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Unread 01-10-2015, 10:49 PM   #1
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Question How does one make a detailed skin tight jumpsuit like these?

I want to do a futuristic cosplay sort of thing... with my own design. I don't particularly have experience making a jumpsuit but I have made a leotard.

I'm not just talking a spandex jumpsuit sort of thing.. I'm talking more of a futuristic flight suit/space suit. There will be LEDs in it.. but not as extensive as Tron.

Here are some examples of what I'm going for:

Details like this..

This is the shape that I'm going for.. and I want to apply armor-like details like he has on the legs of this design

GANTZ is also a good example for the type of suit I'm going for..

This kind of detailing

This is a really good example of the close fitting armor... but what I'm going for is definitely more minimal.

You get the idea!
How does one create a close fitting bodysuit type thing like those? And in a way that could fairly easily be put together for others because this is going to be a group thing with 5+ people.

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Dictamnus Albus
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im looking at 3 or so levels of "armoured" here

1, scuba suit with arm/shin guards
2, motorcycle body armour
3, a simplifyed version of armour from a series like mass effect or crysis

what im doing for my starcraft crossover design sketch wise, is i googled terms like
wetsuit, scuba suit, found a design that fit the aesthetic, and traced it multipull times in 2 sizes (4x3 and 7x4) small for base sketch and "parts" visualisation, and large for detail

i use deli-paper and trace carefully directly on my pc screen, then transfer to paper using a homemade light table
i like having a clean copy, a working copy, and a copy for colour scheme
(if you use deli-paper for colouring on you dont have to trace as much, but the trade off is side by side comparisons are slightly more difficult

then i googled for images of armors in game (mostly cg fan art) and traced various bits
for my character, again in large and small, for detail (eventually templates)
and small to trace onto my working base copy

so the idea is to find a base suit design, figure out a basic placement for you lighting,
then find armour piece designs that fit your style, make a rough overlay to find where
and how bad the armour will interfere w/ your lights, then draw out a compromized design
to get your lighting and armour to co-exist

for the most part lighting designs tend to follow seams, outline colour changes
or accent layers

i havent gotten this far and havent really looked into it yet,
but my idea was to find a closefitting coverall/jumpsuit, for the base
(like i said not that far yet, since im trying to loose 50lbs, i didnt want to get into something i cant just belt tighter)

definately want to talk budgets w/ your group as well as set some style guidelines
cause itll suck if one looks like a power ranger, one like the guy in the last pic, and the rest somewhere between
best scenario is everyone can gather, sit down and coordinate thier suits
so thier similar but not identicle, even if its just one person that has the most skill or exp
it might help to get everyone involved, and organize it like a learning workshop

that way everyones involved, and it aint just one person shouldering all the work
(and the blame if things go wrong)
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Everything you linked was very complex, several were made from difficult materials and you want to multiply by five.
do you have a full year?
do you have several hundred dollars per person?
do you have a really good sewing machine?
are you well practiced at tailoring clothes for other people?
Nothing is impossible, but some things are very expensive.
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Speaking for the Tron suits you linked as an example, most of it isn't sewn. They were made by molding rubber and plastic, and numerous things like the elastoluite lighting manufactured exclusively for the movie (I made my own... Because I couldnt invest in the cost of custom casting and plastics, even if the crowd loves it it still doesn't come close to the movie despite a prior crummy suit and the good one taking eight months of work). If you want defined ridges like you're showing, you need to look into cast-molding, and working with foams and thermoplastic an like Eva foam and worbla. But Penlowe is right, this is NOT an easy, cheap or quick project and to make five in a year would be pushing it even for a professional working alone. Movie studios that do these things have a team of people making them with professional equipment, months of full-time work and thousands of dollars a suit. And it takes several people to put the suits ON the actor, much of the time. Cosplayers I know who do armour costumes usually manage to get away with one helper.
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There is a vibe here that says "We're in this together! Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way." <3
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