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Unread 05-14-2017, 12:52 AM   #1
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Best/worst comments?

This may have been talked about already, but I'd like to know what the best and/or worst comments you have received about your cosplays, and how you handled them. I don't know what kind of comments I have received for my old cosplays because I didn't post them very often, but some people did say I was cute and small.
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Unread 05-14-2017, 08:24 AM   #2
probably a frackpants
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"Your skirt, like, there's so many. I just wanna get up in there and root around."


Short version: thought it was a joke for a sec, laughed, had to tell him off when he actually got down on the floor and started reaching for them. KEEP YOUR FUCKING FIXATIONS TO YOUR FUCKING SELF.
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Unread 05-16-2017, 11:49 PM   #3
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Best and worst comment I've heard about my work was, "You're the best cosplayer at [convention]."

It was "best" because it was obviously meant as a compliment. However, it was the "worst" because I am not good at taking compliments, especially when they are comparative. I responded to this person by saying there were many more good cosplayers in attendance.
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Unread 05-18-2017, 01:27 PM   #4
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Can't think of a worst at the moment but my favourite comment was on my Alice (Alice: Madness Returns) cosplay from when American McGee shared it on his Twitter.

Dang... it's so good it's almost scary. I can almost believe she's an abused, emotionally-scarred young woman.
The compliment really made me laugh
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Unread 05-18-2017, 01:55 PM   #5
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I stuck around after the group Pokémon shoot this past Sakuracon (partly to grab pics, partly due to my inability to move any further in my heels :P) and this one Pokémon Go cosplayer came over for a selfie. Since he was a trainer and had been going up to multiple people for shots I joked that he was "trying to catch them all" to which he replied "just the good ones" while he snapped it.

It kinda threw me off at the time really. I get that he probably meant it as a compliment but especially with Pokémon you get a lot of young or inexperienced cosplayers so I was actually a little offended by it after the fact. I don't know if I really want a compliment if it means you're putting other people down at the same time. So it was kind of like a best and worst thing at the same time?

And this isn't quite fair but he was cosplaying Team Instinct which kinda has a douchey reputation (but usually in more fun dudebro way) which probably didn't help how I felt about the situation.
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Unread 05-18-2017, 04:58 PM   #6
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Worst comment I received was from a staff member from a con who said, after I showed my next costume to do and bring to the con, that my costume is inappropriate and wouldn't be allowed cause the con is family-friendly.

This is the character I was going to cosplay:

Bare in mind, I was going to wear a flesh-colored bodysuit. I had most of the costume parts bought, even had the jacket commissioned. But after being told that, it basically caused to put the costume on hold indefinately and put me into a cosplay slump for a few years.

Didn't help that the same family-friendly con has let cosplayers dress as less-clothed characters like "Nudist-Beach Nonon" from Kill la Kill.

But on "Best Comments", anytime I wear my Prince Eccentro (Mon Colle Knights) costume and the amount of happy comments and attendees saying they loved the anime when they were younger.
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Unread 05-18-2017, 08:08 PM   #7
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Worst that wasn't just random drunk douchebros shouting out a car window or such:
Anime North 2014 I was wearing my slightly revamped Twilight Sparkle cosplay, and if you followed MLP:FiM from its early days of popularity, Twilight Sparkle got her allicorn wings almost exactly a year before that. Well, I didn't want to add wings and didn't like the "look, suddenly a princess!" thing so I left them off the costume. NOBODY else cared about it, but at the MLP photoshoot that day I got this one guy there who seemed to be fixated on endlessly pestering me about why I didn't have wings or was wearing an Owloysius puppet in place of some sort of Spike prop (Closeup of the puppet on me here- http://www.cosplay.com/photo/3495493/ And I spent A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS commissioning it, so like hell I'm leaving it off when I cosplay Twilight unless I have a sweater on because it doesn't stay on with so much fabric). I threw out every in-character response I could come up with such as "Wings don't really go well with so many subjects around, don't want to smack anyone!" and "Hotels don't like fire-breathing dragons in their rooms, they could set the alarms off", then through to "Owloysius is more unique" and "I made this costume JUST before that episode" until I basically had to just ignore him because he wasn't going to drop the nitpicking in or out of character.

Now, a funny bad one? The first year I wore Quorra from Tron: Legacy (my first suit was really quite awful, but here we go... http://www.cosplay.com/costume/447533/ ). Well, it lights up and so it draws congoers and normies alike like moths. I was going through a deluge of "OMG I want your photo!" people and then this REALLY drunk guy who I'm quite sure wasn't attending the con comes up and slurs "Eyyy, you a LIGHTNING GIRL or some shit! I gotta get me a pic with that!" ...and posed with me in an insanely embrassing manner. My bf for some reason snapped that photo too and I have a very clear "Oh GOD get this guy away from me" grimace. Photo done he finished with "Stay sexy, lightning girl!" and then three seconds later turned to my boyfriend and said "You know you look like a chick, right?" (my bf has long hair and a fairly girlish figure, he HAS been mistaken for a girl from behind a few times) and stumbled off. We basically were left scratching our heads wondering if that actually just happened.

