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Decent looking fake teeth?

So I'm looking into some fake teeth for my upcoming MSPA Terezi cosplay. Here's a ref. I'd rather not settle with just vampire teeth, since all of her teeth are sharp. Any suggestions for some decent looking pointy teefs?

They don't need to be fully functional, just enough for me to get some good looking pictures that don't look like I'm.. well.. wearing fake teeth!

Thanks in advance!
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Geek Fairy
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Oooh gosh. Those are lovely but ouuuch, my wallet. I'll go with those if I can afford them between now and my con, thank you! <3

Am I asking for too much when I ask for cheaper-yet-still-decent teeth? XD
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they're pretty white, but you can always mix up small bits of yellow and brown firmo in the white to get a more natural color teeth, then maybe spray some shiny clear coat on top, make sure it's safe when dry to put in your mouth though. i dont know if it is.

if you still dont think this is good enough, I can tell you how to make your own, real dental acrylic teeth, it'll be about 60% to 70% the cost of those premade ones, but you'll have enough to make multiple sets of teeth, be warned it does involve some smelly chemicals, so the need to be outside and use gloves is necessary, but only briefly.

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I looked around on Google and actually found people selling Dental Distortions for cheaper than the website.
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subject zero
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I'm doing the same type as teeth you are and I've read that friendly plastic works.

Another relatively easy and inexpensive method for DIY vampire fangs will make more sturdy and realistic teeth using meltable craft plastic. The most common brand of this type of plastic is called "Friendly Plastic," and you'll find it in many arts and crafts supply stores. Melt pellets of plastic in hot water, then form the softened plastic with your hands. The advantage of working with this material is that you can mold it to fit your own mouth by pressing it to your top teeth while it's still soft. You can re-soften all or part of the piece to get the shape just right, and the plastic will harden into a white, opaque color.

You can use moldable plastic to create an entire top row of teeth molded to fit your own, or just create fangs to fit over your incisors (these will require adhesive).

Read more: Best Way - DIY Vampire Teeth | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5399465_diy-...#ixzz0yUw8w3ZS

And I found a tutorial here: http://www.qidar.com/Qidar/Article%2...Oops-Snarl.pdf (it suggests painting them with acrylic, but is that safe?)

I'm curious to try it. :]
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Look for tutorials on how to do soul eater teeth and Grell teeth from kuroshitsuji.

that should help.
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GREAT tutorial for making teeth yourself!
very cheep
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