex rigs was a simple Lego Man suit made out of double-thickness cardboard, duct tape & spray paint.

Start with free or cheap things, give yourself lots of time and keep at it, and I think you'll be really happy with the skills you develop.
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Unread 11-08-2014, 09:34 PM   #9
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What I know about sewing is a tiny bit that I learned on my surgery classes (I'm a veterinarian), and I suck at it (surgery is not my thing). So when I do cosplay, it is with things I buy or pull out of the wardrobe.
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Unread 11-08-2014, 10:43 PM   #10
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Yeah, pretty much everyone else has said it already. Look up tutorials on how to do this stuff online and with practice you'll get better. That's how I learned.

And don't feel bad because when I first started I was the exact same way. I didn't know a THING about making my own costumes. So the first few cons I went to, I just bought my cosplays. And while I still managed to have fun and a good time, I couldn't help but notice that all the cooler more elaborate costumes were made instead of bought. And if you wanted to buy a really good costume, more often than not it was EXTREMLY expensive. So I just started looking up tutorials online and I feel like I've definetly improved...But I still got a long way to go. I still don't know how to sew, or cast, or craft foam, and I've been cosplaying for almost 7 years now, lol. So don't feel bad. It just takes time and practice.

Now the one thing that you DEFINETLY WILL NEED however for this hobby...is money. Even though a lot of cosplays can be made from cheap materials and what not, you're still gonna need money. So that fact is unavoidable and until you actually start making money, no one here can really help ya in that department, lol. So...idk how old you are or what you're status is in life, but when you start making a little bit of money for yourself, it'll definetly help.
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Unread 11-09-2014, 01:07 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by MooglePrincess View Post
lol You are a funny person lol Thanks for making me "lol"

You do a verry good job with just hot glue and modification. That's how I am when I get lazy and I mean...speak in letters and symbols lazy.
heh lol well I'm being honest XD I don't have any sewing skills so hey it's something! But thanks~ I know I'll get better in time and practice and learning new skills
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Unread 11-09-2014, 07:57 AM   #12
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I think most of us didn't know anything about costume sewing and crafting when we started. Personally, I did have some hand-sewing experience from school but my hand-sewing was and still is a total mess, lol xD
Just ask some more experienced people for starting help and then get going. My first cosplay was the first time I ever used a sewing machine in my entire life and it worked just fine
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Unread 11-09-2014, 09:37 AM   #13
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Cosplay construction actually has very little to do with natural skill or talent. It's about being willing to see the project through to the end.

I'm sure natural skill or talent would help but I wouldn't know. I don't have any.

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Unread 11-09-2014, 10:22 AM   #14
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If you can't do something... You learn to do it. If you're willing to, of course. Nobody is born knowing things.
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Unread 11-09-2014, 11:11 PM   #15
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I almost flunked home ec class because my sewing sucked. This weekend I took home an honorable mention (essentially 4th place) in the Master's category of my local con's costume contest. Last year I got a master's sewing award. It takes time, patience, and practice to learn new things- start off with scrap fabric, practicing basic sewing techniques. Or practice some very simple armor pieces. The point isn't to produce masterworks, it's just to get comfortable with the various techniques you will be using to make your projects.

Even sewing up some simple things to use around home- PJ pants, pillows, etc is a great way to practice and gain confidence.
Don't be afraid to try lots of costume fabrication techniques- for example, you might find that you're not that good at sewing no matter how hard you try, but you take very well to leathercraft. (Hint- Tandy Leather Factory stores offer beginner's leather crafting classes)
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