Best comment, is in the same Twilight Sparkle costume. In 2015 I did the local Santa Claus parade on the comic shop's float, which they fill with cosplayers. Well, this one girl during the parade just went CRAZY when she saw me, then after when I was sitting in the "official" coffee shop with my free hot chocolate, she came running up to me to gush about how Twilight was the best pony ever and could the other five come next year too, followed by a picture with me and giving me a candy cane. Awwww.
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Unread 05-18-2017, 11:35 PM   #8
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at nekocon 2015, for some reason i thought it would be fun to do two things: 1. ride my motorcycle 4 hours north in November to an anime con and 2. do an intentionally terrible """"sexy"""" aph france cosplay (i don't cosplay france normally). it involved guyliner and at least three shirts. i was crossing the street in front of the con hotel and some random dude says at me: "And what are you cosplaying, a HE-BITCH??" my friends and i still quote this frequently.
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Unread 05-19-2017, 01:12 PM   #9
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Worst comment hmmm... only one that comes to mind is that before I learned to sew I used pink duck tape on part of an outfit that was supposed to be pink trim. Some girl said behind me "that's an interesting use for duck tape." I didn't say anything because the comment itself seemed nice it was really only the tone of voice that made me realize after she moved away that it was a taunt.

Best comment was when I was Leo from the later parts of Pandora Hearts. Some other cosplayers from the series and I were stopped for pictures. I pulled out a prop I made of the book Holy Knight which caused the others in the group I just met to talk. One said "You made the book!" I them pulled out a pair of prop glasses which caused a different cosplayer to say "I'm done. Can't beat that." So Yay for adding props!

Another good one... I think... Came from my brother at Katsucon earlier this year. We keep trying to meet up at the fountain to no avail. Eventually I told him to just stay put near a certain sign that he was near: I called out when I saw him but he didn't see me until I was right next to him. Apparently he didn't recognize me in the cosplay. He usual is always able to. He said "Yeah. You know there's no way I could recognize you like that right?" I didn't think it made me look that altered but I guess it did.
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Unread 05-21-2017, 08:36 PM   #10
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I have two memories of a nice comment; one is technically just a hug I got from a nice girl dressed as Pinky Pie at a meet up at a park when I went as Gogo from Big Hero 6. I took it as a compliment because she wanted a hug from me so I gave her one . The other is at Anime North back in 2012 (first time going) a girl came up to me and told me my Alexis Rhodes costume was really good. I had many people through out the day telling me they liked it (though granted my grandma had made it for me). Don't have a 'worst' comment...so I feel kinda bad...heh.
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Unread 05-22-2017, 09:22 AM   #11
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It's been fun reading these. I have a couple that stand out. Both good. I've been fortunate to not have many bad ones, or I've just been really good about erasing them from my memory. And I know some of my costumes aren't great. My Runner 5 I made in a day. Nothing special.

Otakon 2015 I stopped traffic, literally, in my summer Elsa http://www.cosplay.com/costume/490164/
I was walking from my hotel to the con and a lady was waiting to make a right turn as I go by. She rolls down her window and asks for a picture. She was raving about the costume as cars lined up behind her. Oh, I felt a little guilty holding up traffic, but it was the first time I wore that costume and it was early in the day and it was the first compliment I received that day.

A really funny one... I was teaching English in Japan. For Halloween I would wear a different costume each day of the week. (We had different classes having Halloween parties all week leading up to Halloween.) One of my costumes was Frank Sinatra from the original Oceans Eleven. http://www.cosplay.com/costume/458937/ One of my pre-school students comes running into my classroom to say hello, he always did that when he got to school. He stopped dead in his tracks. I say hi to him. He runs back to his mother. He tells his mom that Carrie-sensei isn't there. Mom reassured him that Carrie-sensei loves Halloween and promised she would be there in a costume. They both come back to my classroom, look at me and then leave. Mom goes and talks to the school director. Carrie's not here? School director assured them yes, I was there. Mom says that there's a man in my room preparing for classes. They all walk back to my room. I'm trying not to crack up laughing. When they're at my door, I say hi in my most sweet, feminine voice. School director had to tell them that it was me. I remove my hat and pull my braided hair out of my shirt. Little boy still didn't look convinced.

Then another year I was dress like this. http://www.cosplay.com/costume/458863/ I was chatting with my school director (different person) and she asked who I was. I thought she meant the character so I told her it was an original design. She asked again. I told her it was just something I put together. She shook her head and asked who she should be marking down on extra lesson slots (supply teachers if they weren't covering for someone still had to go to work and would just do conversation lessons with adults.) I then realized she didn't know it was me. We'd been talking for about 5 minutes before she started asking. I told her. Seriously how many 6 foot women are in Japan? Good times.
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