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Unread 09-18-2010, 11:32 PM   #1
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Someone please talk me into it!

This may not be worthy of starting a whole thread, but I did so anyway.

So, I used to be a dancer when I was younger. I took five dance classes at once and loved every day of it, but had to drop out because a bunch of divas were making life miserable for me, and in the end I convinced myself I hated dance, just to make quitting and getting away from them easier. Big mistake because that pretty much made me a recluse and I ended up replacing something I loved that kept me active, with video games, that, while I love them, keep me rooted to one spot for hours.

I ended up getting into acting, and my very first role was as a dancer, and I found my love for something active again, but now that that role is over I find myself missing it.

Okay, back story over, here's the actual issue. I just found out that my college has a wide variety of dance courses, and I want to take them so bad I'm actually shaking right now as I type. My problem is though, being that these are college courses you have to pay college prices to take them, and I'm worried that, well one, I'll end up hating it because, due to years of video gaming rather than doing anything physical, I'm not exactly in any form of good shape. I feel like this will hinder me, and that after getting all worked up over these classes, I'll end up feeling like it was a waste of money.

My second issue is something that is mostly out of my control. I'm worried my parents (who pay for my classes, by the way) will look at the same things I am and just decide not to let me take these courses.

I'm hoping you guys here in the fitness forum will understand, and be able to talk me into it. I feel really silly asking you guys to help me with this, and I'm hoping my concerns are all for nothing. (The fact that I have previous dance experience really helps in the 'pros' section of my brain, but my self-consciousness is making the cons seem so much bigger than I'm thinking maybe they are.)
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Unread 09-19-2010, 12:50 AM   #2
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I do not think we should have to "talk you into it". If it is something you really want to get back into, do not limit yourself. The law of averages definitely applies here as well as many other arenas of life. You are going to find a variety of skill levels in a college dance class: from people who have never taken a dance class before in their life right up to the ones who are serious dancers. Unless this is a skill-level class (re: advanced), you should be fine.

However, I think you should check the following:
1.) Will you have enough of your required courses out of the way so that taking a dance class will not set you behind schedule? How is the course credit being weighted and how will it figure into the total amount of credits you need for graduation? [In some institutions, fitness and sports electives are half semester courses worth half the credit hours, so do check it out].

2.) Discuss it with your parents as they are footing your bill and see what they think. Definitely tell them that it is something you've been meaning to get back into and that you will have the convenience of doing something you like while earning college credit (not trying to cram it in outside of classes). Mention what you've found out about the credits etc. I do not know how this works for other institutions but be sure to know if the add/drop period still applies to your dance class. That way if you find you do not like it, you can still switch to another class without dropping money for no reason.

3. Keep this in mind: take fun elective classes early and while you still can. If you go on to graduate school and beyond, you will find that it is srs business and the choice in electives tends to be far narrower (e.g. sometimes you can only take electives from your department or possibly another closely related department).
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what Ion said.
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Unread 09-19-2010, 07:27 AM   #4
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you really have nothing to loose if you simply try. IF anything, you might even have more experience than others from previous years. Once you're back in shape, you could be top of the class for all you know.
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I'm not a trained nutritionist/fitness instructor. But I hope to give you any help I can. PM me If you want someone to coach you.
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Unread 09-19-2010, 10:24 AM   #5
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Concerning the money, most schools (that I'm aware of), give refunds if the class is dropped before a certain date. If not, finding a way to pay your parents back is a possible road to take, if things do go sour.

However... If dance is something you loved and look forward to try again, then go for it. I doubt any teacher will expect you to go in there and perform like someone who's been at it for a decade; they're probably expecting people who are interested and have no formal training. The fact that you have some background in it, however short-lived it was, will be a pleasant surprise.

On a side note… shame on the teachers who let you get bullied.
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Unread 09-19-2010, 04:24 PM   #6
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My concern wasn't really with skill, as when I was in dance before I picked it up very quickly and was very good, it was more with my being out of shape affecting my skill because having extra weight around the midsection like I do can affect your balance and prevent you from doing as well as you could (there's some kind of science there. I took a nutrition class during the summer with the dance school I was in.)

I'm not worried about my required courses at the moment because they're only offering one of my prerequisite classes at a time (something I'm talking to an administrator about as we speak), so taking the elective wouldn't affect my ability to get work done. (This actually sucks as it means it'll take me two years just to get into my degree required classes, but whatever.)

I've talked to my mom about it just today, and she was surprisingly open about it, as she was reluctant to enroll me in a dance school again, which would have been cheaper. She confuses me a little, but hopefully my dad will be just as on board.

I'd like to point out that the 'talk me into it' was a joke, as well, to keep me from dwelling on it too much. I enjoy dancing, and will hop into it the moment I can, I just wanted to hear people's onions on whether or not taking it in this way will be good, and if I should get in shape more before hand, and to give me a little encouragement because I am really self conscious about doing well. I don't want to make rash decisions with my parent's money, so I'd like to have a cemented positiveness that doing this would be good for me and that my fears regarding it are just silly little insecurities.

Thanks for your opinions all. I have decided that, with my dad's approval, I am going to take the Dance classes at my college. I simply love dance too much not to.
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go out have fun, you need good stress relief and doing physical exercise increasing blood flow and cardiovascular health has a direct impact on your brain. (if you argue better circulation of blood doesn't help you study then I dunno what to say)

Also working out and doing things you enjoy create endorphines which are great for stress relief and happiness and when your more content your more likely to be able to focus without stressing out on everything which just equals to more distractions.

If you can do it then go for it.
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Unread 09-20-2010, 10:14 PM   #8
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You could also try looking into whether or not your college has any dance clubs. Some may charge dues, but they may still be cheaper than registering for an official course. You also may be able to try styles of dance that you may not have been able to try before (I know my school has belly dance and swing dancing clubs). Many college clubs recognize that there will be incoming freshman each year and are open to all skill levels, including beginners or those who are just getting back into it.
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