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Unread 01-24-2011, 02:54 PM   #61
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I use a Singer Slant-O-matic 600 Series style machine from the 1960's, whats nice is it comes with multiple changeable feet, it's easy to thread and the bobbin is self wrapping. Another thing is when you sew backwards,on many machines you have to hold a lever, the lever on mine just needs to be flipped up for backwards and flipped down to continue going forward...I like the fact that I can do basically everything I need to with it and a few extra things (it has decorative stitch disks for things like Blind hems and lovely hem/seam finishes...) but if you can find a machine at a local thrift store or even some Vaccum and Sewing machine Repair shops sell them used, I've always found in my experience if you really wanna know about machines the best places to go are the repair shops. Make sure it comes with a manual though...

I picked mine up for 5 bucks from a yard sale, it's the same exact model as my mothers which I had been sewing on since I was 3 and it came with the buttonholer, all the decorative disks and all the feet plus a few extras... I got away like a bandit, so that just tells you... Keep an eye out.
There are possibly as many people out there who don't know what a sewing machine is as those that do... you never know when you'll find a bargain... the upside to getting a machine from a Retailer/Repairer of them is that you know where you can get hints and tips from reliably and you have a source for any further repairs, and the machine is possibly better upkept and clean and they might sell any little extra bits and bobbles like extra bobbins, thread or needles specific to the machine.

Also...just a warning, but many machines are made with plastic gears nowadays and are meant to be "Throwaway Machines" What I mean is that it would be more expensive to fix them than to buy a new one... So watch out for that. I try to make sure my sewing machines have more metal than plastic...
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Harra Arial
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Oh man, I wish I knew the exact name of it, I'll ask my Auntie next time I'm off sewing at her house.

Buuut I use an old Singer that is attached to a desk and is about three times my age. (About 50-60 years old.) It runs like a charm, and I MUCH prefer it to the 1990s Kenmore I used to sew with at my house.

If anyone can get ahold of an old sewing machine that still runs, I -highly- recommend it. They run like a charm and almost never give you trouble.
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My mom and I use a Janome DC2010 for most of my cosplays, but every now and then we have to break out her old Singer that likes to act like it's older than me lol.
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I have a Brother LS2000 (also LS2020) that I got refurbished off of Overstock.com. I also have a Janome Sew Mini, which was my first sewing machine. At some point I would like to get my mother's sewing machine, which comes in its own sewing desk, or an old Brother machine that we have up in the attic, but my parents live about 600 miles away from me so it's hard to get things from there to here since I rarely travel there by car.
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My first sewing machine was a Janome Heart Truth model, but I don't think they sell those anymore...
But I recently bought a Brother SE-400, and I couldn't love it more. It has the capacity to do fairly advanced stuff as your skill level progresses, and is simple enough for a beginner to figure out. If you're prefer something without the nifty embroidery feature, I'd suggest an Innov-is 80 or 60 (the number indicates the different number of stitches the machine can perform)
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I use a Janome Magnolia 7312. It works like a charm and it does everything I need it to. c: I've never had a real problem with it, and it was like $100 or so. I'm not sure, as it was a Christmas present. I love it to death. *u* Best gift ever~

I switched accounts. ;u; I use this one for the forums occasionally.
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I have a Singer Esteem II. I'm proud to boast that it was recommended by Martha Sterwart XP And it's green =3
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Unread 03-24-2011, 08:37 PM   #68
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Berninas are my fav <3
they last FOREVER and are very easy to use

I bought an old one from my school recently
(lovelovelove these)
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planning stage!


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I recently bought a Singer Inspiration 4220. Though I have yet to use most of its features, I'm a real beginner, and it's been proven to be extremely easy to use and very user-friendly. It wasn't a bad deal, either - it was a shelf clearance special; a $200 machine for about $70.
It hasn't given me too much grief so far, save for a slight problem with the tension on the bottom thread, but that got cleared up pretty easily.
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I have a Singer Touch N Sew, I couldn't tell you the model. My dad bought it for me one year just so we could have a sewing machine in the house, and I've gotten the most use out of it. I was a derp back when I was like, 15, and tried sewing through some denim using the wrong needles, and she busted on me, so after just recently getting her serviced, she runs like a charm. Good to me so far.
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Unread 04-18-2011, 08:27 PM   #71
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Does anyone know of anything cheap that still works well?
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Unread 04-20-2011, 05:55 AM   #72
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brother sewing machine and brother serger both new and good got for xmas and so happy! before i was just using a mini sewing machine but im small so i thought it was full size lol!
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Unread 04-22-2011, 12:16 AM   #73
Ceilidh Sidhe
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I use a super ancient Singer, from back when they came in black with gold designs. It's still electric, but definitely not as versatile as newer machines. Still, it gets the job done, and has served me well!
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I have a Pfaff 297 from the seventies. It works reasonably well and is really sturdy, but it's a hassle to carry around.

Originally Posted by TerribleNews View Post
Does anyone know of anything cheap that still works well?
I'd recommend looking for second hand ones in your area, particularly older models. Just make sure it comes with a manual.
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I've been working on my first cosplay for a while, and it's reached the point where I need to stitch something large (a jacket, to be exact).

I don't have the money for a proper machine, so would it be worth getting one of those portable ones that go for about £20-£30, or should I just stick with a needle and thread until I have more cash?
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